Melissa Zygowicz
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Melissa Zygowicz

Melissa Zygowicz is a Junior at the University of Missouri and is majoring in Journalism with an emphasis in Reporting and Anchoring. She is also minoring in business. She was born and raised in Chicago and left home to come to the world's top journalism school to pursue her dreams of becoming a reporter.

This is Melissa's first year reporting for Missouri Digital News. She previously interned at CBS 2 Chicago for investigative reporters Pam Zekman and Dave Savini. CBS 2 was where she truly discovered her passion for journalism and the effect that it has on society. Melissa also has been at KOMU-TV (the NBC affiliate for mid-Missouri) for the past 2 years working as a reporter, anchor and digital producer.

In her spare time, you will most likely find Melissa jamming out to Taylor Swift or eating ice cream.

Melissa is expected to graduate in May of 2017.

Stories by Melissa Zygowicz in 2015 include:
Melissa Zygowicz's Tweets @MDNnews in 2015

  • 09/01/2015: The number of bridges in critical condition in Missouri is growing and MoDOT doesn't have the money to repair them.
  • 09/08/2015: Lawmakers cannot agree on Right to Work legislation with just a week before the veto session.
  • 09/15/2015: Lawmakers are blaming MU for supporting the abortion business
  • 09/22/2015: State and local health departments have conflicitng views on West Nile Virus cases
  • 09/29/2015: Pumpkins nearly double in price after wet summer and dry fall
  • 10/13/2015: Opposing Senator Schaaf to file FOIA request for Rams stadium deal
  • 10/13/2015: Senator Schaaf to file Public Records Demand for Rams stadium deal
  • 10/29/2015: Transgender involvement in high school sports brought up in front of house Committee
  • 10/29/2015: Transgender issues in high school sports brought up in House Committee
  • 11/05/2015: MoDot appoints new director from New Hampshire
  • 11/10/2015: Gov. Kinder wants University of Missouri to investigate staff shown in protest video
  • 11/12/2015: The new interim UM President want to revisit original demands made by 1969 Legion of Black Collegians
  • 12/01/2015: Lawmakers looking to crack down on human trafficking in Missouri
  • 12/03/2015: Senate task members looking to crack down on unfair towing practices

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