New interim UM President wants to revisit original LBC demands
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New interim UM President wants to revisit original LBC demands

Date: November 12, 2015
By: Melissa Zygowicz
State Capitol Bureau

The new interim UM System President Mike Middleton said he wants to revisit the original demands made by the 1969 Legion of Black Collegians.
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Wrap: Middleton was one of the founding fathers of the Legion of Black Collegians which is a governing body for black organizations on MU's campus.

Middleton and his fellow students issued a letter to Chancellor Schwada in 1969, demanding changes that would bring more diversity to campus.

The original list of demands from 1969 include hiring more black faculty, funding scholarships for black students, the dedication of a campus building to a black leader, actively recruting black students, holding an annual "Black Week" and implementing a black studies program.

The original list of demands also includes periodically promoting Black staff, implementing tutoring for black students, increasing the number of black cheerleaders and creating an office for the Legion of Black Collegians.

Middleton was one of the first black students to graduate from the MU Law School. 

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Melissa Zygowicz.

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