The number of bridges in critical condition in Missouri is growing
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The number of bridges in critical condition in Missouri is growing

Date: September 1, 2015
By: Melissa Zygowicz
State Capitol Bureau

The number of bridges in Missouri listed in critical condition has hit an all-time high and the transportation department doesn't have the funds to fix them
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Wrap: Missouri state bridge engineer Dennis Heckman says that the department is doing its best to repair the bridges with the amount of funding that is available.

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Description: "With the money we have we will always replace a few each year and we always fix them as fast as we can if we can. Sometimes we use our own staff do that. We will do whatever we can to keep them open."
Heckman says the bridges are still safe to drive on as long as drivers are following the weight limits posted on the bridges.
Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Melissa Zygowicz.

Missouri's Transportation Department has labeled more bridges in critical condition statewide. The department ackowledges that they do not have the funding to repair them.
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Wrap: State bridge engineer Dennis Heckman says that many of the state's bridges were built around the same time 50 years ago.

But he says the state just doesn't have the money to fix all the bridges that need repairs.

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Description: "It doesn't mean they fall down on the day they turn 50. What happens is they become too expensive to maintain. We have to fix a lot of things on them more constantly."

Heckman says that drivers should not be worried driving across the bridges because they are inspected at least once per year and MoDOT will shut them down if they become too unsafe.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Melissa Zygowicz.

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