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St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Editorials
As of (02/09/2016) at 11:35 PM

Horrigan: 'The NFL will corrode your soul. So you should skip the Super Bowl'

Horrigan: Would John Wayne vote for Donald Trump, or shoot him?

Horrigan: Ho-hum. Sharon Carpenter flunks (another) audit

Horrigan: Coulda, woulda, shoulda kept Bill Bidwill happy.

Kansas City Star - Editorials
As of (02/09/2016) at 11:36 PM

Crazy conspiracy theory threatens to derail worthy bid to help children in Missouri For a textbook case on how a good idea can be put through the wringer in Missouri, check out the duplicitous attempts to muddle an effort to fund early childhood education with lies about abortion.

Editorials Don’t let Gov. Sam Brownback delay payments for Kansas pensions The latest bid to balance the out-of-whack Kansas budget is sending a chill through tens of thousands of state, county and school employees. The Legislature should not approve a bill that would give Gov. Sam Brownback the right to delay making payments of untold millions of dollars into the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System.

Editorials Remembering World War I in the nation’s capital A concept has been chosen and planning is under way to transform a piece of parkland in Washington, D.C., into a World War I memorial. Kansas Citians, of course, already honor the war's dead and its legacy in a big way.

Epidemic of prescription drug abuse gets needed attention Prescription opioid drug abuse costs the U.S. billions of dollars The Obama administration plans to attack the problem proposing more than a billion dollars in new funding 44 deaths a day attributed to prescription opioid overdoses

If you aren’t worried about the future of Kansas, here are some reasons to start Money and management woes are leading to desperate decisions State's borrowing habits grow riskier Elections this year offer some hope for reversal

Joco Opinion Editorial: Right move on new courthouse Johnson County commissioners correctly want to ask voters to approve the project Now county must decide whether a higher sales or property tax should go to voters

On to New Hampshire for the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio desperately want to do well in GOP's New Hampshire contest Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton will try to stay respectably close to Bernie Sanders Tuesday may be the last stand for a few more Republican candidates

View all newsletters Editorials New Kansas City budget needs right priorities to help earnings tax vote Kansas Citians will look closely at budget's priorities City Council must spend wisely to boost neighborhood-related programs Goal is to help persuade voters to renew earnings tax in April

Young debaters will take on school funding Students with the most at stake will share views on volatile Kansas topic Tuesday night event will take place at Johnson County Community College The Kansas City Star is among the sponsors

BNIM project exposed faults in how KC handles incentives and petitions City Hall has failed to improve how it hands out public subsidies And critics now can take advantage of the city's easy petition process

Can Missouri legislators shelf petty politics and fill university vacancies? Three of nine Board of Curators seats are vacant Missouri Senate leader is in no hurry to fill them Time to put the state's welfare ahead of politics

Stand fast against latest attempt to control Kansas courts Preliminary House vote fortunately rejects judicial selection change The state needs an independent judiciary Debate has included shameful politicizing of death penalty case

HUD secretary discusses ways to bridge the digital divide HUD Secretary Julián Castro is correct: Taking steps like the federal government and Google Fiber did on Wednesday should help low-income families in Kansas City get cheaper access to in-home Internet service.

More reasons emerge to support building a new KCI terminal Airlines again say costly renovations won't serve them or passengers well Consultant for airlines rejects new renovation plan from local team Soon, airlines must present solid evidence to support new terminal

Monday Poll results: Readers say ‘no’ to new KCI terminal Respondents still hope to reuse KCI terminals Readers narrowly support the Melissa Click plea agreement Public votPublic vote on downtown hotel financing is seen as not needed

Blasting out of Iowa with Donald Trump humbled, Marco Rubio rising and Hillary Clinton needing a lift Ted Cruz's win is not surprising in conservative Iowa Don't cry for Trump, the humbled braggart Clinton must sharpen her appeal to young voters

Joco Opinion Editorial: Get rid of Kansas lid on taxes New restrictions on property tax increases would be costly They also would reduce control by elected officials

Four terrible bills that have Kansas schools playing defense Consolidation proposal is heavy-handed state government at its worst and would harm rural communities Proposals on bonding, tax credits are poorly conceived Dismaying return of bill with chilling effect on teachers

The presidential campaign, 2016: Iowa and beyond Monday night in Iowa marks just the beginning of the voting process Momentum will be key question for Trump, Clinton and those who chase them

The Monday Poll: A medley on KCI, MU and more Is yet another plan to renovate KCI a welcome possibility? Did MU assistant professor Melissa Click get the punishment she deserved? Are you ready for the end of the Iowa presidential caucuses?

The Springfield News Leader - Editorials
As of (02/09/2016) at 11:36 PM

Cynics wrong on ethics reforms

Explaining `regular order', and the legislative process

Rubio's revealing loop

Readers Roses and Thorns: Lost billfold found Roses and Thorns: Lost billfold found A TRUCKLOAD OF ROSES: Readers

Opinion Today's poll Today's poll Who will be the next Republican candidate to drop out of the race? Opinion

Readers To the Point: Shameful front page article To the Point: Shameful front page article Shame on the Springfield, Mo News Leader's recent front page article highlighting the resignation of City Councilman Justin Burnett. Justin and the others City Council members voting for the Indecent Exp. Readers

Readers What frustration, Bernie supporters? What frustration, Bernie supporters? In today's USA Today article by Susan Page, New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan is quoted as saying that Bernie Sanders has done a good job of "tapping into real frustration. Readers

Readers Roses and Thorns: Dental saviors Roses and Thorns: Dental saviors A ROOMFUL OF ROSES: For the dental office in the Galleria Shopping Center on Battlefield Road. The two dentists — Eric Tolliver and William D. Hale — plus all their helpers are so patient and kind working on my partial. Readers

Editorials Our Voice: Politics is killing journalists Our Voice: Politics is killing journalists The following amended editorial was published by USA Today on Feb. 7. Editorials

Contributors Dixon: Homeless issue has no easy answers Dixon: Homeless issue has no easy answers The issue, along with its potential solutions, automatically brings a myriad of complications. Contributors

Contributors Choosing conservatism over Trumpian populispian populism Choosing conservatism over Trumpian populism Iowa results clarified the dynamic of the Republican race Contributors

Contributors Teachers being robbed of time to think Teachers being robbed of time to think “Neutral moments” are crucial to good teaching and learning Contributors

Contributors Obama is wrong about solitary confinement Obama is wrong about solitary confinement It is a protective measure that exists for a reason Contributors

Opinion Winning the fight against human traffickers Winning the fight against human traffickers Expanding human trafficking laws to include advertisers will further crack down on crime. Opinion

Editorials The DNC's Iowa debacle The DNC's Iowa debacle Discrepancies and lack of transparency undermine Democratic caucus result Editorials

Contributors Should you let your kids play football? Should you let your kids play football? My answer? “Yes. But be aware of the risks.” Contributors

Readers Roses and Thorns: MSU nondiscrimination Roses and Thorns: MSU nondiscrimination A rose: To MSU Board of Governors for expanding the recognition of civil rights violations beyond race. Readers

Contributors Even a GOP president might keep Obamacare Even a GOP president might keep Obamacare Millions of people helped by Obamacare could stay a GOP repeal. Contributors

Opinion Berry: Big wins and promotions Berry: Big wins and promotions If you see a News-Leader journalist wandering around town, chances are he or she has some new hardware on their desk. And a couple might have new titles for their business cards. Opinion

Opinion To the Point: Presidential candidates To the Point: Presidential candidates Comments from readers who quickly make their point Opinion

The Independence Examiner - Editorials
As of (06/25/2015) at 11:54 AM

Teens, learn life-saving driving skills Posted at 11:00 AM The Bridgestone Teens Drive Smart Driving Experience, with its innovative and potentially life-saving instructional program, will visit our area on June 27 and 28 to help combat the ongoing problem of motor vehicle crashes among teens. Session...

Landgren cartoon: Farewell, pink flamingo creator Updated at 10:59 AM Don Landgren cartoon about the death of the pink flamingo’s creator. .mgnl175{margin-left:175px;} .childCatAd{display:inline-block!important;width:650px;}

The Columbia Missourian - Editorials
As of (02/09/2016) at 11:37 PM

Opinion CARL KENNEY: We are a nation of broken people who have become symbols In the end, former UM System President Tim Wolfe merged his role as the symbol of systemic racism with the pain he carries as a man.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Real test in the presidential race lies in states with true diversity Winning in two states that are 95 percent white doesn"t cut it. For both political parties, the real test comes when they hit South Carolina, Nevada and other states.

DEAR READER: You"re living in a two newspaper-of-the-year town Living in a two-newspaper town and sharing an award for contributing to The Associated Press upholds a long tradition. Winning awards for coverage of social issues and unrest at MU, well, the awards are nice, but that"s not why we do what we do.

CARL KENNEY: We are a nation of broken people who have become symbols Carl Kenney In the end, former UM System President Tim Wolfe merged his role as the symbol of systemic racism with the pain he carries as a man.

EDITORIAL: Should women be required to register for the draft? St. Louis Post-Dispatch Equality means bearing equal responsibility, regardless of gender, when the call comes to serve our nation.

EDITORIAL: Support movement to strengthen free-press protection for students St. Joseph News-Press Ensure that student voices are not silenced simply because a campus newspaper, website or broadcast might broach a challenging or unpopular subject.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Real test in the presidential race lies in states with true diversity Donna Brazile Winning in two states that are 95 percent white doesn"t cut it. For both political parties, the real test comes when they hit South Carolina, Nevada and other states.

EDITORIAL: Lawmakers must put pettiness aside and fill vacancies on Board of Curators Kansas City Star The flagship university system has endured a tumultuous few months. It needs to shore up its governance, get strong new leaders in place and begin winning back the trust of students, families and alumni.

EDITORIAL: Expedite bill in Missouri to intercept prescription drug abuse Jefferson City News Tribune The intent is to prevent patients from “doctor shopping” as a method to acquire more than the prescribed amount of addictive prescription drugs.

GUEST COMMENTARY: The dust begins to settle after Iowa caucuses Steve and Cokie Roberts The future looks good for the Rational Right, who seem happy that Trump and Clinton are both sliding.

EDITORIAL: Missouri lawmakers should help, not handcuff, Mizzou St. Louis Post-Dispatch Legislators should not be threatening to pack the Board of Curators with representatives who ideologically reflect their conservative bent.

EDITORIAL: Lowering the legal alcohol limit not likely to get much support Washington Missourian Lowering the acceptable blood alcohol level to .08 percent helped reduce the national annual alcohol-related death toll from 21,113 in 1982 to 9,878 in 2011.

EDITORIAL: How big money distorts politics in Missouri and elsewhere St. Louis Post-Dispatch Despite former Justice John Paul Stevens' insistence that money is property, not speech, dollars now outshout every other form of political expression.

GUEST COMMENTARY: And so the circus moves to New Hampshire Donald Kaul In Iowa, Ted Cruz handed The Donald his head and Bernie overcame a 40-point disadvantage to finish in a dead heat with Hillary Clinton. New Hampshire is very different but just as charming politically.

GENE ROBERTSON: Black History Month needs honest perspective Gene Robertson Quick gimmicks based on fabricated false generalizations, heroes and celebrations are false representations of reality.

DEAR READER: You"re living in a two newspaper-of-the-year town Tom Warhover Living in a two-newspaper town and sharing an award for contributing to The Associated Press upholds a long tradition. Winning awards for coverage of social issues and unrest at MU, well, the awards are nice, but that"s not why we do what we do.

DAVID ROSMAN: Melissa Click seems to have learned her lesson David Rosman Melissa Click should apologize to the photographers she confronted, her tenure review should be delayed and Concerned Student 1950 should not expect overnight change.

STEVE SPELLMAN: Conflict with the Legislature doesn"t bode well for MU Steve Spellman Spellman says there is an urgent need to fundamentally re-examine the increasingly irreconcilable relationship between the university and the state.

EDITORIAL: Tim Wolfe"s email did the former UM System president no favors KANSAS CITY STAR The incendiary nature of the email makes it unlikely that he will play a future role in university business or get a favorable compensation package.

CARL KENNEY: Troubling questions arise after two black curators resign Carl Kenney Is it possible members of the Board of Curators overstepped their role by using their influence to promote a political agenda?

Columbia Daily Tribune - Editorials
As of (02/09/2016) at 11:42 PM

Sinquefields Last week we learned Jeanne and Rex Sinquefield have given another $2 million to the University of Missouri School of Music for an endeavor they call the Mizzou New Music Initiative. This latest gift brings to about $4.5 million the...

1950 On Thursday members of Concerned Student 1950 barged into the regular meeting of the University of Missouri Board of Curators demanding to be heard. They left, then returned and refused to acquiesce when Chair Pamela Henrickson struck her gavel, leaving...

UM funding: What will lawmakers do? As the current session of the Missouri General Assembly gets underway, concerned citizens in this neck of the woods worry out loud whether lawmakers will give University of Missouri funding a “haircut,” as Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard puts...

Political fringes: Where is the middle ground? As memories of Iowa fade and New Hampshire lurks just over the horizon, the leading candidates among both Republicans and Democrats battle feverishly for philosophical fringes.

The curators In the past few weeks, both black members of the University of Missouri Board of Curators have resigned. They give the usual reason: an inability to devote proper attention to board duties because of other commitments, but one is bound...

Altered outlook on UM credit rating The credit rating agency Standard & Poor's has lowered its “outlook” for UM's credit rating from stable to negative, posing a 1-in-3 chance for a change from the current lofty AA+ rating during the next two years.

Consultancy At its meeting Monday, the Columbia City Council decided to spend $817,300 for an “integrated management plan” for sanitary and storm sewers. HDR Inc. will help the city prioritize management of its utility structure to most efficiently satisfy the federal...

After Iowa Not much that we didn't know yesterday.

Melissa Click Since we last visited, embattled University of Missouri Assistant Professor Melissa Click was charged with misdemeanor assault and subsequently put on probation, allowing her to escape fines and jail time if she completes 20 hours of community service and does...

Oh, Lord I invoke the Divine because his (her) endorsement is being sought religiously by the front-runners. Both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump openly try for the evangelical vote. Cruz has been of that faction all along, and Trump recently has taken...

City and county: Trying to be friendly A bit of irritation grates on officials in Boone County and the city of Columbia, mainly over the issue of the city's earlier proposal to use tax increment financing. The county sued the city before the city had decided to...

Healthy interaction: A loss of tradition in the Capitol You might need a few wrinkles and a head full of gray hair to fully appreciate the column by Phill Brooks on the Opinion page Tuesday, but the message is important for citizens of all ages who care about how...

UM System The University of Missouri Faculty Council will vote next month whether an outside consultant should second-guess the UM System's organizational structure, the relationship between MU and the system and whether the offices of MU chancellor and UM president should be...

Click Not many of us become so famous only a single name is needed. Sadly, in these parts Melissa Click is known readily by only her last name.

Tax election To continue collecting sales taxes on vehicle, boat and trailer purchases made out of county or person-to-person, local governments in Boone County must receive voter approval by November. Columbia Public Schools officials will ask voters in April to approve a...

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St. Joseph News-Press - Editorials
As of (11/18/2015) at 08:55 AM

Board works for us, not paid attorneys Occasionally, the average citizen records a victory in our court system without realizing it. When word does reach us, we should celebrate.

District should be efficient If Chris Danford forever will be remembered for exposing the unapproved stipends, then perhaps Eric Bruder will leave his mark in pressing the St. Joseph School District to pursue efficiencies in its use of facilities.

Jails no place for sick Advances in the public's understanding of mental illness have been slow in coming, but can we at least agree some people are sick with something other than a physical illness?

`We weep but never fear' Americans, like everyone else, are prone to view world events through the lens of personal experience.

Connect to our natural wonder Up and down the 2,341 miles of the longest river in North America, preservationists and environmentalists seek to enlist support for a cause that is both complex and simple.

Driving classes fill need Twice in coming days, our community will muster the resources to provide valuable, low-cost instruction to drivers who most stand to benefit.

Put end to district suspense From May 2014 to November - a period of 18 months - the St. Joseph School District has received six subpoenas, or one every three months.

Veterans share history in stories History gets its best treatment when it can depend on primary sources; that is, those who lived the experience and can describe, for posterity, what happened in a given moment. This stands at the core of the Missouri Veterans History Project. The state endeavor, part of a larger national effort, seeks to record the personal accounts of those who have served in the nation's wars, and the project this month marked an interview with its 1,000th Missouri veteran. We applaud this work and hope the roster of participating veterans continues to grow.

Leadership change is welcomed Sometimes it's possible to do the right thing for the wrong reason.

Regulations impractical for some hospitals A large and diverse nation can answer to a single set of laws at their fundamental level. But some measure of good sense needs to be applied in the consideration of differences between big cities and rural communities. The congresswoman from Northeast Kansas made a case for this last week, and the remedy she suggested deserves the consideration of lawmakers in Washington.

Western shines a light on local history A historic city, St. Joseph has seldom been shy about reveling in its past. This amounts not to boasting but a rightful acknowledgment of where we've been as a community, of people who shaped the city and been shaped by it. The addition in recent years of the Walter Cronkite Memorial has only added to that civic perspective, and its development has now taken another step forward.

Be skeptical, but don't be stubborn, on Downtown plan When it comes to the next-big-thing to revitalize Downtown, it's easy to feel skeptical.

Ethics ideas in play A vulnerable Missouri General Assembly will be pressed to adopt some version of ethics reform in the coming legislative session.

Be sure about deer coverage The annual warnings about deer on the region's roadways come with a special caution this year: make sure of your insurance coverage.

Business, jobs: we need both Recent state and federal reports make clear that when it comes to Missouri's economy, we need an "all of the above” approach.

Act now to keep heat on Regulated utilities in Missouri and Kansas must abide by the long-standing Cold Weather Rule, a fact that requires reinforcement this time of year.

Salary review on track Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but harsh criticisms of the St. Joseph School District's salary review process are off the mark at this point.

Sentencing reform deserves long look Letting drug offenders out of prison quicker hardly qualifies as a conservative position - that is, until you hear someone like U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran of Kansas make the case for sentencing reform.

Know the real dangers The secret to an enjoyable Halloween involves two important things: making sure the kids are safe, and knowing the difference between a real threat and make-believe.

Biogas offers big step forward A $120 million project taking shape in Gentry County, Missouri, is more than an engineering marvel. It's a necessary next step for corporate agriculture in our region.

The Joplin Globe - Editorials
As of (01/21/2016) at 08:50 AM

Our view: Candy business closing a heart breaker Posted: January 20, 2016 In the words of William Shakespeare, “Parting is such sweet sorrow.”

Your view: Letters to the editor Posted: January 20, 2016 Reinstate the days

Our View: King's dream for all of us Posted: January 19, 2016 The wristbands carefully placed before each guest at the Missouri Southern State University breakfast were a rainbow of colors with the simple phrase “Linked by a Dream.” 

Your view: Letters to the editor Posted: January 19, 2016 Lifesavers

Mark Hughes: Lawmakers rush to protect citizens from lawmakers Posted: January 18, 2016 In the opening hubris of this year's legislation session, Missouri lawmakers have touted ethics legislation as a top priority. Amid the scramble to shoot “ethics” bills through committee and out to the floor, the irony seems lost that they've decreed that job No. 1 for lawmakers is protecting Missouri residents from, well, lawmakers.

Your view: Letters to the Editor Posted: January 18, 2016 Search results

Marj Boudreaux: Financial crisis for Joplin NALA equals Literacy crisis Posted: January 17, 2016 You're stunned. You have only one thought — to get out of the machine shop as fast as you can. Your boss just handed you a manual and said you must pass a test on it this Friday. What will you do? In the past, your friend, Joe, has always read work-related materials to you because reading is difficult for you. But there's no way he can read the whole manual to you by Friday. What can you do? 

Our View: Ignorant of public lands history Posted: January 17, 2016 America's mountain men returned to civilization with outrageous tales about the places they'd been and the things they'd seen in the American West, including this favorite by Missouri's own Jim Bridger:

Dave Woods: Save the date to celebrate Jasper County Posted: January 17, 2016 I didn't know much about the history of Jasper County until recently. As a native of Ottawa County, Oklahoma, and a guy who left the area for college and adult life following high school in Miami, Oklahoma, I really didn't understand how much I should care about history.

Geoff Caldwell: SOTU 2016: Fanciful facts amid delusions Posted: January 17, 2016 The White House pre-State of the Union spin was that President Barack Obama's last address would be “nontraditional.”

Jeanne Looper Smith: Carrie Fisher's critics living in an alien galaxy Posted: January 17, 2016 “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away” goes the opening camera roll from “Star Wars.”

Our View: Deal in place, now play ball Posted: January 16, 2016 An agreement has been reached between the city of Joplin and the Joplin Blasters. The city needs more amenities, and a professional baseball team is just the ticket. We're glad the two groups reached a deal on the lease of Joe Becker Stadium.

Our View: Help put Wildcat Glades back on the right trail Posted: January 15, 2016 If you've ever considered becoming a member of the Wildcat Glades Conservation & Audubon Center, now would be a good time.

Kevin Wilson: Voting should still mean something Posted: January 15, 2016 It appears that the integrity of the voting process is a hot subject in the mind of some folks. To that I would say, “Great.”  I think everyone should be concerned that the voting process is fair and without fraud. Of course, in the mind of some people, voter fraud just doesn't exist and is just a figment of imagination in the minds of Republicans.

Our View: Stop the abuse of lives Posted: January 14, 2016 Human trafficking is something terrible that happens in other countries. Right?

Letters to the Editor Posted: January 14, 2016 Paranoia and politics

Caleb Arthur: Why the negative noise about solar energy? Posted: January 14, 2016 With the solar industry in Missouri booming, creating more than 5,000 local jobs and helping thousands of homeowners, businesses, schools and government buildings go solar, why would the solar industry be attacked by the electric utilities? Why would locking in your own electric rate be harmful to anyone else? Why would saving taxpayer money by schools going solar ever be attacked or called a bad thing? Is this not a free country we live in with free markets to choose from?

The key to everything Posted: January 13, 2016 What is this thing called a liberal education that we're always hearing about — and some of us never tire preaching about with your more than kind indulgence? It is an education fit for liberty, but please, no drums, no buglers. No stirring slogans but thoughtful language that opens windows to civilization, not tyranny.

Marilyn Beasley: Nation facing critical moment in time Posted: January 12, 2016 One of the great Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson, stated: “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” 

Our View: Legislators don't need gifts Posted: January 12, 2016 Missouri lawmakers have been talking about ethics for months, and just a few days into the session they have started hearings on bills that would address lobbyist gifts.

The Jefferson City News Tribune - Editorials
As of (02/09/2016) at 11:42 PM

Our Opinion: Students share insights from accidents - Promoting safety for teen drivers is a common theme in this forum, but students who have experienced the consequences of distracted driving are more persuasive communicators.

Perspective: Proposal would add 2 members to Conservation Commission - It is hard to believe the first month of session is already in the books.

Your Opinion: Another government make-work scheme - The annual deadline for purchasing Obamacare approved insurance will have passed by the time this is printed. Remember the promises about not raising taxes on the middle class?

Your Opinion: Why landowners oppose Rock Island trail - So why is the majority of the landowners against the Rock Island trail?

Your Opinion: Senator joins witch hunt, micromanagement of MU - I voted for Mike Kehoe in 2010. I believed that he had a resume that simply demanded respect and could bring a voice of reason to that dysfunctional mess called the Missouri Senate.

Your Opinion: In appreciation of motherhood - To continue the Sunday discussion of motherhood, also characterized, “pregnancy takes a terrible toll on the female body."

Our Opinion: Expedite bill to intercept Rx drug abuse News Tribune editorial - Prescription drug abuse has become a scourge in Missouri, and a statewide monitoring program is needed to address addiction and overdoses.

Perspective: Why I oppose a dragnet prescription monitoring program - The Supreme Court has called the right to privacy both a “fundamental human right" and “the right most valued by civilized men." It finds support in the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution.

Our Opinion: Earthquake preparedness emphasized News Tribune editorial - Because more than 200 years have elapsed since the New Madrid earthquake, preparedness concerns may be met with complacency by Missouri residents.

Perspective: Sponsored bills heard during busy week - In the last seven years, my colleagues and I have spent a lot of time fighting against the president's agenda on behalf of our districts. While it may get a little less attention, we've also been working hard to pass our own bold, innovative, bottom-up agenda that contrasts greatly to the top-down approach that has so often been used.

Our Opinion: Is it time to reconsider City Council term limits? - We're open to the idea of easing term limits for members of the Jefferson City Council.

Our Opinion: Caregiver bill needs structure to prevent abuse - A Missouri lawmaker has an idea to provide another option to care for the increasing population of elderly residents. Although the option is attractive in theory, potential problems abound.

Your Opinion: Wages and jobs - An employee's worth is based on the skills of the employee and the status of the labor market.

Our Opinion: Public deserves answers from parks commission News Tribune editorial - Will an indoor recreation facility now under construction serve the needs of Jefferson City residents who requested it?

Our Opinion: You, too, can enjoy the show, feel the history - More visitors are “enjoying the show" Missouri offers and “feeling the history" in Jefferson City.

The Southeast Missourian - Editorials
As of (02/09/2016) at 11:42 PM

Sedalia Democrat - Editorials
As of (06/29/2015) at 11:56 AM

B&G Club launches drive for new wheels Leah Landon understands the necessity for reliable transportation.

Sedalia has many fine attributes Niche ( used to be a site that just ranked schools around the country, both K-12 and college by combining student reviews, professional opinions and piles of raw data. They recently started applying the Niche system to rank cities around the...

Sedalia Brick was once a cornerstone city's industry In the 1880s, Sedalia was still experiencing the burst of growth that followed the Civil War. Business was thriving, the city's population was growing, and new buildings were being erected. Sedalia's builders were using approximately 3.5...

Rain's impact seeping into all areas The wet weather that has nearly drowned west central Missouri over the past six weeks is much more than an annoyance. Gov. Jay Nixon's declaration of a state of emergency makes that point clear, but the impact of all of that rain is being felt...

Plan B works in a pinch My sister Libby, mother and I have been talking about bucket lists. I haven't developed a bucket list, as my family genes give me a good chance of staying on this planet for a long time. But our lives have changed over the past year, and so we...

Bottling companies have Sedalia history In the 18th century, British chemist Joseph Priestly developed a way to infuse water with carbon dioxide to produce carbonated water. The bubbly water became popular particularly in tonics, mixtures of herbs, roots, and flavorings suspended in...

Dolezal's race claims 'unfortunate' By now you've probably heard the story of Rachel Dolezal, the head of the Spokane, Wash., NAACP who has been accused of misrepresenting her race.

Surprising love for a 'common man' We all have guilty pleasures — those things we love that others either don't understand or think are too kitschy, low-brow or just plain dumb to embrace. For some, it's romance novels or collections of “Star Wars” toys.

To vacuum or not to vacuum The vacuum cleaner has been sitting in our living room for the past week, beckoning to me, its siren song tantalizing me to come to it, plug it in, use it. But I just haven't found the time, energy, or willingness to heed its call. If I leave it...

Of pranks and paranoia I just got back from my fourth year as a counselor at Gateway Hemophilia Association's Camp Notaclotamongus at Living Well Village in Imperial and I've got to say that it went pretty well.

Beloved teacher, principal dies in 1903 In 1882, Sedalia boasted four public schools — Broadway School, Lincoln School, Washington School and Franklin School. According to the 1882 History of Pettis County, Franklin School was built in 1870 on an elevated site at the corner of...

A Stark truth: Ragtimers show fun side Martin Spitznagel knows what many people say about the music he loves.

Exploring sights, sounds of Southern California I am not a Los Angeles fan; the city is too big, too sprawling, too car-infested for me. I much prefer northern California. Regardless of the traffic, that area offers much more for me in the way of entertainment and relaxation: the Muir Woods,...

Not all bugs are the enemy Technically, summer doesn't begin in a strictly scientific sense until the Summer Solstice on June 21, but for practical purposes the signs are all around us: the number of garage sales is going up, our kids are starting to leave for camp and...

Sedalians attempt to drill Artesian well, get rich quick During the late 19th century, Sedalia mounted several schemes to use mineral resources to make large amounts of money.

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