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St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Editorials
As of (03/30/2015) at 02:13 PM

Kathleen Parker: A leap of faith — into thin air

Going halfway in reining in the payday predators

Erase arbitrary boundaries to build a greater St. Louis

Kansas City Star - Editorials
As of (03/30/2015) at 02:13 PM

The Monday Poll: Uber, Lyft and red tape Should new ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft be required to meet newly proposed city regulations? The businesses don’t think so, but city officials disagree. What do you think?

Missouri legislators cut benefits for the poor, not for themselves Talk about having your priorities upside down in the Missouri General Assembly. Legislative leaders wrapped up the first half of their session celebrating bills that could potentially cancel welfare benefits for more than 20,000 of the state’s poorest citizens, two-thirds of them children. But lawmakers have made no progress on limiting handouts for themselves in the form of campaign contributions and lobbyist gifts.

Pick up the pace on building Rock Island Trail across Missouri The proposed Rock Island Trail promises to become a wonderful amenity for bicyclists, hikers and others of all ages. When done, it could stretch a couple hundred miles across the state and finally help link the Kansas City area to the highly popular Katy Trail.

Capitol Watch: No place off limits for fretful Kansas and Missouri lawmakers The Kansas Senate passed a budget that doesn’t balance. Radical bills on guns and abortion cleared the Legislature. Gov. Sam Brownback signed a monumental school finance law in a private ceremony with nary an educator or student in sight. Strange is the norm in Topeka these days.

Reject reckless gun bills in Kansas and Missouri Unless reason prevails, people on both sides of the state line soon could be packing hidden heat whether or not they have any idea how or when to use it. The Kansas Legislature on Wednesday passed a reckless bill that allows residents to carry concealed guns without permits or training. And a Missouri lawmaker is pushing a similar law.

Tougher lending rules are welcome Given the Missouri General Assembly’s long-standing refusal to rein in abusive payday lending practices, new rules for the industry proposed Thursday by a federal agency are good news for consumers.

Huge KC stormwater tax increase is not ready for ballot A plan to quadruple stormwater charges on Kansas City homeowners and businesses is a tax increase that’s not yet ready for prime time. Summed up, the current plan at City Hall should not be rushed to voters.

Community Faces: Fleetwood Mac fans at the Sprint Center Fleetwood Mac fans came to the Sprint Center on Saturday evening to hear the classic rock band's “On With The Show” tour, featuring the return of singer Christine McVie to the group.

Soaring costs of KC’s pension plans squeeze residents, employees The sticker shock of pension reform is hitting home for Kansas City employees and residents. The city expects to funnel $80 million into its pension systems in the coming fiscal year, which starts May 1. That’s $17 million more than just two years ago — or a nearly 30 percent leap in that time.

Monday Poll results: Coffee yes, conversation a bit muddy The Monday Poll asked for your take on Starbucks’ initiative to prompt discussions on race in its coffee shops. Here are the results of the unscientific survey, based on nearly 250 responses.

Vital community college boards in Johnson, Wyandotte counties need strong leaders The Johnson County Community College and Kansas City, Kan., Community College have shown themselves to be adept at meeting the educational and workforce needs of their communities. It is important that voters looking at choices for the April 7 election select board of trustee candidates with strong credentials and forward-looking agendas to continue the progress of recent years.

Kansas City’s police board needs a new member to serve the public Beset by conflict-of-interest questions, Michael S. Kilgore resigned last April from the Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners. Since then, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has failed to appoint a replacement to arguably the most crucial board in this area.

The Star’s recommendations for the Kansas City Council’s in-district seats Kansas City voters can look forward to some highly competitive races for the in-district City Council seats. Because term limits are forcing out four council members, only two incumbents are eligible to return.

The Monday Poll: Share your thoughts on Starbucks’ race initiative The Starbucks coffee shop chain made a lot of people jittery when chief executive officer Howard Schultz proposed that his ubiquitous locations become gathering places for discussions about race. Please weigh in on some thoughts surrounding this topic.

The Star’s recommendations for the Kansas City Council’s at-large seats Get ready for some big changes on the Kansas City Council. As term limits force out some members, voters will choose at least seven new people to guide policy and budget decisions.

Capitol Watch: Lawmakers in Kansas and Missouri are still cowed by Medicaid expansion Nobody worried about the needs of disabled Kansans when Gov. Sam Brownback strong-armed the Legislature into approving the budget-busting tax cuts that favor certain types of businesses and wealthy taxpayers. To use the long waiting lists endured by that population as an excuse to deny an expansion of Medicaid eligibility to low-income workers is the zenith of hypocrisy.

Kansas is wrecking visionary endowment designed to help young children Like most school districts, Kansas City, Kan., is sold on the value of early childhood education. It wants to get as many students as possible into its preschool classrooms. But in cash-starved Kansas, that’s increasingly a challenge.

In disclosure bill, Congress could shed some light on presidential libraries During Sunshine Week, the annual reminder that open government is good government, Congress should shed some light on just who’s funding the nation’s presidential libraries. Theoretically, a president could take the oath of office on a crisp January afternoon and begin accepting crisp $1,000 bills for his (or her) presidential library before the band starts warming up for the evening’s first inaugural ball.

KC Council should restore some funds to American Jazz Museum budget City funding for the American Jazz Museum would be cut 25 percent in the city budget proposed by Mayor Sly James and City Manager Troy Schulte, but the museum's leaders argue convincingly to let the local cultural asset proceed with a strategic plan.

Monday Poll results: Thoughts on the Big 12 Tournament home and the political landscape We asked for a grab bag of opinions in this week’s Monday Poll. Here are the results of the unscientific survey, based on more than 200 responses.

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The Independence Examiner - Editorials
As of (03/30/2015) at 02:13 PM

This Week Around Pulaski County USA! Updated at 2:08 PM Events for the week of March 30, 2015-April 5, 2015April 4- Pulaski County Farmer’s Market --

Was rock music’s response to Sept. 11 different from country music’s response? Updated at 2:04 PM

Dry conditions raise risk of wildfires Updated at 1:11 PM The National Weather Service says this afternoon conditions – breezy, dry, a high near 70 – mean an elevated risk of wildfires. The Weather Service has posted a red flag warning for the northwest corner of... .mgnl175{margin-left:175px;} .childCatAd{display:inline-block!important;width:650px;}

The Columbia Missourian - Editorials
As of (03/30/2015) at 01:06 PM

GUEST COMMENTARY: Government to shrink carbon footprint, save tax dollars By Jill Richardson : Uncle Sam will cut its carbon emissions by 40 percent over the next 10 years while ramping up renewable energy; the equivalent of taking 5.5 million cars off the road.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Founding fathers owe a lot to remarkable women by Steve and Coke Roberts : We can learn much about our nation"s past by looking at the writings of women close to the political elite.

EDITORIAL: Pick up the pace on Rock Island Trail across Missouri by The Kansas City Star : When done, it could stretch hundreds of miles across the state and help link the Kansas City area to Katy Trail.

DEAR READER: 500 'word nerds' converge in Pittsburgh by Maggie Walter : Spring break for MU students coincides with the annual conference of the American Copy Editors Society, a pilgrimage for syntactical soldiers. On Friday, Maggie Walter writes, Pittsburgh vibrated with rumors of changes to the AP Stylebook and debates about "ain"t."

EDITORIAL: New study should guide lawmakers: Yes, school funding matters by St. Louis Post-Dispatch : More spending — in targeted areas — can make a serious difference in the economic outcomes of poor children.

EDITORIAL: When a pastor is deported, immigration laws hit home by Iowa City Press-Citizen : Immigration is not an abstract issue. There are real people — sometimes our neighbors — behind the statistics.

EDITORIAL: On Iran, Obama should not try to bypass Congress by Bowling Green (Ky.) Daily News : A bipartisan bill is pending that would allow Congress to approve any deal with Iran. The administration has threatened to veto it if passed. Quite clearly, this is part of a continuing pattern by this White House to try to govern by executive decree.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Food Bank struggles to close the gap between hunger and security by George Kennedy : In a territory of 32 counties, nearly 50 million pounds of food are needed annually. Last year, the Food Bank came up 12.5 million pounds short.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Betsy Peters would make right decisions for Sixth Ward by Ginny Brundage : Peters is a practicing physician who advocates cooperation and compromise to achieve growth and quality of life.

EDITORIAL: In political ads, free speech may not grant anonymity by Jefferson City News Tribune : We foresee mischief if the courts rule the right to speak freely is the right to speak anonymously in political advertising.

EDITORIAL: Divided Congress needs to confront issue of defense spending by The New York Times : Those who argue for funneling billions more to the Pentagon stand on very shaky ground when billions of dollars have been squandered on troubled weapons like the F-35 fighter jet, and waste and corruption in Afghanistan.

DAVID ROSMAN: Our public transit system needs a major overhaul by David Rosman : The area including Columbia, Ashland and Jefferson City needs a more comprehensive transportation system to support the airport, as well as the growing population.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Support Darin Preis for School Board by Jack Jensen : Darin Preis makes decisions based on research and input from those involved, Jack Jensen writes.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Legislature needs to enact tax cuts by Patrick Ishmael : There"s still time, but the clock is ticking on legislators to enact tax cuts.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Missouri residents deserve Medicaid expansion by Katie Youmans : The failure to expand Medicaid has left 300,000 Missouri residents unable to afford health insurance.

EDITORIAL: New head of state public safety led efforts after Joplin tornado by Joplin Globe : Gov. Jay Nixon got a close look at Joplin in the aftermath of the 2011 tornado, and that"s where he recognized Lane Roberts" leadership qualities.

EDITORIAL: History center in Southeast Missouri aspires to be destination by Cape Girardeau Southeast Missourian : The 2,000-square-foot Cape Girardeau History Center at 102 High St. began its new life in the former Andrew Jackson Bridal Co. building with an exhibit titled "Spring Into History."

GUEST COMMENTARY: More than 130 days later, Loretta Lynch is still waiting by Donna Brazile : By infusing abortion politics into what was a bipartisan bill, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has created a multi-car pileup so huge that even Republican senators despair anything can get done.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Jerry Kennett is qualified to be Boone Hospital trustee by Vicki Mansfield : His intelligence and knowledge allow him to take on many jobs and excel at all. He has a phenomenal memory and recall, which are vital in any task. He has real compassion for people and strives to improve their lives.

EDITORIAL: Lawmakers want to punish students by withholding funds by St. Louis Post-Dispatch : A group of Missouri legislators is continuing a determined effort to bar undocumented immigrant students from making Missouri a better place by limiting their access to higher education.

Columbia Daily Tribune - Editorials
As of (03/30/2015) at 02:19 PM

Sixth Ward In the April 7 election, voters in the Sixth Ward can bring noticeable change in the political flavor of the Columbia City Council. Or they might opt for rather more of the same.

Council race Near as I can tell after reading the news and speaking with the candidates, several themes surround the April 7 Columbia City Council election.

All-comers Bills introduced in the Missouri General Assembly would prohibit public higher education institutions from denying official status and financial support to organizations that discriminate based on religious grounds.

CVS The pharmacy company CVS confronts continuing hurdles in its effort to build a major retail establishment at Broadway and Providence Road. On the site, existing commercial structures built over time under antiquated city rules codes will be demolished to accommodate...

School Board Voters in the Columbia School District will have an easy time marking their ballots on April 7. The two incumbents, Christine King and Darin Preis, are the obvious choices for the two seats to be filled.

Barbara Weaver As new public servants come on the scene we should notice the good work of those whose terms are ending. Barbara Weaver will leave the Boone Hospital Center Board of Trustees after 34 years.

Gateway The downtown Community Improvement District board of directors continues to pursue the idea of building a “gateway” presence in the central city.

Roper's research From time to time, retired banker Bob Roper graces these pages with columns examining various political subjects. On Sunday he concentrated on the city of Columbia budget as an exemplar of municipal priorities.

Israel Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been playing the two-state issue like a fiddle as he seeks to consolidate political power.

MU on race In the long view of University of Missouri-Columbia history, current Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin is a newbie. Yet, judging from the tenor of the packed house on campus Tuesday, the chancellor deserves blame for what students, faculty, staff and administrators...

Loftin on sports R. Bowen Loftin makes news.

Historical society For decades, even generations, supporters of the State Historical Society of Missouri have sought new quarters. This year in the Missouri General Assembly, prospects look better.

Ban the box Laura Nauser and Michael Trapp, members of the Columbia City Council that voted for a so-called “ban the box” ordinance, openly object to bills introduced in the Missouri General Assembly that would outlaw such action, as well as local minimum...

The trail After months of controversy, the Columbia City Council finally approved an ambitious plan for extending trails and bike paths between Stephens Lake Park and the University of Missouri campus.

Propositions By now most prospective voters in the April 7 election should have decided in favor of city Propositions 1 and 2. Both are no-brainers.

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St. Joseph News-Press - Editorials
As of (03/30/2015) at 02:19 PM

Optimism helps in rebranding A buzzword among businesses - "rebrandin" - often involves changing a name and logo. Much more fundamental and challenging is the process of reshaping an organization's direction and image.

Project is a dream for disabled, region With a name like "Lettuce Dream,” how could you not root for this project? For other reasons, too, Lettuce Dream is an inspiring venture.

Inaction on roads a concern We watch what the General Assembly is doing - or rather, not doing - on the issue of funding highway and bridge improvements. We cannot in good faith say it is good enough.

Distracted? Park and avoid a wreck A study out this week makes clear what we already should know: Distracted driving in its many forms is a factor in a great number of highway crashes.

Vandals require response When does vandalism become a form of urban terrorism? Try this past Saturday night and early Sunday morning in north, central and east St. Joseph.

Schaaf might be right Here's the problem for detractors of state Sen. Dr. Rob Schaaf: This time he might be right.

Wesley vision endures InterServ would have to do a lot to change its image as a "helping hands” charity that operates from modest facilities and does great work.

A.G. focus on scams welcome When the founders asserted our rights to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” you wonder whether they might have had telemarketers in mind.

First test for board applicants The following is not intended to scare away any of the 13 people who have raised their hands and expressed interest in an opening on the St. Joseph School District Board of Education.

Is it time to believe in Museum's future? It is increasingly clear St. Joseph's National Military Heritage Museum has a fighter's chance to survive and thrive long term despite the passing of its founder and longtime director.

Value both actions, words Mosaic Life Care appears to know its actions matter more than words right now. But both matter.

Wing requires C-130J A compelling case can be made for upgrading the 139th Airlift Wing's fleet of C-130 tactical airlift aircraft - if not right now, then soon.

Career options abound Young people today run a risk when they view their career options through a too-narrow lens.

Learn fires' lessons Residents on both sides of the Missouri-Kansas state line shared some nerve-wracking hours over the weekend and into Monday, all thanks to rapidly spreading grass fires of unknown origin.

Enforce sign rules but employ reason The proliferation of signs along the Belt Highway has become an issue for the city.

Revisit requiring bidding Former State Auditor Tom Schweich will be remembered for a lot of good-government initiatives, but his recent death no doubt puts the future of some of these in doubt.

Sculptures enliven our public spaces The first winner of the People's Choice Award in the St. Joseph Sculpture Walk shows why this arts program is a winner for the city.

Resolve to improve on Opaa! A unanimous St. Joseph Board of Education is moving on from Opaa! Food Services, and few think this is a bad step. Still, there is much work to be done to make this move a successful one.

Don't take credit for granted If credit were less important in our lives, then perhaps we could just not worry about it when things go wrong. But who can do that?

Choose to be a hero In a world with seemingly more problems than solutions, we could use a few more heroes.

The Joplin Globe - Editorials
As of (03/30/2015) at 02:21 PM

Our View: When dealing with police video, Legislature should keep it open Posted: March 29, 2015 There have been a few legislators of past years who have told us they often feel successful if they can stop bills from becoming law. By voting “no,” they feel they have prevented bad legislation. So even if they go away at the end of the session having changed nothing, they claim a win.

Costley: Turkey hunting one of Spring's rewards Posted: March 29, 2015 When I think of spring, I get excited about turkey hunting.

Geoff Caldwell: Respect cannot be commanded Posted: March 29, 2015 The phrase du jour for President Barack Obama's supporters is, “Even if you don't respect the man, you should still respect the office.”

Your view: Letters to the editor Posted: March 29, 2015 Great vision

Bob Steere: Time is a precious commodity Posted: March 29, 2015 Sam Rayburn, former speaker of the House, said, “When two people consistently say the same things, it is obvious that only one is doing the thinking.”

Our view: New school a healing 'gift' for Joplin Posted: March 27, 2015 Dr. Larry McIntire calls the long-awaited medical school a “gift” to the Joplin community.

John Kass: Rookie's decision to retire heralds doom of football Posted: March 27, 2015 Years ago Rush Limbaugh called me a liberal sportswriter, suggesting I was the harbinger of death to football in America.

Your View: Letters to the editor Posted: March 26, 2015 Allen for council

Our View: Traffic snarl on Indiana needs solution Posted: March 25, 2015 Concerns about traffic flow on Indiana Avenue and the difficulty of making left turns into the parking lot of the new Joplin High School were raised Monday night during the Globe's Candidate Connection.

Your views: Letters to the editor Posted: March 25, 2015 Division of opinions

Our view: What a difference five years makes Posted: March 24, 2015 `Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.'

Your view: Letters to the editor Posted: March 24, 2015 Insurance coverage gap

Phill Brooks: Missouri leaders need some 'audacity' Posted: March 23, 2015 Missouri's Legislature left for its spring break with little progress on some of the state's biggest issues — Ferguson, highway budget shortfalls and school funding equity.

Your view: Letters to the editor Posted: March 22, 2015 An open letterto Joplin teachers

Geoff Caldwell: Netanyahu's win changes the story line Posted: March 22, 2015 Leftists on both sides of the world were giddy with anticipation. Network producers around the globe were planning their historic broadcasts. NBC correspondent Andrea Mitchell was so excited for what was coming she trekked thousands of miles to tell the story in person.

Your view: Letter to the editor Posted: March 22, 2015 Setting record straight

Juliana Goodwin: Put Biltmore Estate on list of getaways Posted: March 22, 2015 The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, has something special to offer in every season.

Joshua and Erin Hawley: Federal insurance subsidies should not be spent in Missouri Posted: March 22, 2015 On March 15, The Joplin Globe published an editorial from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch criticizing the challengers' arguments in King v. Burwell, a Supreme Court case about the Affordable Care Act's health care exchanges.

Our View: Lane Roberts right person, right place Posted: March 22, 2015 Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, in announcing his selection of retired Joplin police Chief Lane Roberts to head up the Department of Public Safety, said that in making Cabinet choices, he needed the “right people in the right places.”

Our View: Missouri Children's Division demonstrates improvements Posted: March 21, 2015 Reports of child abuse and neglect are so heart-wrenching that you want to cover your ears and look away.

The Jefferson City News Tribune - Editorials
As of (03/30/2015) at 02:21 PM

Your Opinion: The direction our country is going - We live today in the first age of the electric information environment.

Your Opinion: Democrats officially become pro-abortion party - I call your readers attention to a March 20 article by Dr. Susan Berry: “Senate Dems Hold Up Sex Trafficking Bill to Protect Abortion Industry".

Our Opinion: Of crayfish, Wonder Dogs and state symbols - You may know Missouri's state tree, the flowering dogwood, but do you know the state invertebrate?

Your Opinion: Join activities opposing the death penalty - This past year (2014 to present) the state of Missouri has executed 12 people.

Your Opinion: Governor urged to release library funds - Many of your readers might be unaware that Missouri public libraries are $6 million short this year as Gov. Jay Nixon continues to withhold funds from the 2015 budget.

Your Opinion: No proposal actually cuts federal spending - The Republicans are touting their new budget proposal. The Democrats are screaming “the sky will fall."

Your Opinion: 'Creator' acknowledged in declaration - How can a previous letter writer believe, “Religion does not have a place in governance or in any of the restrictions that government places upon liberty"?

Your Opinion: Presidential travel rules same for both parties - I would like to respond to the letter from Doug Willig on March 24. He said that taxpayers should not have to foot the bill for President Obama's fundraising travels.

Our Opinion: Evaluating mayoral qualities News Tribune editorial - Although the candidates share some common characteristics, each offers a different emphasis and approach.

Perspective: Lessons to be learned from 'The Matheny Manifesto' - “The Matheny Manifesto" is a very insightful book by St. Louis Cardinal manager Mike Matheny and co-author Jerry B. Jenkins.

Our Opinion: Join the 'Bash!' Remove litter, protect wildlife, save money News Tribune editorial - The change in seasons is accompanied by spring cleaning that - in Missouri - takes the form of the annual No MOre Trash! Bash, with activities held throughout April.

Perspective: A balanced budget for a stronger America - Think about this: every dollar paid in taxes and every dollar borrowed in Washington is a dollar that can't be used by everyday Americans to buy a car, pay the rent, send a child to school or expand a business.

Your Opinion: Veterans need Medicaid - In an article entitled “Veterans to push Missouri Medicaid expansion" published on Nov. 18, reporter Virginia Young covered what's at stake for Missouri veterans who are uninsured.

Your Opinion: Medicaid numbers represent people - It is appalling to me how eager Sen. Mike Kehoe and our state Legislature are to turn a blind eye to the hundreds of thousands of Missourians unable to afford health insurance.

Our Opinion: Educators must 'claim' error in judgment - The Fulton Public Schools must claim an error in judgment.

The Southeast Missourian - Editorials
As of (03/30/2015) at 02:21 PM

Street repairs ramping up in Cape; be safe (03/30/15) 1 A sure spring sign, construction work has already begun in Cape Girardeau. After a rough winter with lots of snow and precipitation, our roads are guaranteed to be in less than perfect shape. The freezing and thawing creates potholes, and we have our fair share. The bumpy commutes are a common theme everywhere...

Speak Out Speak Out 3/30/15 (03/30/15) Garner support; Rand's plan; Pundit prediction; Cruz, insurance; On the dial; Kids + Internet = quiet; Electronic reversal; Asleep at the wheel; Downward drift; Call-out time; Just sayin'; Court (not) in session

Opinion Column Missouri Gov. Nixon doesn't use public email address, text or any electronic communication (03/29/15) The governor of Missouri does not use electronic communication to discuss public business. Well, unless you count the two random emails he sent in 2014 or if you count his Twitter account. Neither does the governor use text messages. He and his staff don't use any kind of chat or instant messaging system...

Speak Out Speak Out 3/29/15 (03/29/15) Beware if you receive a phone call from an 876 area code. Now they tell me, when I answer the phone, that they're from New York calling. They've been calling me, telling me I'm going to receive a large amount of money. Area code 876 is not from New York. It's from Jamaica. So please hang up before they scam you...

Opinion Column 'Stonewalled' worth a read (03/29/15) I just finished reading the book "Stonewalled" by Sharyl Attkisson, a former CBS award- winning investigative reporter. I highly recommend it, especially for anyone interested in the media and government coverage. Attkisson's journalism career has spanned more than 30 years. During that time, she uncovered wrongdoing by those in power, including major corporations, government officials and presidential administrations of both parties...

Editorial Threats to some churches a threat to all churches (03/29/15) Anyone who uses a Bible scripture to condone violent threats against churches clearly needs to study the New Testament and the United States Constitution. Last week, several Presbyterian churches in the Southeast Missouri region received anonymous threats...

Letter to the Editor Letter: Film tax credits have another side (03/27/15) I was disappointed with the one-sided reporting of the article, "Rep. Swan Reintroduces Film Tax-Credit Bill" (March 19, 2015). The front-page article failed to mention that there is opposition to the bill. By only reporting the positions of those in support of reinstating Missouri's film tax credit program, you are painting a distorted portrait of what occurred at the hearing...

Letter to the Editor Letter: Notre Dame basketball team showed class in Columbia (03/27/15) We are writing to congratulate the Notre Dame Cape Girardeau Bulldogs on their third-place finish at the Missouri Boys Class 4 Basketball Championships in Columbia, Missouri, this past week. It was our good fortune to serve as the local team hosts during the Bulldogs' stay in Columbia...

Letter to the Editor Letter: Thank you for CASA coverage (03/27/15) Thank you to The Southeast Missourian and reporter Katherine Webster for the informative article on Court Appointed Special Advocates that ran in Monday's newspaper. As a not-for-profit organization that trains volunteers to serve as juvenile justice advocates for foster children, CASA is always seeking volunteers to enable us to provide a voice in court for a greater number of the foster children in the 32nd Judicial Circuit of Cape Girardeau, Bollinger and Perry counties...

Editorial Scholarship a touching way to remember Kaden Robert (03/27/15) On a Friday evening in August, the Kelly High School Hawks took to the field for their first home game ever. Only two months had passed since the accidental shooting death of their friend and teammate, Kaden Robert, who, by all accounts, was an avid athlete and all-around good young man. Robert was killed in June when a handgun accidentally discharged in the high school parking lot after a pickup basketball game with friends...

Opinion Column Book '1775' destroys myths about Paul Revere (03/26/15) I have never covered two books in a row in this column, but I recently finished "1775" by Francis Russell, published by New Word City 2014, copyright American Heritage. I had to tell about this book of historical events, written for a general audience and not as reference material for historians. It is a well-written, easy read about events, including the first battles of the American Revolutionary War...

Editorial Editorial: Chaplains serve import role for law enforcement, community (03/26/15) We think of pastors as those who stand at the pulpit during a weekend service, preside over weddings and funerals and provide counseling. But the role is so much more, particularly for those who serve as chaplains for law enforcement officers. Several local law enforcement operations have the support of chaplains. A story in the March 15 Southeast Missourian by reporter Samantha Rinehart looked at the role these individuals provide to police officers and community...

Editorial CASA volunteers make big impact for children (03/25/15) When children are taken from abusive or neglectful homes, most of us send up a silent cheer before diving back into more immediate concerns. End of story. But for those who volunteer as Court Appointed Special Advocates, the story has just begun. It's also likely to wind far into the future...

Opinion Column Caffeinated agenda (03/25/15) The ill-fated Starbucks Coffee campaign to force a discussion on race relations in this country ran into massive customer pushback. And as a result, no longer will customers receive handwritten inclusive messages on its overpriced cups of java. Starbucks is quick to defend its poorly conceived campaign by asserting that the first phase of their ongoing "racial discussion" has ended but not because of consumer resistance...

Editorial Young entrepreneurs spend weekend sharing, learning (03/24/15) Maybe someday emergency helicopters will be able to land using laser technology. If so, you might just chalk it up to Cape Girardeau ingenuity. Nearly 50 people participated in the first Google Startup Weekend in Cape Girardeau earlier this month. Participants in the exercise pitched 14 ideas in front of a large crowd, then the six best ideas were divided into six teams to determine the winner of the 54-hour program...

Speak Out Speak Out 3/24/15 (03/24/15) ** Daylight saving; ** Fiber optic; ** Jackson pride; ** Mandatory voting?; ** Consequences; ** Nell Holcomb tax; ** Webster wordsmith; ** Obamacare, tax; ** Tax credit; ** Media biases

Speak Out Speak Out 3/23/15 (03/23/15) ** Kinder, truth; ** Two kinds of people; ** Shivelbine math

Editorial Comic con fever spreading; event comes next month (03/23/15) Somebody fire up the Bat Signal. The 10th Annual Cape Comic Con is less than a month away. The local comic con has become a great event for Cape Girardeau. This year promises to be the best yet. The event, started by comic enthusiast Ken Murphy, has grown year after year. Last year, the event topped 1,600 attendees. More are likely to attend this year...

Speak Out Speak Out 3/22/15 (03/22/15) ** Wallet returned; ** Obama, gas; ** Christians, voting; ** Choke holds?; ** I hate it; ** Railroad fixes

Letter to the Editor Reader loves 'Pants' (03/22/15) Two weeks ago the Missourian had an article about Stephen Limbaugh's new CD titled 'Pants.' I ordered it on and have played it many times, marveling at the talent of this young man. I have seen Stephen perform, which makes listening to his CD even more special as I picture his extreme focus and body expression...

Sedalia Democrat - Editorials
As of (03/30/2015) at 02:21 PM

Education cuts go too far My aunt called yesterday, somewhat distressed. Her championship speech and forensics team, the team she has coached for 16 years, will be kaput next year. Why? Budget cuts to education in Wisconsin.

We need to stop the greedy, dishonest Dear Editor:

Time to stop trusting 'elitist mentality' Dear Editor:

Thank you for Boy Scout support Dear Editor:On behalf of the Osage Trails District, Boy Scouts of America, let me thank the individuals who contributed generously to the successful Scouting for Food drive, which culminated on Saturday, March 7, 2015.

Working to extend the progress Ronnie Ollison doesn't want to think about what his community would have to do without if the Pettis County road and bridge tax wasn't in place.

Passing legislation against a tornado Some days it seems like the Kansas and Missouri legislatures are in some sort of arms race to propose and even sometimes pass stupid and unnecessary bills.

Enjoying the right to sunshine Sunshine is a good thing.

Reflecting on people's choices Last weekend, Max and I “rearranged” the basement. That means we went through all the things that have found their way to the basement over the past 25 years - 25 years on March 30. Let's just say a lot of “stuff” has...

Ensuring freedom of press continues James Madison could not have foreseen TMZ.

Celebrating growth in Sedalia I've heard the rumors over and over again: Hobby Lobby is coming to Sedalia, along with Red Lobster, Olive Garden and Target. Actually, I've been seeing the Hobby Lobby at a much more rabid pace on my friendly neighborhood social media...

Daughters of Confederacy host concert By the last years of the 19th century, the veterans of the Civil War had grown old; many had already passed. The remaining veterans hosted reunions; their descendants erected monuments to the fallen soldiers and formed lineage societies recognizing...

Working to improve Ferguson Yesterday, I heard some good news, for a change, about Ferguson. I read that the municipal judge and the prosecutor resigned, and that the Missouri Supreme Court had appointed Roy Richter to hear Ferguson municipal cases.

Mr. Jimmy hands out snacks, smiles Jimmy Longnecker doesn't have time for a defeatist attitude. He is much too busy for that kind of nonsense.

Program still contemporary after 103 years To reach the age of 103 is a significant milestone, but to also have more than 59 million alumnae and 3.2 million members – well that's amazing to say the least.

Congress of Rough Riders in Sedalia Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show began as an exhibit about the American West that featured cowboys, stagecoaches, Indians, buffalo, and horses. In 1892, the show changed its focus. The cowboys and Indians still performed, but the Congress of Rough...

Daylight saving time a simple idea Daylight saving time wasn't invented by a legislative body, a think tank or a committee.

Heeding advice from wise politicians Missouri is still in an upheaval following the tragic death of State Auditor Tom Schweich. And, frankly, I think the state of politics in this state should be in an upheaval.

Honoring Gremlin history Dear Editor:

Spring is just around the corner I swear I heard a cardinal today. The sun was shining, and though the temperature was lower than chilly, I felt spring. It put a lightness in my step and a smile on my face, even though a dastardly cold has brought me down over the past few days. I...

In the market for some fair fun This year's Missouri State Fair will be the eighth that Kari Mergen has worked as part of the fair's marketing team, but it will be her first running the department.

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