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St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Editorials
As of (11/25/2015) at 07:36 AM

Missouri needs to raise the gas tax to pay for crumbling roads

Problem in a problem

The Trans-Pacific Partnership has too many flaws

Kansas City Star - Editorials
As of (11/25/2015) at 07:36 AM

More homeless families with children face dim holidays Tables in many homes on Thursday are expected to overflow with food for a Thanksgiving Day feast. But as the weather turns colder in this holiday season, people are also right to wonder about individuals who are less fortunate.

Monday Poll results: How do we deal with Syrian refugees? Readers had strong reactions to this week's Monday Poll regarding how America should deal with refugees from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries.

Protect residents, not fire union, and improve public safety in Kansas City, Kan. Mayor Mark Holland is right to take on this battle Residents in high-tax Kansas City, Kan., deserve changes Study logically recommends combining stations, building others

Donald Trump and the lies that divide Lying is part of Donald Trump's campaign strategy Arabs in New Jersey did not cheer collapse of twin towers Trump lies to denigrate and cast suspicion on groups of people

The Monday Poll: What should the United States’ policy be on Syrian refugees? Are governors correct to make it tougher for Middle Eastern refugees to come to their states? Is President Obama correct in threatening to veto a bill aimed at keeping refugees out of America?

United Way hopes enthusiasm for the Royals ignites a spirit of giving Dec. 3 at Union Station will be the Victory Celebration From Kansas City area companies to kids, people are giving more than before

View all newsletters Editorials Kansans plagued by a dismal budget short on dollars and hope Gov. Sam Brownback's policies have not rejuvenated the state economy Jobs and personal income are growing slower than expected Budget reductions are harming state services, and some income tax cuts should be reversed

Reject fear-based arguments, support useful refugee programs Concerns for security are valid, but refugees are not a threat Fears over Syrian refugees shamefully escalated into attacks on Muslims in general U.S. becomes stronger by welcoming refugees

Politicians who rock the boat could boost confidence in City Hall Sure, Kansas City Council meetings can be long and boring But the public needs chances to discuss what's on their mind, hear about projects New council members need to be more willing to listen to critics, others

KC and KCK should raise legal age to 21 to reduce teenage smoking Thursday is the American Cancer Society's Great American Smokeout Tobacco 21 KC is part of Healthy KC initiative to improve the well-being of area residents Only a 2 percent drop is expected in tobacco sales if measures pass

Stop insulting same-sex couples and worry about real problems in Kansas foster care system Kansas has seen an 18 percent increase in foster care caseloads since 2009 Review of contracts is good idea Legislators waste time and insult same-sex couples with discredited research

Courts should halt Kobach’s bid to abuse voters’ rights in Kansas The Kansas secretary of state registered to vote two Douglas County men who had sued him earlier this year Kobach intends to head off judge's ruling against his efforts to make voting more difficult in Kansas Courts need to rein in abuse Kobach is trying to inflict on voter registration in Kansas

States’ crackdown on for-profit college chain is good news Attorneys general take on for-profit college chain Loan forgiveness in the works for some students in Missouri, Kansas Still more work needed to weed out bad actors

Pay close attention to sensible parking rules on KC’s downtown streetcar line Good advice for motorists: Don't park outside the white line City needs to be tough to make sure streetcar's schedule isn't thrown off

Sam Brownback yields to hysteria, shuts out Syrian refugees Hysteria over Syrian refugees by Gov. Sam Brownback and others is ignorant and unwarranted U.S. screening process is rigorous Millions of refugees, not a single documented instance of terrorism

Monday Poll results on MU turmoil: Praise Tim Wolfe but not football players Here are results of the unscientific survey, based on about 850 responses

Opinion How to apply for The Star’s 2016 Midwest Voices panel Send us a sample of your work Deadline is Nov. 30

Renovated Gateway Arch will benefit St. Louis and Missouri Public-private funding of $380 million went into improving the Gateway Arch The construction on the 50-year-old monument in St. Louis is expected to be done in 2017 The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial is the “front door” to the state

The Monday Poll: Turmoil at Mizzou University of Missouri events raise a host of issues Should university system president Tim Wolfe have resigned?

Petition could spur good discussion on future of large KC tax break program Petition is mounted to overturn subsidies for BNIM in Crossroads If a vote is held in 2016, it could change the future of tax breaks in Kansas City

The Springfield News Leader - Editorials
As of (11/25/2015) at 07:36 AM

Liberty, France will prevail over terrorism

Long: ISIS certainly not `contained'

Airport security better than in 2001

Contributors Will: The low depths of higher education Will: The low depths of higher education Today give thanks that 2015 has raised an important question about American higher education: What, exactly, is it higher than? Contributors

Opinion Today's poll Today's poll Do you think this was the worst Missouri State football team of all time? Opinion

Contributors The GOP's political correctness dodge The GOP's political correctness dodge Yes, I'm being politically correct. But also truthful. Contributors

Readers To the Point: Syrian refugees; rage; guns in the home To the Point: Syrian refugees; rage; guns in the home Comments are from readers who quickly make their point Readers

Editorials 'Tis a privilege: Citizens, officers, student stand out 'Tis a privilege: Citizens, officers, student stand out Good news is not hard to find in the Ozarks, as we illustrate regularly with an editorial feature we call: 'Tis a privilege. Editorials

Contributors Baker: Do you have what it takes to be ordinary? Baker: Do you have what it takes to be ordinary? Today words like “ultimate,” “extreme” and “awesome” are in vogue Contributors

Contributors Pulley: Politics, religion and sport loyalties don't often bring out the best in folks Pulley: Politics, religion and sport loyalties don't often bring out the best in folks The cherished American pillars of politics, religion and sports loyalties intrigue me. Contributors

Contributors Small loan rate caps drive financial exclusion Small loan rate caps drive financial exclusion A recent editorial in this newspaper called for problems with payday and title loans in Missouri to be tackled by a 36 per cent Annual Percentage Rate Contributors

Contributors Obama shows detachment, not rage over Paris attacks Obama shows detachment, not rage over Paris attacks Tell me: What's a suicide bomber doing with a passport? Contributors

Editorials Our Voice: Reasoned responses on refugees wanted Our Voice: Reasoned responses on refugees wanted If gun ban won't keep us safe, why would a ban on refugees? Editorials

Contributors Armour: Enough with losing teams making NFL playoffs Armour: Enough with losing teams making NFL playoffs Oh, there's parity in the NFL, all right. Only this season, it's spelled P-A-R-O-D-Y. Contributors

Contributors It's time for Missouri to stop smoking It's time for Missouri to stop smoking Let's get to work building a clean-energy economy Contributors

Editorials Critics ignore historical context: Opposing view Critics ignore historical context: Opposing view The free speech critique is most often used to dismiss campus activists and detract from issues of pervasive racism and inequality. Editorials

Editorials Campus adults, protect free speech Campus adults, protect free speech When student protests and the resignation of the university president revealed deep racial problems at the University of Missouri last week, it seemed at first like a singular event. Editorials

Opinion Roses & Thorns: Greg Holman, Missouri Department of Conservation Roses & Thorns: Greg Holman, Missouri Department of Conservation Greg Holman, Missouri Department of Conservation Opinion

Contributors It's Petition Season – Sign Responsibly! It's Petition Season – Sign Responsibly! The initiative petition process gives Missouri citizens the opportunity to directly participate in our democracy. Contributors

The Independence Examiner - Editorials
As of (06/25/2015) at 11:54 AM

Teens, learn life-saving driving skills Posted at 11:00 AM The Bridgestone Teens Drive Smart Driving Experience, with its innovative and potentially life-saving instructional program, will visit our area on June 27 and 28 to help combat the ongoing problem of motor vehicle crashes among teens. Session...

Landgren cartoon: Farewell, pink flamingo creator Updated at 10:59 AM Don Landgren cartoon about the death of the pink flamingo’s creator. .mgnl175{margin-left:175px;} .childCatAd{display:inline-block!important;width:650px;}

The Columbia Missourian - Editorials
As of (11/25/2015) at 07:37 AM

Opinion STEVE SPELLMAN: Las Vegas delights and disgusts A "playground for adults," Vegas fascinated me; it amazed and thrilled. It also disgusted and frightened me.

DAVID ROSMAN: End intolerance and begin era of acceptance Religious intolerance, which began in Plymouth and continues to this day, is a black cloud that hovers over our land.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Living with the lockdown in Brussels MU students, who arrived in Brussels in late August in the middle of Europe's biggest refugee crisis since the Second World War, now find themselves living in the center of a city that was used as a launchpad for the attacks on Paris.

STEVE SPELLMAN: Las Vegas delights and disgusts Steve Spellman A "playground for adults," Vegas fascinated me; it amazed and thrilled. It also disgusted and frightened me.

DAVID ROSMAN: End intolerance and begin era of acceptance David Rosman Religious intolerance, which began in Plymouth and continues to this day, is a black cloud that hovers over our land.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Living with the lockdown in Brussels Gareth Harding MU students, who arrived in Brussels in late August in the middle of Europe's biggest refugee crisis since the Second World War, now find themselves living in the center of a city that was used as a launchpad for the attacks on Paris.

CARL KENNEY: Where are the dreamers? Carl Kenney Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is challenging us, from the grave, to continue to dream. His message confronts the fragmentation, frustration and fear pitting us against one another. King's dream begs us to trust in the emergence of a world far removed from the barricades deterring the dance of our children.

JILL RICHARDSON: Griping over Starbucks is no way to share the Christmas spirit Jill Richardson Clearly, love for one another, world peace, and the Christian faith itself all ride on whether a chain that sells overpriced coffee prints an appropriate design on its red cups.

EDITORIAL: Babies, a Missouri budget casualty St. Louis Post-Dispatch Counting routine prison expenses as matching funding for maternal and child health care grants does nothing to beef up resources for teen mothers in poverty or premature babies with disabilities.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Law v. ethics: Journalists often face difficult decisions Sandy Davidson Journalists balance competing interests.

DEAR READER: Need a smile? Use an emoji Maggie Walter Those playful little yellow expressive faces jump out not only on Facebook posts and tweets, but they are now the Oxford English Dictionary"s "word" of the year.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Gaining a better understanding on MU"s recent turmoil George Kennedy When Mike Middleton says the university's new leaders have much work to do, he's really talking about the urgent need to get back to our core function. That's education.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Free speech must be protected Ben Kupiszewski We need to protect freedom of expression and thereby freedom of thought, ideals we claim to espouse in our classrooms and value as fundamental to the profession of journalism.

EDITORIAL: Mass surveillance isn"t the answer in fighting terrorism The New York Times Listening to John Brennan, director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and other officials, like James Comey, the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, one might believe that the government has been rendered helpless to defend Americans against the threat of future terror attacks.

EDITORIAL: Entitlements are over for Missouri lawmakers The Joplin Globe Ethics reforms must be addressed to put an end to the free-for-all.

DAVID ROSMAN: Schaefer"s actions placing "undue burden" on Missouri"s citizens David Rosman An MU graduate study would look at the effects of the 72-hour mandated waiting period between the time a woman seeks the initial visit concerning an abortion until the time she can have the procedure done. Sen. Kurt Schaefer is claiming that the study would be in violation of a Missouri statute. After reading the law, I cannot find how Schaefer has come to this interpretation.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Stop being a hashtag, be a human being Charles Hutchison Our insatiable thirst for social media is threatening our civilization. There truly is a frenzy of instant gratification that has devolved us as a community.

EDITORIAL: Renovated Gateway Arch will benefit St. Louis, Missouri The Kansas City Star The sizable investment in the Arch is not only good for St. Louis, it will benefit the state and the region.

CARL KENNEY: No time for a break, there"s work still to be done Carl Kenney There are lessons still to be learned and conversations waiting for deliberation. There are decisions that have to be made, with far too many people unwilling to participate in the solution.

JILL RICHARDSON: Sandra Bullock"s new film gets Bolivia"s history wrong Jill Richardson Clearly, the narrow victory of an unpopular candidate with the help of brilliant campaign consultants is excellent raw material for an exciting film. But a truly honest film would also note that to Bolivians, Goni was the bad guy.

Columbia Daily Tribune - Editorials
As of (11/25/2015) at 07:42 AM

The six governors No, it's not a rock group, though each of the six Missouri governors on hand recently in Kansas City has a claim to fame. Each achieved a pinnacle of public service. Each helped raise me, or vice-versa, in the curious...

Student loans A generation or two ago, student loans were relatively unknown. Tuition was less expensive, and fewer low-income people went to college. Then, after World War II the nation became more supportive of enabling people of modest means, setting the tone...

Black faculty As he moves to ease tensions on campus, Mike Middleton promises to heed every one of the concerns/demands from the black student protest group Concerned Student 1950. As the recently installed interim president of the University of Missouri System, it...

Ann Covington: A career of service Ann Covington is retiring as a member of the University of Missouri Board of Curators. She is worn out from a year of personal stress and announces she can't summon the energy to serve properly during a time when pressures...

Keystone XL Well, both.

A new MU coach University of Missouri Athletic Director Mack Rhoades begins the search for a new football coach to replace Gary Pinkel. Time became a factor as the hustle around the country for new coaches intensifies.

After Paris First thing we heard after the terrorist attack in Paris was the sound of political retaliation in statehouses across the nation. At latest count, more than two dozen governors have said they want their borders closed to immigrants from Syria....

MU's image A survey by a Kansas City research firm found most Missouri likely voters disagreed with student protesters and University of Missouri administration at the same time. Rounding out their discomfort, they also disagreed with football Coach Gary Pinkel's solidarity with...

Speaking of which … Unfortunately lost in recent arguments about the future of MU is concern for the academic enterprise.

Accommodation Think of the good that might come from the recent turmoil on the University of Missouri campus.

Abortion For the first time since 2007, the U.S. Supreme Court will review the basic question regarding abortion rights: Do anti-abortion actions by several states, including Missouri, pose an undue “burden” on women's constitutional right to receive an abortion under terms...

Mizzou 20, BYU 16 Gary Pinkel will never have another roller coaster ride like this. In the space of one week, he went from perhaps the lowest spot in his career to perhaps the highest.

Assessing racism: Finding blame on campus As we look at recent confrontations on the University of Missouri campus, most of us are somewhat puzzled.

New faces After the resignations of University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe and MU Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin, the university Board of Curators moved with commendable speed to name interim stand-ins, and it created a new position focused directly on racial...

Jeff Harris Another important appointment to public office occurred just as the turmoil erupted on campus. Jeff Harris was named by Gov. Jay Nixon to succeed Gary Oxenhandler as circuit judge of the 13th Judicial Circuit.

Recent Blog Entries Tiger Tidings Postgame: MU women 75, SIUE 46 Behind The Stripes MU Players Tweet Support of Barry Odom as Next Coach Tiger Tidings Pregame: SIUE at MU women's basketball, 7 p.m. Tuesday Behind The Stripes Brothers, McGovern accept invites to Senior Bowl Courtside View What to watch for: Northwestern in CBE Hall of Fame ... Tiger Tidings Football scouting report: Arkansas Behind The Stripes MU Notes: The "Winds of Change" edition Tiger Tidings Volleyball players: There was no talk of joining foo... Behind The Stripes Gary Pinkel Speaks: Arkansas week Mental Math Mental Math for Monday November 23 Tiger Tidings Nov. 23 AP women's hoops poll, and how I voted Between Party Lines Dixon withdrawal narrows GOP field for governor to four Behind The Stripes MU Depth Chart Notes: Abeln, Crawford listed as "or"... Courtside View What to watch for: Kansas State in CBE Hall of Fame ... Tiger Tidings Postgame: MU women 94, Wake Forest 81 Behind The Stripes Game Rewind:

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St. Joseph News-Press - Editorials
As of (11/18/2015) at 08:55 AM

Board works for us, not paid attorneys Occasionally, the average citizen records a victory in our court system without realizing it. When word does reach us, we should celebrate.

District should be efficient If Chris Danford forever will be remembered for exposing the unapproved stipends, then perhaps Eric Bruder will leave his mark in pressing the St. Joseph School District to pursue efficiencies in its use of facilities.

Jails no place for sick Advances in the public's understanding of mental illness have been slow in coming, but can we at least agree some people are sick with something other than a physical illness?

`We weep but never fear' Americans, like everyone else, are prone to view world events through the lens of personal experience.

Connect to our natural wonder Up and down the 2,341 miles of the longest river in North America, preservationists and environmentalists seek to enlist support for a cause that is both complex and simple.

Driving classes fill need Twice in coming days, our community will muster the resources to provide valuable, low-cost instruction to drivers who most stand to benefit.

Put end to district suspense From May 2014 to November - a period of 18 months - the St. Joseph School District has received six subpoenas, or one every three months.

Veterans share history in stories History gets its best treatment when it can depend on primary sources; that is, those who lived the experience and can describe, for posterity, what happened in a given moment. This stands at the core of the Missouri Veterans History Project. The state endeavor, part of a larger national effort, seeks to record the personal accounts of those who have served in the nation's wars, and the project this month marked an interview with its 1,000th Missouri veteran. We applaud this work and hope the roster of participating veterans continues to grow.

Leadership change is welcomed Sometimes it's possible to do the right thing for the wrong reason.

Regulations impractical for some hospitals A large and diverse nation can answer to a single set of laws at their fundamental level. But some measure of good sense needs to be applied in the consideration of differences between big cities and rural communities. The congresswoman from Northeast Kansas made a case for this last week, and the remedy she suggested deserves the consideration of lawmakers in Washington.

Western shines a light on local history A historic city, St. Joseph has seldom been shy about reveling in its past. This amounts not to boasting but a rightful acknowledgment of where we've been as a community, of people who shaped the city and been shaped by it. The addition in recent years of the Walter Cronkite Memorial has only added to that civic perspective, and its development has now taken another step forward.

Be skeptical, but don't be stubborn, on Downtown plan When it comes to the next-big-thing to revitalize Downtown, it's easy to feel skeptical.

Ethics ideas in play A vulnerable Missouri General Assembly will be pressed to adopt some version of ethics reform in the coming legislative session.

Be sure about deer coverage The annual warnings about deer on the region's roadways come with a special caution this year: make sure of your insurance coverage.

Business, jobs: we need both Recent state and federal reports make clear that when it comes to Missouri's economy, we need an "all of the above” approach.

Act now to keep heat on Regulated utilities in Missouri and Kansas must abide by the long-standing Cold Weather Rule, a fact that requires reinforcement this time of year.

Salary review on track Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but harsh criticisms of the St. Joseph School District's salary review process are off the mark at this point.

Sentencing reform deserves long look Letting drug offenders out of prison quicker hardly qualifies as a conservative position - that is, until you hear someone like U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran of Kansas make the case for sentencing reform.

Know the real dangers The secret to an enjoyable Halloween involves two important things: making sure the kids are safe, and knowing the difference between a real threat and make-believe.

Biogas offers big step forward A $120 million project taking shape in Gentry County, Missouri, is more than an engineering marvel. It's a necessary next step for corporate agriculture in our region.

The Joplin Globe - Editorials
As of (11/25/2015) at 07:44 AM

Our View: Time for teeth in Sunshine Law Posted: November 24, 2015 Missouri auditor Nicole Galloway on Monday released a report telling the public that the most common Sunshine Law violations included closed-session discussions on issues that should be open to the public.

Your view: Letters to the editor Posted: November 24, 2015 Defend themselves

Carol Stark: Surgery provides insight into need for accessibility Posted: November 22, 2015 A row of right-foot-only shoes stands ready against my bedroom wall. They are all very sensible, not a high heel among them.

Our View: Email purges must stop at all levels Posted: November 22, 2015 We think any conversation about public records has to acknowledge two truths at the starting gate:

Your view: Letter to the editor Posted: November 22, 2015 Fear makes usless than our best

Nicholas Kyle: Many share responsibility of achieving quality schools Posted: November 22, 2015 Classroom teachers get a bad rap. When student, school and district scores on state tests are lower than we hoped for or the district graduation rates have risen but not enough, the public immediately plays the blame game, and teachers are invariably at the top of the list.

Geoff Caldwell: Presidential oath supersedes personal beliefs Posted: November 22, 2015 In the more than two centuries since the United States established itself as a representative Republic, only 43 of its citizens have had the privilege and the responsibility to hold the position of chief executive officer.

Callie Hudson: Locally-owned businesses heart of your town Posted: November 22, 2015 I have a pet peeve. The misuse of words or phrases makes my teeth hurt. When I hear things such as, “I literally laughed my head off,” it makes me feel like I'm getting a cavity.

Marilyn Beasley: Terrorism is not contained Posted: November 21, 2015 Some 129 people have been killed and hundreds have been injured in the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

Our view: Renew Zadroga Act Posted: November 20, 2015 Almost two months have passed since Congress let a health care program for 9/11 first responders expire.

Other Views: KU students, faculty should be heard Posted: November 19, 2015 What do Kansas University students, faculty and staff think about the prospect of allowing concealed firearms on campus?

Peter Kinder: Look at crisis through lens of national security Posted: November 19, 2015 This week I urged Gov. Jay Nixon to take every step necessary to halt the relocation of Syrian refugees into Missouri. Other lawmakers and candidates for office followed suit.

Our View: Keep police videos public Posted: November 18, 2015 As more and more police departments add body cameras, debate continues on how much of what is captured on video should be open to the public.

Your view: Letters to the editor Posted: November 18, 2015 Big government?

Our view: Buckle up the big, yellow bus Posted: November 17, 2015 National transportation officials this week announced an effort to put seat belts in every school bus in the country, stopping short of a federal mandate but calling on state lawmakers and school leaders to make it happen.

Phill Brooks: Campus protests then and now Posted: November 16, 2015 The recent demonstrations on the Columbia campus of the University of Missouri reminded me of the protests more than four decades ago that I covered at MU.

Allie Hinga: We don't have to know answers, but we have to listen Posted: November 15, 2015 I couldn't look away.

Our View: First the silence, then the roar Posted: November 15, 2015 The Eiffel Tower was dark on Saturday as Paris mourned the terror attacks that left at least 129 dead and hundreds wounded, including Americans. The death toll, we know, will continue to rise throughout the next few days.

Mike Beatty: Globe needs readers' input for survey Posted: November 15, 2015 We all would agree that throughout the years many of our habits have changed.

Geoff Caldwell: Columbia and the 'post-Ferguson effect' Posted: November 14, 2015 It is the lie that will not die: The “Hands up, don't shoot” meme born in the aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. White cop, black victim, and a national media confirmation bias was so strong that objective reporting never had a chance.

The Jefferson City News Tribune - Editorials
As of (11/25/2015) at 07:44 AM

Your Opinion: What happened to the Golden Rule? - Please explain to me how someone can call themselves a Christian and Republican.

Your Opinion: Will we turn away refugees based on fear? - Some 4 million people have fled from Syria out of fear of being barrel-bombed by the Assad regime or beheaded by ISIS.

Your Opinion: Horstmann's complaint 'particularly distasteful' - As a card carrying member of the “Angry Old White Guys Society," I found Mr. Horstmann's tirade published Nov. 13 to be particularly distasteful.

Your Opinion: Medicaid expansion claims questioned - This letter is in response to the “Medicaid expansion needed" letter to the editor appearing in the Nov. 16 edition of the News Tribune, where Mike Sutherland was proposing that Missouri could expand its Medicaid coverage and net savings of at least $100 million per year in state general revenue dollars when the expansion is fully implemented.

Your Opinion: Coal is plentiful and dependable - Bob Watson's article in the Nov. 14 paper concerning the Sierra Club's urge to force Ameren to reduce coal use caught my eye.

Your Opinion: More Hillary Clinton scandals listed - Travelgate - Seven employees of the White House travel office were fired so that friends of the Clintons could take over the travel business.

Our Opinion: Wide spectrum of support lifts Boys & Girls Club campaign - The success of the local Boys & Girls Club capital campaign is a testament to the club's widespread support throughout the community.

Our Opinion: Put safety on menu for Thanksgiving News Tribune editorial - If you plan to be among the 47 million Americans who will travel at least 50 miles from home during the Thanksgiving holiday, Missouri public safety officials encourage you to be safe.

Perspective: A time to reflect on our blessings - While there are many challenging issues that need to be addressed at home and abroad, at this time of year, we pause as a nation to give thanks for the many blessings we enjoy as Americans.

Your Opinion: Speculating about property's value - According to a recent Rebecca Martin News Tribune story “A major commercial development" is in the works in the City of Jefferson.

Your Opinion: Let science address climate - Everyone wants to reduce pollution but the pollution problem is as complicated as it is serious.

Our Opinion: Side effects may include … - When it comes to health care, who do you trust?

Your Opinion: MU urged to reverse decision - When the previous MU chancellor revoked the hospital privileges of the Columbia Planned Parenthood clinic physician, he put the women of Mid-Missouri in an untenable situation with regard to our right to self-determination.

Your Opinion: Stop influx of Mideast refugees - The acceptance of some refugees does not constitute penitence for the death and destruction caused by U.S. government foreign policies supporting actions that generated the said refugees.

Your Opinion: Lower trash rates applauded - Thank you City Council from both the residential and business customers of Allied Waste/Republic Services for getting us lower rates.

The Southeast Missourian - Editorials
As of (11/25/2015) at 07:44 AM

4 local business professionals absorb training at Harvard (11/25/15) Being a professional is valuable. Being a talented professional is even better. But being a professional who leads effectively is in a class all its own. Leadership is a quality increasingly necessary in today's business environment, in which people need not only to be told what to do, but also shown how to do it well, and where they seem to rely on motivation to be productive. ...

Speak Out Speak Out 11/25/2015 (11/25/15) I would like to formally apologize to an evidently very upset member of the Cape Public School Board who apparently was contacted multiple times concerning a controversial proposal and victimized by vicious verbal assaults, thus being at the receiving end of what might be called a crude awakening...

Speak Out Speak Out for 11/24/2015 (11/24/15) Southeast Missourian editor Bob Miller's column on microaggressions was balanced, fair and very informative. The only problem I have with objective or subjective discussions in the Southeast Missourian about the benefits or lack thereof to society of the current emphasis on microaggesssions is that 92.7 percent of the content on the opinion page of the Southeast Missourian I consider not micro but macro aggressions of the highest magnitude...

Editorial Consider giving to Toybox, elderly programs this year (11/24/15) In addition to its spiritual meaning, Christmas brings out the generosity in us. We find ourselves making lists of things to buy for people -- things we may have known all along they would like, but things we tend to reserve for the Christmas season to give. ...

Editorial The lens of security (11/23/15) This week I urged Gov. Jay Nixon to take every step necessary to halt the relocation of Syrian refugees into Missouri. Other lawmakers and candidates for office followed suit. As I wrote to Nixon, the safety and security of all Missourians must be our top priority. ...

Opinion Column 'Microaggressions' are all around us (11/22/15) So what was I to make of the unrest on the campus of the University of Missouri? When I first heard that a black student was willing to starve himself to death unless the university president resigned -- along with a long list of other demands -- I began asking questions, not as a journalist, but as a person. What was so awful that a young man with promise was willing to lay down his life? I still don't have a perfect answer...

Opinion Column Precautionary boil-water advisory process (11/22/15) A few weeks ago the City of Jackson issued a precautionary boil-water advisory for part of our city's water system. The advisory was necessary because a contractor struck a water main line that delivers water from our water tower east of the city near Interstate 55 on Old Orchard Road. Hitting a water line should be avoided by locating the line before digging, but in this case this precautionary measure did not prevent the line being hit...

Editorial School district examines fewer class periods (11/22/15) The Cape Girardeau School District is grappling with an important decision. Should it reduce the number of class periods from eight to seven at the junior high and high schools? The district went up to eight from seven more than 10 years ago. The reason given for the potential change is to reduce costs; the plan would save the district between $600,000 and $800,000 annually. ...

Letter to the Editor Reduce staff, increase salary (11/22/15) I offer this letter in support of reducing the staffing for Cape Public Schools to increase the base salary. As a previous member of this school board, I am painfully aware that the school district salary schedule was a product of previous boards that, however well intentioned, created a system that hampered the hiring of new teachers because of a low base salary. ...

Opinion Column Campus intolerance in the national spotlight (11/20/15) Editor's note: The following editorials first appeared in the Jefferson City News-Tribune and the Columbia Daily Tribune last week. Missouri again is vaulting into the national news for all the wrong reasons. A recent episode involved an attempt by protesting students at the University of Missouri-Columbia -- and some faculty members -- to block the media from a public place on campus...

Editorial Central football returns to semifinal game (11/20/15) The Cape Girardeau Central High School football team returns to familiar territory on Saturday afternoon. Yes, the game will be played in Cape Girardeau. But it's the type of game the program has played in recent years that brings familiarity. This is the Class 4 semifinal...

Speak Out Speak out 11/19/15 (11/19/15) All of these pandering pols who tried to outdo one another in opposing taking in any Syrian refugees (Chris Christie said he wouldn't take in an orphaned Syrian toddler) may have overreached in a very big way. It turns out that many evangelical and Christian organizations think political refugees fleeing persecution and almost certain death should be treated in a humane way and not rejected out of hand because of hysterical xenophobic fear mongering designed to translate into votes at the ballot box.. ...

Opinion Column Time to stop poking with stick; get the club (11/19/15) After analysts declared the downing of the Russian airliner over Egypt to be the result of a terrorist bomb, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, "Our air force's military work in Syria must not simply be continued. It must be intensified in such a way that the criminals understand that retribution is inevitable." In his response to the Paris attacks, French President Francois Hollande declared the attacks to be an act of war and that France's response would be merciless...

Editorial Longtime weatherman leaves behind impressive legacy (11/19/15) Don McNeely, the longtime weatherman for KFVS-TV, died recently at the age of 88. A Cape Girardeau Central High School and Southeast Missouri State University alum, McNeely gave the latest weather information to the TV station's viewership. He retired in 1993 after 50 years as a broadcaster...

Editorial Deadline extended for free books for at-risk children (11/18/15) In a September editorial, we encouraged people who work with at-risk youth to sign up for free books. To qualify people were to sign up before the Oct. 1 deadline. However, since that number has not yet been reached, the time to register has been extended...

Opinion Column Obama frightened when leadership is needed (11/18/15) Another week, another glaring example of a clueless world view of the actual impact of open-door immigration displayed by the administration of a failed American president. For the longest time, Americans have asked: "When will they learn." And the answer is clearly never...

Speak Out Speakout 11/17/15 (11/17/15) The top marginal tax rate (the key word is marginal) was 90 percent during the Eisenhower years, a time with some challenges but one of general peace and prosperity. When reminded of this, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders quipped in reference to the upper income marginal tax rate during the Eisenhower years that he (Sanders) was a socialist but not as much of one as President Eisenhower. ...

Opinion Column Cape projects possible with casino funds (11/17/15) Oct. 30, 2015, marked the third anniversary of the opening of Isle Casino in Cape Girardeau. Our city has received nearly $9 million in additional dollars from the Isle operation to accomplish many projects that were outside the scope of being able to complete with our ordinary general revenue budget. I want to report to our citizens the extent of the projects that have been completed or are in process...

Editorial Scott City all aboard with history at museum (11/17/15) "I don't know a whole lot about the other history of this other stuff, but I can talk about trains. That's my specialty," said Ron Mason. He is one of a few in the Scott City community helping to maintain the Scott City Historical Museum. The train room is probably the most notable part of the museum, and Mason and others have placed their own stamp on it...

Speak Out Speak Out 11/16/15 (11/16/15) Keystone Played well, Mr. President. The Keystone XL pipeline issue just kind of faded away with nary a peep. McNeely remembered Our family got a TV in 1954. At that time, the only channel we could get was KFVS-TV. My favorite thing to watch was the great Don McNeely, whose passing we all mourn...

Sedalia Democrat - Editorials
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B&G Club launches drive for new wheels Leah Landon understands the necessity for reliable transportation.

Sedalia has many fine attributes Niche ( used to be a site that just ranked schools around the country, both K-12 and college by combining student reviews, professional opinions and piles of raw data. They recently started applying the Niche system to rank cities around the...

Sedalia Brick was once a cornerstone city's industry In the 1880s, Sedalia was still experiencing the burst of growth that followed the Civil War. Business was thriving, the city's population was growing, and new buildings were being erected. Sedalia's builders were using approximately 3.5...

Rain's impact seeping into all areas The wet weather that has nearly drowned west central Missouri over the past six weeks is much more than an annoyance. Gov. Jay Nixon's declaration of a state of emergency makes that point clear, but the impact of all of that rain is being felt...

Plan B works in a pinch My sister Libby, mother and I have been talking about bucket lists. I haven't developed a bucket list, as my family genes give me a good chance of staying on this planet for a long time. But our lives have changed over the past year, and so we...

Bottling companies have Sedalia history In the 18th century, British chemist Joseph Priestly developed a way to infuse water with carbon dioxide to produce carbonated water. The bubbly water became popular particularly in tonics, mixtures of herbs, roots, and flavorings suspended in...

Dolezal's race claims 'unfortunate' By now you've probably heard the story of Rachel Dolezal, the head of the Spokane, Wash., NAACP who has been accused of misrepresenting her race.

Surprising love for a 'common man' We all have guilty pleasures — those things we love that others either don't understand or think are too kitschy, low-brow or just plain dumb to embrace. For some, it's romance novels or collections of “Star Wars” toys.

To vacuum or not to vacuum The vacuum cleaner has been sitting in our living room for the past week, beckoning to me, its siren song tantalizing me to come to it, plug it in, use it. But I just haven't found the time, energy, or willingness to heed its call. If I leave it...

Of pranks and paranoia I just got back from my fourth year as a counselor at Gateway Hemophilia Association's Camp Notaclotamongus at Living Well Village in Imperial and I've got to say that it went pretty well.

Beloved teacher, principal dies in 1903 In 1882, Sedalia boasted four public schools — Broadway School, Lincoln School, Washington School and Franklin School. According to the 1882 History of Pettis County, Franklin School was built in 1870 on an elevated site at the corner of...

A Stark truth: Ragtimers show fun side Martin Spitznagel knows what many people say about the music he loves.

Exploring sights, sounds of Southern California I am not a Los Angeles fan; the city is too big, too sprawling, too car-infested for me. I much prefer northern California. Regardless of the traffic, that area offers much more for me in the way of entertainment and relaxation: the Muir Woods,...

Not all bugs are the enemy Technically, summer doesn't begin in a strictly scientific sense until the Summer Solstice on June 21, but for practical purposes the signs are all around us: the number of garage sales is going up, our kids are starting to leave for camp and...

Sedalians attempt to drill Artesian well, get rich quick During the late 19th century, Sedalia mounted several schemes to use mineral resources to make large amounts of money.

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