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St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Editorials
As of (10/31/2014) at 08:26 PM

'I could have been Mike Brown'

The unprecedented opportunity of the Ferguson Commission

Ex-offenders face almost-impossible odds in job market

The governor creates a Ferguson Commission; St. Louis faces a defining moment

From protest to progress, what Ferguson can learn from Joplin

Gun docket in St. Louis might have saved VonDerrit Myers Jr.'s life

Red October meets #FergusonOctober

Ferguson: Nobody should be surprised

Doctor is good example of what Ferguson Commission needs

No protests over shootings of children

Purchase of golf club could help UMSL expand educational opportunities

Looking for a big payday by faulting the police

Protesters have lost more support than they have gained

Seek justice, not infamy in Ferguson

Use Better Together's data to advocate for meaningful change

Protests are demonstrations of lawlessness

College campus is appropriate place for protesters

Ribbons of hope for Ferguson

We all have some to work to do in stopping prejudice

The hand of God in Ferguson

Kansas City Star - Editorials
As of (10/31/2014) at 08:26 PM

Murders are down in Kansas City, but not by nearly enough If Kansas City needed any more impetus to lower its still-high rate of homicides, it was the death of 6-year-old Angel Marie Hooper, hit by a bullet from a passing car in the parking lot of a convenience store.

Kansas City and the Royals: Not an end, but the beginning of a beautiful friendship There will be no victory parade, but Kansas Citians and Royals fans from coast to coast have been united and uplifted by the team’s astonishing October run.

Recapping The Star’s editorial endorsements As the fall election day, Nov. 4, approaches, here’s a recap of The Kansas City Star’s editorial endorsements in Missouri and Kansas races and opinion columns about races and issues on the ballot.

As it turns 100, Union Station looks ahead Union Station’s centennial celebration focuses not only on looking back but also on looking ahead. That’s a testimony to how important the building has been to the history of Kansas City — and how essential it is to shaping a brighter future for it. The building today — 100 years after 100,000 people saw it officially opened at 2 p.m. on Oct. 30, 1914 — is still busy with activity from morning to night.

End Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s reign of error Kansans got even more evidence this week that voters on Nov. 4 have good reasons to oust Kobach and replace him with Jean Schodorf, who will do the job more professionally.

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster is too easily wined and dined by corporations and their lobbyists In yet another dismaying indictment of Missouri’s money-grubbing political culture, a national news report has revealed an unsavory lovefest between Koster and lobbyists for corporations that are potential targets of state investigations.

Vote to make raffles lawful in Kansas Plenty of questions confront Kansas voters in the election that will be decided on Nov. 4, including a couple that might get lost in the shuffle. One concerns charitable raffles and another a contested seat on the Kansas Board of Education.

Send Pat Roberts packing and Greg Orman to the U.S. Senate As each day passes, more Kansans are seeing why they need to dump the mean-spirited U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts and replace him with Greg Orman, a champion of effective leadership who will proudly serve the state’s residents.

Act of drive-by cowardice kills Kansas City, Kan., girl There are too many guns in the hands of the wrong people, and police and area leaders have too few tools to do anything about that. The situation is out of hand, and children are paying the price.

The Monday Poll: Who will win the races for U.S. Senate, governor and secretary of state in Kansas? Now that early voting has started in Kansas, the Monday poll would like you to weigh in on a few election-related issues in the Sunflower State. Register your replies to four statements regarding the races for U.S. Senate, governor and secretary of state.

The Star’s recommendations for positions in Jackson and Clay counties On Nov. 4, voters have the opportunities to keep steady leadership in place in Jackson County and select a new leader for Clay County government. Meanwhile, there are no contested races in Platte County because no Democrat filed for any open office.

Ignore Sam Brownback’s attempt to exploit tragedy and rate judges fairly in Kansas and Missouri With important elections coming up Nov. 4, it’s open season on judges in Kansas and Missouri. Poisonous attempts to use courts as political fodder make it imperative to understand their role. A judge’s job is not to please wealthy donors or a governor. It is to hear cases impartially and interpret the law wisely and fairly. Judges should be evaluated on the entirety of their work and not on one or even a handful of polarizing decisions.

Spark is mostly lacking in U.S. House races in western Missouri Incumbents have the edge in three congressional races in western Missouri. They’ve got the money, the political bases and the momentum of holding office. What they might not have is much enthusiasm among voters. The Star’s recommendations are to re-elect Emanuel Cleaver in the 5th District and Sam Graves in the 6th District and to vote for newcomer Nate Irvin in the 4th District.

Choose reform-minded candidates for the Missouri General Assembly The General Assembly needs to rearrange its priorities, and elections can help. Voters should choose lawmakers who genuinely want to make people’s lives better and clean up the ethical cesspool that is Jefferson City. Here are The Star’s recommendations.

Missouri education board should engage the public on replacement for Chris Nicastro The Missouri Board of Education and the Department of Secondary and Elementary Education have a serious trust deficit with many Missourians. An arrogant, secretive hiring process for the top education post would widen the rift and place the new commissioner at an instant disadvantage.

Ebola news should dampen U.S. hysteria Mistakes have been made. That much is indisputable. But in the case of the Ebola virus vs. the United States, one of the largest mistakes has been a general loss of perspective.

More proof rolls in that Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax cuts aren’t saving Kansas Throwing out various claims on the campaign trail, Gov. Sam Brownback insists his radical income tax cut program is going to revive the Kansas economy. But as the data roll in — including more numbers on the all-important jobs front on Tuesday — the promises of radical progress aren’t coming true.

Monday Poll results: On the Royals and KC attractions As many as 1,200 readers responded to the World Series edition of our Monday Poll. Here are the results of some key questions asked in this unscientific survey.

Murder of 6-year-old Angel Hooper demands justice Even in a city that has become too complacent about gun violence, the murder of 6-year-old Angel Hooper is incomprehensible. Just as astounding are indications that people may be protecting her killer.

A unified community roots for the Royals No one really knows who’s going to win the World Series. But let’s enjoy the ride, Kansas City, for however long it lasts.

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The Independence Examiner - Editorials
As of (10/31/2014) at 08:26 PM

Berry cleared to play for Chiefs Updated at 7:47 PM Chiefs safety Eric Berry is expected to play for the first time since spraining his ankle in a Week 2 loss to Denver when Kansas City plays the New York Jets on Sunday.Berry was limited in practice but listed as probable on the final injury report Friday, and Chiefs coach Andy Reid said he is planning on Berry playing against the Jets.Reid did not say whether Berry would start.Berry hurt his ankle early against Denver on Sept. 14. He has practiced off and on the past few... --

Nativity of Mary cinnamon bun sale Updated at 7:12 PM Nativity of Mary Catholic Church in Independence will be selling fresh-baked, homemade cinnamon buns for pre-order beginning Sunday, Nov. 2.The baked goods are available for pre-order for those wanting a dozen or more.  They will...

This One Feature Might Be The Best Reason To Use BlackBerry's Messaging App (BBRY) Posted at 8:01 PM

Slack CEO Explains Why He Thinks His 8-Month-Old App Is Now Worth $1.1 Billion Posted at 8:01 PM

NBC Freshman Comedies Bad Judge and A to Z to End Posted at 7:05 PM The Day of the Dead brought grim news for two NBC comedies.The network has canceled the Kate...

Jason Offutt: Teacher was in on the joke Updated at 5:42 PM I feel sorry for public school teachers. Not for the usual reasons, like Common Core mathematics and obnoxious parents who are convinced little Johnny’s a lot brighter than he actually is. It’s because teachers can’t have fun...

Regarding the myth of Obama’s so-called sinking poll numbers Updated at 5:19 PM

Granlund cartoon: Election winners Updated at 5:08 PM Dave Granlund cartoon about the winners of the 2014 elections.

After murder suspect is caught, a sigh of relief Updated at 4:20 PM U.S. marshals who captured ambush suspect Eric Frein (freen) say he had a "defeated" look on his face when they took him into custody.

Dancing's Derek Hough: I'm Making the Routines Harder Posted at 8:05 PM Hey everyone, Happy Halloween! Thanks for your votes! How'd you like Team Itsy Bitsy? We had so much fun doing that. The team dances are always fun to perform because you get to share the experience with more people. And... Time for voters to step up for change Updated at 3:53 PM By Greg PerryRepublican Bill E. Kidd is running against Democrat John Mayfield for the Missouri House of Representative in the 20th District, and something very disturbing has taken place. Have you noticed the... NEXT 10  »

The Columbia Missourian - Editorials
As of (10/31/2014) at 08:26 PM

GUEST COMMENTARY: Voting for sex-crime amendment could deny fair trials By Stephen Wyse : A Columbia-based attorney is concerned Amendment 2, which allows for evidence from other suspected crimes to be used against someone accused of child sexual abuse, will interfere with fair trial.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Support common-sense energy regulations by Dave Griggs : Environmental regulation will make it more difficult for small businesses to succeed.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Modest fee increase for development is no horror story by George Kennedy : Colorful advertisements are misleading the public about development fee increase.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Reduce taxpayer cost for new development by Barbara Hoppe and Mike Sleadd : Let"s use existing taxpayer dollars for road maintenance and snow removal on existing roads. Vote yes on Prop 2

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Don't continue to subsidize developers in Columbia by Alyce Turner : Anti-Prop 2 groups representing developers are trying to convince voters that the lion’s share of the cost of new roads for new developments should continue to be heavily subsidized by taxpayers.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Don't be fooled by anti-Prop. 2 advertising by Linda Green : Yes on Prop. 2 will lower citizens" costs for new development from around 85 percent to 65 percent and raise developers" costs from about 15 percent to around 35 percent.

DAVID ROSMAN: Let's start the conversation with election preferences by David Rosman : Amendment 6 is the exception to columnist David Rosman"s rule of not altering the state Constitution. It might not be a perfect bill, but a longer voting time is worth passing in Missouri.

STEVE SPELLMAN: Ballot propositions shift funding sources, not necessarily in best ways by Steve Spellman : Propositions 1 and 2 leave much to be desired and might not be the best way to address the need for more police and roadway improvements.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Nov. 4 ballot version of early voting is wrong for Missouri by Marilyn McLeod and Carol Schreiber : League of Women Voters oppose early voting as proposed on Nov. 4 ballot issue.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Missouri should embrace the Common Core conflict by James V. Shuls : The citizens of Missouri are a diverse group of individuals. To avoid conflict among this disparate group of individuals, there are only two things we can do – stop centrally imposing standards or suppress the voices of some citizens.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Stop trying to standardize teachers by Shelley Hoffman : The value of a teacher goes beyond test scores.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote to increase development fees by DeAnna Walkenbach : Rise in the fee will bring road construction subsidy to a fairer level.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Proposition 1 is a shell game that will be played again by Bill Samuels : With local taxes already high enough for any reasonable person, public safety should get whatever may be needed from the taxes we already pay.

ROSE NOLEN: Sometimes, a patchwork family works well for everyone by Rose M. Nolen : Love and caring, not biology, is what holds a family together.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Limit on governor's authority to balance state budget is a bad idea by State Rep. Chris Kelly : Amendment 10 on the November ballot is an effort to fix something that is not broken.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Taxpayers should not pay to prop up developers by Kim Kraus : It is not right that Columbia residents are expected to pick up more and more of the slack when development fees don’t keep pace. If additional tax dollars have to be spent on new infrastructure for new development it leaves less tax dollars for other services our city needs and wants.

GUEST COMMENTARY: The filthy rich could learn a few lessons from the rest of us by Marjorie E. Wood : There is no special trait among the wealthy, so it"s time to pay attention to low-income workers and advocates.

GUEST COMMENTARY: New development should pay fair share for roads, reduce cost to taxpayers by ROY DUDARK and KARL SKALA : Recognizing that different uses generate different amounts of traffic, Proposition 2, which is on the Nov. 4 ballot, would raise the charge for new construction to $1 per square foot for residential, $1.50 per square foot for nonresidential with low traffic and $2 per square foot for nonresidential with high traffic.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Kim Shaw is most qualified for associate circuit judge by CJ and REBECCA DYKHOUSE : Kim Shaw, who is running for Division 5 associate circuit judge, has the necessary criminal and civil law experience.

GEORGE KENNEDY: With Ginny Chadwick, a need to better communicate by George Kennedy : Chadwick"s votes against causes she supported in her election campaign have drawn the ire of her constituents.

Columbia Daily Tribune - Editorials
As of (10/31/2014) at 08:29 PM

Chadwick's recall A small group of disappointed supporters of looser marijuana restrictions is trying to launch a campaign to recall First Ward Columbia City Council member Ginny Chadwick. Their campaign is without merit and should be ignored by First Ward voters.

For Congress In the Fourth Congressional District, incumbent Republican Vicky Hartzler seeks re-election against newbie challenger Nate Irvin, a 25-year-old Democrat in a Republican district with no campaign money and virtually no chance of success.

For presiding commissioner Dan Atwill is the man.

Recorder Boone County Recorder of Deeds Bettie Johnson is retiring after 35 years of stellar service, during which time she projected the office as one of the best in Missouri and beyond, largely because she accumulated a good, long-standing staff.

44th District In the race for representative in state House District 44, incumbent Republican Caleb Rowden defends against Democratic challenger Tom Pauley.

47th District For state representative in Missouri's 47th District, incumbent Democrat John Wright defends his seat against Republican Chuck Basye. Wright clearly is the best choice.

Proposition 2 Proposition 2 on the Nov. 4 ballot would establish an inappropriate method for assessing development fees in the city of Columbia.

Collector The Boone County collector is responsible for receiving county tax revenue and disbursing a large percentage of it to recipient agencies. Democrat Pat Lensmeyer is retiring after a successful incumbency. Her would-be successors are Republican Cheri Reisch and Democrat Brian...

Proposition 1 Columbia has fallen behind average in our number of police officers and firefighters. To gradually close the gap, city officials propose an increase in property taxes of 30 cents per $100 of assessed valuation phased in over five years at...

Ebola Secure in the knowledge that the world has been waiting desperately for word from this quarter, I hereby proclaim the imminent threat of Ebola over, at least in retreat -- or to be more accurate, never to have arrived.

Marijuana On Monday the Columbia City Council decided not to decriminalize the cultivation of marijuana plants. The vote was 4-3, reflecting the general local attitude on the subject.

Uber Meanwhile, the city tries to figure out how to deal with Uber, the ride-sharing service operating on city streets without a business permit or taxicab license.

Amendment 3 Amendment 3 would impose an external evaluation system for school districts and teachers based in part on student performance as shown on standardized tests. Teacher contracts would be limited to three years, and teachers and their organizations could not bargain...

Amendment 6: Early voting The idea of early voting is valid, but Amendment 6 is a faulty approach, actually passed by Republicans in the state legislature to head off a better plan in the process of initiation by advocates of early voting.

Amendment 2 Missouri is the only state in the union that bars testimony showing “propensity” in child sex abuse cases. Amendment 2 on the Nov. 4 ballot would make prosecution easier by allowing testimony about prior criminal convictions and even crimes that...

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St. Joseph News-Press - Editorials
As of (10/31/2014) at 08:30 PM

Wise up about online threats The FBI says it's not a matter of if but when: "You're going to be hacked.”

Recall why we live united One week before the deadline and United Way of Greater St. Joseph finds itself in a familiar place: Hoping to make a big goal but unsure whether it will.

Indexed pensions essential Some 64 million Americans will see a slim 1.7 percent increase in their Social Security payments next year, but better that than nothing.

Easy to save? You bet In the depths of the recession, the News-Press published a popular front-page feature titled "Cheap Tips” - essentially a guide to living on less.

Turn down these flawed proposals Even though they address valid public policy concerns, three of the four proposed constitutional amendments before Missouri voters on Nov. 4 should be turned down.

One ballot idea earns our support It's an unusual array of proposed constitutional amendments awaiting Missouri voters on Nov. 4.

Be calm, but plan for Ebola Justifiably, the headlines these days are full of news about the Ebola virus, its threat to people in this country and around the world, and what we're doing about it.

Incubator refocuses on ag innovations Our business incubator is growing up.

Empowered workers boost Boehringer The slogan "Value through innovation” holds great meaning for Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc.

New exhibits entice visitors to return Buffalo Bill and the Buffalo Soldiers are among St. Joseph's newest "residents.”

We believe in our Royals Long before they became America's team ... before they swept into the World Series with an undefeated playoff streak ... before they stole bases and the nation's hearts ... they were ours. Our Kansas City Royals.

College? You are not alone Inexperienced applicants to college, have no fear: Your high school counselors stand ready to help you and your parents navigate the sometimes intimidating process of filling out the required paperwork.

What makes your `Big 5' agenda? A community agenda for St. Joseph cannot start and end with fixing the streets, but we all understand why streets are on the list.

Schools confront reality The St. Joseph Board of Education is doing its job by acknowledging reality - kids will struggle to learn when life interferes.

Cemetery woes disrespect dead Anybody in any profession can give others in the same line of work a bad name. It's not fair, but it happens.

Progress on defaults critical It's not enough to get our young people enrolled in college. We have to find a way for them to graduate with both a degree and manageable debt.

More to unrest story A young man is dead, a grand jury is meeting and a police officer's fate hangs in the balance.

Nurses on front lines fill vital health role In pledging to practice their profession "faithfully,” new nurses most likely envision a wide range of medical challenges, but we suspect few think much about their own mortality.

Cart in front of horse Missouri lawmakers and appointed regulators need to get their arms around problems at the state lottery - and do so before others take over the issue for their own purposes.

Partners score big win Outside the Silicon Valley, it is rare to find a local economy that awakens and is propelled to success with nary a dip or setback.

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The Jefferson City News Tribune - Editorials
As of (10/31/2014) at 08:30 PM

Your Opinion: Cartoon illustrates opportunism - Your editorial cartoon of Oct. 29 implies that health care professionals returning from treating Ebola patients in stricken countries object to a 21-day “quarantine."

Your Opinion: Fear mongering inhibits freedom - When you see obvious misleading information disguised as helpful, doesn't it float your boat? It does mine.

Our Opinion: Reject Amendment 10; retain balance of power - Amendment 10, which would limit gubernatorial powers, would alter the balance of powers to address a temporary, partisan complaint. It deserves defeat in Tuesday' election.

Our Opinion: Drunk driving is scariest aspect of Halloween - If this Halloween follows a frightening tradition, the scariest aspect will be the prevalence of drunk drivers.

Your Opinion: Details of campaign allegations appreciated - I would like to compliment you for your coverage of the Cole County Circuit Court judge's race.

Your Opinion: Are voters getting 'the whole truth?' - I am fascinated by the pieces of paper which keep arriving in my mailbox. The subject matter concerns an upcoming judge's race on election day.

Your Opinion: Saddened and shocked by smears against Stumpe - In the recent news Cole County Judge Pat Joyce has chosen to campaign negatively against her opponent, Republican candidate Brian Stumpe.

Your Opinion: All candidates urged to participate in forum - I have been an educator and administrator for a significant portion of my career.

Our Opinion: No on Amendment 6 Embrace a less costly, preferable option for early voting - In theory, early voting has merit. In the form of Amendment 6 on Tuesday's ballot, it does not.

Your Opinion: School board must determine 'root cause' of problem - Last week I read the letter concerning the school board and holding outside meetings.

Your Opinion: How morally bankrupt have we become? - On the national scene it's another proud day for Missouri. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse politically there's more.

Your Opinion: Candidates for judge urged to debate publicly - Our state's highest court judges are appointed and not elected.

Perspective: We elect prosecutors for a reason - In the wake of the recent events in Ferguson, some have suggested that all fatality cases involving a police officer should be handled by the Missouri Attorney General rather than the locally elected prosecuting attorney.

Our Opinion: Reject Amendment 3; flexibility aids education - Amendment 3 on Tuesday's ballot is a bad idea that deserves defeat.

Your Opinion: Campaign ads indicate bias - Brian Stumpe states in his television ads that he was a victim of crime and will support the rights of crime victims.

The Southeast Missourian - Editorials
As of (10/31/2014) at 08:31 PM

Editorial: Cape Girardeau fire tax worth supporting (10/31/14) On Tuesday, voters will decide whether to approve a 1/8-cent sales tax to support the fire department. If approved, these funds will be used to purchase vehicles and apparatus and to build new facilities. The tax will generate about $1.2 million per year, and the tax is set to expire in 21 years...

Speak Out Speak Out 10/31/14 (10/31/14) America is exceptional With what's happening in our country now, I hope everyone read Thomas Sowell's article in the Southeast Missourian. It's so frustrating and irritating, what's happening in our education in this country, especially ignoring the exceptionalism of America. ...

Letter to the Editor Cape Girardeau is taxed enough (10/31/14) I love and support our local fire department. I realize how important it is for the Fire Department to get every penny of the money they need to continue to maintain critical services and adequate facilities and vehicles. This is exactly why I got so upset to hear that the Cape Girardeau city manager Scott Meyer, along side Mayor Harry Rediger, say that, "the tax also has helped free enough general revenue to help provide necessary funds to the police department," according to the Southeast Missourian.. ...

Editorial Salvation Army Empty Bowls fundraiser helps feed many (10/31/14) Feeding the hungry is not only a good things to do. It's Scriptural. Jesus told his disciples about the importance of helping others. He said in Matthew 25:35-36, "'For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.'"...

Letter to the Editor Enjoyed newspaper anniversary edition (10/31/14) We rejoiced with all of you as we shared in the reading of Sunday's tribute and remembrance to the history of the Southeast Missourian. The photos and calendar memories were very special, and inspiring. Most of us don't take the initiative to document the "times in our lives" with written details. ...

Letter to the Editor Realtors board endorses fire tax (10/31/14) On Oct. 23, at our monthly meeting, members of the Cape Girardeau County Board of REALTORS unanimously voted to support the Public Safety Trust Fund and fire sales tax renewal issue on the city of Cape Girardeau November ballot. REALTORS are here to protect and serve property owners. ...

Speak Out Speak Out 10/30/14 (10/30/14) Gone Girl; Be careful; Ebola; Election votes; America is exceptional

Letter to the Editor Sun should set on fire tax (10/30/14) Sun should set on fire tax Instead of doggy parks and water slides, don't you think the elected representatives of Cape Girardeau citizens should have spent on the fire department? They didn't! And now they're asking you for more taxes to fund the fire department when the city council did not. Make no mistake, the proposition on the Tuesday ballot is a tax increase. If you vote "yes," you'll be paying more taxes...

Opinion Column Vote 'no' on Constitutional Amendment 6 (10/30/14) Vote 'no' on Constitutional Amendment 6 As the chief elections official of our state, I work to make sure only eligible voters vote and that every eligible voter is able to vote securely. I'm opposing Constitutional Amendment 6 and urging you to vote "no" on Tuesday, because Constitutional Amendment 6 is confusing and misleading...

Letter to the Editor Amendment removes local control (10/30/14) Amendment 3 is a critical issue in this election cycle. It will mandate that teacher evaluations be based on "quantifiable student performance data" (aka standardized tests). Reasonable people can agree that teachers need to be evaluated just like everybody else who works for a living; they already are. ...

Editorial Fall festivals and several weekend events (10/30/14) Friday night there will be children walking neighborhoods for candy and dressed in costume for Halloween. It's not a particularly uplifting holiday, but there are some options for family-friendly fun. A popular tradition for some families is attending a fall festival. There are churches in the area who holds these festivals, which can include food, candy, games and other fun...

Speak Out Speak Out 10/29/14 (10/29/14) Gone Girl I am calling about the movie Gone Girl; Bad Movie was not the correct description for Gone Girl. I saw the movie, actually expecting to see Cape Girardeau complimented occasionally in it. Instead they were showing the worst that could be produced, and who in the world was responsible for such a filthy production. Cape Girardeau is catching up with the rest of this wicked world...

Editorial Southeast, Three Rivers relationship is good for students (10/29/14) The relationship between Southeast Missouri State University and Three Rivers Community College has been tenuous in recent years. That's unfortunate, because students in Southeastern Missouri benefit when the institutions work together. But there's a fresh start now. Donna Farley of the Daily American Republic, a sister paper to the Southeast Missourian, recently spoke with the presidents of the two institutions. The story appeared in the Wednesday edition of the Southeast Missourian...

Speak Out Speak Out 10/28/14 (10/28/14) Patty Wambell and Mary LeGrand need to be recognized for their cheerleading and coaching ability. You know Al Young and Peyton Montgomery have recently been recognized along with Nathan Myron in Speak Out twice. But, what about the cheerleaders? What about Mary LeGrand and what about Patty Wambell? They do a good job with the cheerleaders. ...

Editorial Cape hospitals, first responders take Ebola seriously (10/28/14) On Saturday the World Health Organization said more than 10,000 people have been infected with Ebola. The number includes confirmed, probable and suspected cases. About half of those infected have died. The WHO said the numbers are likely underestimated...

Speak Out Speak Out 10/27/14 (10/27/14) They are fixing the sidewalk over there on Broadway and over there by the water company. The people over here on the south side need their sidewalks fixed, too. The people on the south side pay taxes, too. Why can't we get our sidewalks fixed? The sidewalks on the south side are all cracked up, uneven...

Letter to the Editor Cape Alzheimer's walk a success (10/27/14) As chair of the Cape Girardeau Walk to End Alzheimer's, I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who made the event a success. This community came together in a wave of purple to show its support for those affected by Alzheimer's disease. The Alzheimer's Association's Walk to End Alzheimer's is the largest platform for awareness, education, advocacy and fundraising. ...

Editorial Congratulations to Cape educators of the year (10/27/14) Teaching is not an easy job. Some might call it a calling. And for those of us who have experienced the joy of learning from a great teacher, you know the importance. It's good to recognize those who go above and beyond to make a difference. Last week the Cape Girardeau Area Chamber of Commerce hosted its annual Educator Appreciation Reception at the Show Me Center. The reception was sponsored by Wood & Huston Bank...

Opinion Column Do you trust this newspaper? (10/27/14) Should you trust this newspaper? In the past several decades, the confidence Americans have in institutions has ebbed. According to Gallup, only "the military" has increased in esteem. "Small business" and "the criminal justice system" have held steady. ...

Speak Out Speak Out 10/26/14 (10/26/14) No water slide; Sidewalk repair; Political fear; Ocean front property?; Bowen column; Corrupt votes; Retirement challenge

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