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St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Editorials
As of (05/22/2015) at 07:27 AM

Police reform must start somewhere. Let it be here.

Franklin County shuts public out of debate. Wrong move.

Less armor, more trust will keep police, citizens safer

Kansas City Star - Editorials
As of (05/22/2015) at 07:27 AM

A better and bigger Kansas City Zoo required time, money and persuasion The zoo has become a constantly evolving, top-flight attraction that area residents can take great pride in supporting. Friday the facility officially opens its Orangutan Canopy.

Opinion Long Kansas legislative session is threatening courts, bioscience recruiting and local governments Legislators could revoke the disastrous income tax cuts that created the budget problem and go home. But they won't. And while Kansas taxpayers foot the $43,000-a-day bill for a legislative session in overtime, lawmakers spend idle time conjuring up more destructive ideas.

Kansas City should pass a responsible plan to boost the minimum wage Kansas City Council members are gearing up to hold one of their most contentious meetings in recent memory. The outcomes could affect thousands of local workers, large and small employers, and many building owners for years to come.

Monday Poll results: A slow voting season is reflected in the numbers Perhaps we should not be surprised that turnout was rather light for this week's poll, which asked for your views on forthcoming Kansas City elections. The June 23 City Council campaigns appear to have gotten little attention, and respondents were fairly evenly divided on the topics we raised.

Obama offers reasonable plan to reform police access to military-style gear President Barack Obama has announced needed reforms on how police departments keep the peace in U.S. towns and cities in a post-Ferguson, Mo., world. The U.S. government will stop providing to law enforcement agencies some of the more controversial military-style gear, which includes grenade launchers and certain types of heavily armored vehicles.

Sam Brownback and others in Kansas rush to disown ATM rule That sound you hear in Kansas is the footsteps of politicians running away from a new state requirement that limits welfare recipients to no more than $25 a day in withdrawals from ATM machines.

Congress needs to choose freedom over a flawed Patriot Act Americans learned over the past couple of years that the federal government has been snooping into their lives. Now they will learn if Congress has the courage to restore privacy protections by amending the Patriot Act before renewing it.

The Monday Poll: Turn your attention to Kansas City elections Kansas City's 2015 political races are getting scant public attention, largely because Mayor Sly James likely will coast to re-election in a contest that often attracts the most interest. But let's put at least a small spotlight on the City Council elections of June 23.

Kansas City’s costly water bills sock customers while upgrading services The money to pay for improved water and sewer services in Kansas City has to come from somewhere. The city's extremely high monthly bills are affecting the pocketbooks of more than 650,000 local residents, including those served by the utility in Johnson County.

Capitol Watch: As the Missouri legislature stumbles to an end, Kansas is still in agony Todd Richardson, the new speaker of the Missouri House, got it right. “I don't think the last five months have put the legislature and this public institution in a particularly good light,” he said moments after his peers selected him to replace John Diehl.

Jackson County must provide better and fair property reassessments this year Jackson County officials badly bungled reassessment in 2013 but have pledged to provide more accurate values for hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses this year. The clock is now ticking on that promise: Notices began going out this week.

Move past the vacuum in the Missouri legislature after John Diehl’s resignation as House speaker Missouri House Speaker John Diehl did the right thing by resigning his office and his legislative seat. Now leaders of both parties must set aside their wounded feelings for a few remaining hours and work for the good of the state.

Full accreditation and stability must be the goals of KC superintendent Steve Green’s successor Maintaining continuity and stability with the fewest disruptions possible for students and teachers must take priority as Kansas City Public Schools begins searching for a new superintendent.

The Missouri legislature experiences its most disgraceful week Any doubts that the Missouri General Assembly's priorities are seriously off kilter have been dispelled in this final week of the legislative session. The House speaker became embroiled in a texting scandal, and lawmakers passed polarizing measures and ignored citizens.

Kansas business tax exemption hasn’t reaped results A budget-balancing package in Kansas is still far away, but lawmakers took a step in the right direction this week by putting the business tax exemption in play.

Monday poll results: Many respondents express a passion for labor As the Missouri General Assembly entered new debates this week over “right to work” legislation, we asked for your opinion. One side of the issue appears to have tapped into a peak intensity and mustered a vigorous participation in the poll. Here are the results, based on more than 3,200 responses.

KU hospital tower underway A lot of work is underway in Kansas City, Kan., adding to the growth in midtown. Ground has been broken and fundraising efforts are well underway for a $275 million expansion project at the hospital.

The Monday Poll: Should Missouri have a right-to-work law? The Missouri Senate is expected to debate a controversial right-to-work bill this week. The Monday Poll would like to know where you stand on this contentious debate involving union representation.

Cowardly political bullying in Independence deserves a prompt investigation Scott Roberson decided a year ago that the next step in a long record of community service would be a seat on the Independence City Council. He ran for office and won. For that, he has been subjected to a cowardly harassment campaign.

Plan for new hotel in downtown Kansas City looks promising Kansas City's fast-reviving downtown is closer to notching a huge victory with the scheduled announcement on Monday that a new 800-room Hyatt hotel could open in 2018. The proposal has two major points in its favor based on what's known about it now.

The Springfield News Leader - Editorials
As of (05/22/2015) at 07:27 AM

Buchanan County sheriff made right call in road…

'Tis a privilege: Tributes, anniversary…

Nixon should veto school transfers bill

Lawmakers should fix Missouri's social services,…

Our view: Change cable menu to a la carte

'Tis a privilege: Pearson, baseball and biking to…

Our Voice: Thanks a million, Ozarks!

Guest Voice: Unintended consequences of…

Big runs need reboot of permit process

The Independence Examiner - Editorials
As of (05/22/2015) at 07:27 AM

Dancing up a storm and raising scholarship money Posted at 7:01 AM  Mayor Carson Ross pointed out that it’s hard to tap dance in sync with music.“And you did a fantastic job with it,” he told Tina Short and Chad Smith, one of eight teams in Thursday’s annual Dancing with...

MoDOT expects traffic backup at I-70 bridge Posted at 6:27 AM If you’re taking Interstate 70 back home from the lake this weekend, the Missouri Department of Transportation suggests rethinking your route.MoDOT is replacing a westbound bridge deck at the Blackwater River. That’s in... .mgnl175{margin-left:175px;} .childCatAd{display:inline-block!important;width:650px;}

The Columbia Missourian - Editorials
As of (05/18/2015) at 10:49 AM

DEAR READER: A total makeover for By Tom Warhover : A new Missourian website launches Monday. It"s a new look for a site that"s become ancient (8 years old) in Web terms.

EDITORIAL: Legislature carves up middle class, serves it on platter to rich by St. Louis Post-Dispatch : The only good news in this charade for donors is that the bill fell short of veto-proof margins in both chambers.

EDITORIAL: Bring fairness to municipal court fines by Jefferson City News Tribune : Senate Bill 5 builds on the "Macks Creek" law of 1995, which prevented Missouri municipalities from keeping more than 30 percent of total traffic fine revenue. SB 5 lowers this to 20 percent, and caps fines for minor traffic offenses at $300.

EDITORIAL: Health care law spurs progress by Charlotte Observer : Contrary to what doomsayers predicted, employers kept hiring despite the new health care insurance requirements. They reported only modest growth in insurance premiums last year.

GENE ROBERTSON: We can't afford to be apathetic by Gene Robertson : "We are not immune to calamity, particularly if we are apathetically leaving all decision making to others," Robertson writes.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Expanded Flat Branch Park should have public discussion by George Kennedy : Intense discussion between CVS, the Downtown Leadership Council and city council simmers about the future of the intersection of Providence Road and Broadway. That discussion shouldn"t be behind closed doors.

EDITORIAL: Done right, Pacific trade deal could reduce environmental destruction, improve lives by New York Times : Congress is considering two international trade agreements: the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. President Barack Obama faces opposition from both major parties about provisions in the bills.

DAVID ROSMAN: The continuing minimum wage saga by David Rosman : The argument that businesses will leave if the minimum wage is increased is flawed, and the state government needs to let cities prove it.

STEVE SPELLMAN: Changing the rules about motherhood by Steve Spellman : Many mothers are rejecting the new societal norm that they must chose a career over a more traditional family role, and that"s okay.

CARL KENNEY: Grading can be fraught with frustration for both professor, students by Carl Kenney : " Those with the pencil stand like God separating the good from the bad."

EDITORIAL: Lawmakers should fix Missouri's social services, not affix blame by St. Louis Post-Dispatch : In the two previous years, legislative leaders have mostly blamed this failure on the first three syllables in "Obamacare." This year there"s a new wrinkle: Blame the problems at the state"s Department of Social Services.

EDITORIAL: Questions about 'local control' by Jefferson City News Tribune : Under the proposal awaiting Gov. Jay Nixon’s signature, cities would not be allowed to raise the minimum wage above the state level or to prohibit stores from using plastic bags.

GUEST COMMENTARY: How 'Fast Track' legislation will affect you by Monta Welch : Fast Track is being used to pass bad, classified legislation — without transparency — that if we knew what was in it, would likely not pass.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Tough sentencing options needed for some juveniles by Dan Knight, Kevin Hillman and Mark Richardson : Three prosecuting attorneys write that the death penalty, life without parole, and other sentences should remain as an option for juries and judges dealing with sentencing those convicted of heinous juvenile crimes.

JILL RICHARDSON: Drink outside the box by JILL RICHARDSON : The solution to being environmentally friendly is to change up the water, not the container.

EDITORIAL: Too many guns, too many killings, too many excuses by St. Louis Post-Dispatch : City cops have stepped up “hot spot” policing in key areas, but there are guns everywhere. When some 18-year-old with a gun and a beef decides to shoot someone, he’s not usually in a hot-spot.

GUEST COMMENTARY: America's knowledge crisis by David M. Shribman : America has many educational challenges, but one of the most serious is the decline in general knowledge, especially history and geography, among students.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Little is clear about the student housing market by GEORGE KENNEDY : There"s money to be made building student housing in central Columbia, but hard, accurate information about development in the heart of the city is in short supply.

EDITORIAL: Unintended consequences of unnecessary amendments by Jefferson City News Tribune : Constitutional amendments can sometimes have unintended consequences. A public defender has filed a motion in Cole County arguing that the recent "Right to Farm" bill has made it legal for Missourians to cultivate whatever they want — including marijuana.

EDITORIAL: Making a case for ending birthright citizenship by Knoxville News Sentinel : The 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution currently guarantees birthright citizenship. H.R. 140, a bill proposed by Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King, would require at least one parent of a child to be an American citizen for the child to inherit citizenship.

Columbia Daily Tribune - Editorials
As of (05/22/2015) at 07:31 AM

Sharp End Sharp End was Columbia's black business district until the 1950s, located on Walnut Street between Fifth and Sixth streets where the city parking garage now stands. On Tuesday a historic marker was placed on the site commemorating an area important...

The General Assembly That's the way our headline writer put it Saturday after the official end of this session of the Missouri General Assembly. The widely shared sentiment -- and, incidentally, one that recurs after most sessions -- stems from a lack of...

Tsarnaev If anyone deserves the death penalty, it is Dzokhar Tsarnaev. The question is whether anyone deserves the death penalty.

Brave new world Last week city officials took a test spin around town on an electric-powered bus.

A `fair' court? National opinion polls indicate most Americans doubt the U.S. Supreme Court will be “fair” in deciding its pending case regarding the Affordable Care Act. Most everyone who cares enough has an opinion about what “fair” is. If the court decides...

The monument The Boone County Commission, wishing the issue would just go away, can't shake the Jesus fish stuck on its pant leg.

Reaching out It was good to read Monday about Columbia cops “reaching out.”

Right-to-work In the waning hours of the General Assembly session, Senate Majority Leader Ron Richard made it a priority to pass “right-to-work” legislation. A bill already had passed in the House of Representatives, and on Tuesday night Republican senators used a...

CVS park As negotiations continue between the city and CVS Pharmacy over development of the southeast corner of Providence Road and Broadway, the Downtown Leadership Council enters the fray with an alternative idea. The DLC voted last week to ask the Columbia...

Fairground Now that the Boone County Commission has told the Boone County Fair Board this season will be its last at its usual haunts, what's next?

Bob Bechtold As I read the story about Bob Bechtold on our Sunday front page, I had to catch my breath several times as old friends recounted a common theme: Bob Bechtold was an eternal optimist who never had a bad word...

Huckabee Among Republican candidates for president, Mike Huckabee of Arkansas might have the best retail political skills, but his stringent social conservatism defeats him.

Baptism at the ARC Not long ago a church group conducted a baptism in the city-owned Activity & Recreation Center swimming pool. When a surprised citizen doing some lap-swimming complained in Trib Talk, Columbia Parks and Recreation Director Mike Griggs said the church group...

Roll carts In case you haven't noticed, a sturdy band of dissidents opposes using roll carts for collecting mixed refuse, as the city has proposed. They call themselves a “consensus” of city residents.

The council's Park 7 vote The six members of the Columbia City Council who voted against approval of the proposed student housing building near Stadium Boulevard and Highway 63 South had thoughtful reasons, but in my view they were not adequate to deny the project.

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St. Joseph News-Press - Editorials
As of (05/22/2015) at 07:31 AM

Justify 24-hour REC From time to time, ideas bubble up in St. Joseph and are offered with an expectation of the community's endorsement. Except most of the community never has heard these ideas before.

Pension mistakes to avoid Most investors discover soon enough they are capable of making financial mistakes on their own; they don't need help.

Remove `warrior' from police work Representatives of the Fraternal Order of Police draw on the same talking points when speaking of restrictions on transfers of military-style equipment to local law enforcement.

Beware illegal `taking' Most people who end up in court never expected to be there. Count hundreds of landowners along the Missouri River in this group.

Sheriff makes right call Given the options, Buchanan County Sheriff Mike Strong chose transparency. We're all better for it.

Lifelong learning is a key Diplomas still count for something, but we're finding with each passing year that learning increasingly must be a considered a lifelong pursuit.

Worker rights matter Two arguments make sense to us when it comes to our state lawmakers and our governor considering right-to-work legislation for Missouri:

Why not partner for health? At first glance, a partnership involving Mosaic Life Care and two other big health systems appears to hold promise for the region and no obvious downside.

Show military we care Times change and needs change, but the reasons for lifting up the service of the men and women in our armed forces are consistent.

A tale of two budgets Perhaps Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback and his supporters eventually will be proven right in their belief that aggressively cutting taxes can be a prelude to economic expansion.

Protect pets and people A healthy respect for danger is a good thing.

Rally round goals on air lift wing To grasp the importance of things, it's often best to take the long view.

A nation salutes the best It's true more than one program exists to recognize excellence in teaching. Also, multiple measures can be used to gauge business success.

Ferguson opens our eyes We don't subscribe to the notion that every cloud contains a silver lining - particularly when a life has been lost.

Interim comes at a cost Call this a plea for a moment of reflection by the St. Joseph Board of Education.

Drivers no match for floodwaters Count on this: It will rain again this week in the Midland Empire, and multiple low-lying rural areas, urban neighborhoods and roadways will flood.

Council endorses flexibility Any contractor will tell you, time is money.

What do you have to lose? When someone asks "What do you have to lose?” the circumstances can vary widely - between the dire and fanciful.

Seize this chance to improve roads The best price you could find for gas in St. Joseph on Saturday was $2.18 a gallon … Or maybe it was $2.19 … Did someone spot a deal for $2.14?

Vote on traffic cameras The chance for red-light cameras to win favor with the public passed some time ago. This is why supporters of this technology increasingly fear the prospect of a vote of the people.

The Joplin Globe - Editorials
As of (05/22/2015) at 07:33 AM

Our View: Joplin has everything it needs to move forward Posted: May 22, 2015 New! We remember today, as we will every May 22, the lives of our friends, our family and even the strangers among us who died as a consequence of an EF-5 tornado.

Your view: Letters to the editor Posted: May 21, 2015 Great work

Our View: Keep the roads safe. Put down the phone Posted: May 20, 2015 Think texting is the only cellphone distraction keeping drivers' eyes off the road? A new survey of more than 2,000 people released on Tuesday via AT&T's “It Can Wait” anti-texting campaign shows that 7 in 10 people engage in some type of phone activity while they drive.

Kevin Wilson: Those in power need accountability system Posted: May 20, 2015 Last week I happened to be in the Capitol, and you could almost hear the clicking of phones as everyone started trying to find the story about John Diehl, speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives. As we read the news accounts, most of us were stunned and hoped that it was just a rumor. 

Our view: Welcome, Blasters Posted: May 19, 2015 While the old Joe Becker Stadium has been replaced, fans will find that the ball field itself remains much the same.

Phill Brooks: Legislators have history of bad behavior, harassment Posted: May 18, 2015 There are some fascinating historical perspectives to the two factors that helped define the 2015 legislative session — the intern scandal that drove a House speaker out of office and filibusters that blocked Senate work in the final week.

Your views: Letters to the editor Posted: May 17, 2015 Great honor for coach

Our View: Joplin High School Class of 2015 define 'first class' Posted: May 17, 2015 They grew up motivated by words such as “character,” “respect,” “integrity”  and “honesty.”

Geoff Caldwell: Diehl's road to repentance began with resignation Posted: May 17, 2015 Power, according to , is the “ability or right to control people or things; a person or organization that has a lot of control and influence over other people or organizations.”

Sadie Wallner: JHS Class of 2015 prepared for new experiences Posted: May 17, 2015 It's that time of year again: graduation, commencement — an age-old tradition and yet each time it brings something fresh and new to the table.

Jack Kaminsky: Joplin High School 1967 basketball game provided lifetime memory Posted: May 17, 2015 Webster's definition of jolt: “to surprise or shock (someone).”

Marilyn Beasley: American tax dollars at work Posted: May 16, 2015 We are starting to hear from liberals that American workers need to pay more taxes. They blast the wealthy because the liberals believe they need to pay more, even though the top 10 percent pay about 70 percent of all taxes.

Our View: Diehl's resignation right course of action Posted: May 15, 2015 It was the only thing he could do.

Our view: If you carry a gun, get the training Posted: May 14, 2015 It could have ended in tragedy.

Your view: Letters to the editor Posted: May 14, 2015 Our state representative from McDonald County, Bill Lant, reported that he was carrying a bill that was intended to clear up the rights for the use of Missouri's waterways.

Our View: What will happen to Missouri's poor? Posted: May 12, 2015 Missouri Republicans in the Legislature held the votes needed on May 5 to override Gov. Jay Nixon's veto of a bill that reduces Missouri's lifetime limit for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families cash assistance program.

Joan Banks: Intentional lack of legislative action a failure Posted: May 12, 2015 I suspect the Missouri Legislature is about to let us down.

Phill Brooks: Gas taxes and political courage Posted: May 11, 2015 As Missouri's Legislature enters its final days of the current session, I've been fascinated by the Senate Republican leadership's efforts to push for a gasoline tax increase without voter approval. 

Wynne Krell: National security is at risk Posted: May 10, 2015 As president of the Missouri Council of Chapters of the Military Officers Association of America, I was honored to fly to Alexandria, Virginia, earlier this year for a seminar representing the state of Missouri.

Carol Stark: Clovis Steele was a man with an irreplaceable viewpoint Posted: May 10, 2015 I felt like I had lost a member of the Joplin Globe family when I learned that Clovis Steele had died this past week.

The Jefferson City News Tribune - Editorials
As of (05/22/2015) at 07:33 AM

Our Opinion: Exercise care during Operation C.A.R.E - Motorists and boaters are urged to exercise care during the Memorial Day holiday weekend, because the Missouri Highway Patrol will be emphasizing Operation C.A.R.E.

Your Opinion: Opinion page needs 'liberal flush' - Recently a novice contributor to your opinion page had the audacity to call scribbler Jim Dyke out for his “vitriolic" cartoons.

Your Opinion: Parental control and opting out of tests - This spring Missouri students took the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium's Test.

Your Opinion: Response to Smith on Social Security - The disability portion of the Social Security Act is going broke. Social Security itself is good for several years.

Our Opinion: Heal division between Legislature, Conservation - When powerful forces collide, the repercussions can be perilous.

Perspective: End of session report - Friday marked the end of the most productive, and strangest, legislative session of my five years of service.

Our Opinion: Graduates, celebrate being unique - Mid-May is an uplifting time of year. No, we're not talking about the end of the legislative session, we're referencing graduation season.

Your Opinion: Thoughts on religious freedom - Nice to notice my letter on religious freedom [May 3] produced a response [May 10] that asked me a question.

Your Opinion: Response on officers' shootings - In response to Bert Dirschell's letter, “Officers lives matter." I understand what you are saying but I know that you are not comparing 10 cops with the 422 people that have been killed by police so far this year.

Perspective: Despite unusual ending, session deemed productive - This was the most interesting final week of session that I have observed since becoming a member of the Legislature.

Our Opinion: Lack of traction leaves legislative casualties - Every legislative session has its casualties - proposals that never made it to the finish line.

Your Opinion: Stop partisan posturing; create jobs program - I recently made a few visits to both the Missouri Senate and House of Representatives to watch our tax dollars at work. My impression was disappointment because of Republican disrespect given to Democrats with rational legislative concerns.

Your Opinion: Disturbing trend dividing, destroying nation - There is a very disturbing trend going through our great nation. It is dividing this country and destroying it little by little.

Your Opinion: Science has improved quality of life - On Mr. Horstmann's Op-Ed published May 13 “genetic tinkering." I agree with one small part of Horstmann's position.

Your Opinion: Response to Gibson's criticism of cartoon - Commenting on Sue Gibson's letter published May 13, in the words of E. Gene Davis from his book “Get 'Em Laughing: Public Speaking Humor, Quotes and Illustrations": “Great comedy is great comedy only if it has an element of truth in it."

The Southeast Missourian - Editorials
As of (05/22/2015) at 07:33 AM

Kage school becomes real again, with new purpose (05/22/15) 1 In Margery Williams' classic children's novel, "The Velveteen Rabbit," a stuffed animal longs to become a real bunny. One day, he asks another toy what it would take to do just that. "Does it hurt?" asked the Rabbit. "Sometimes," said the Skin Horse, for he was always truthful. "When you are Real you don't mind being hurt."...

Letter to the Editor Ashamed of commencement (05/22/15) This past Saturday my wife and I were among several thousand guests attending Southeast Missouri State University's spring circus (commencement). Past programs were very refined and respectful. Even with periodic "cat calls" as the young graduates crossed the stage of honor, all was still respectful...

Letter to the Editor The case for Medicaid expansion (05/22/15) The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act allows the states in this country to expand Medicaid eligibility for citizens who live on an annual income at or below 138 percent of the federal poverty limit. For a family of four, this is less than $33,000. Expansion would provide health insurance for Missourians who are childless adults, custodial parents, aged, blind or disabled...

Opinion Column Memorial Day 2015 (05/21/15) The Grand Army of the Republic was the nation's first veterans' organization, but the GAR's political and societal influence began to fade through the years as Civil War veterans continued to die off. On May 5, 1868, Gen. John A. Logan. commander of the GAR, issued a Memorial Day statement that is still apropos after 147 years. Here is a portion of that statement:"...

Speak Out Speak Out 5/21/15 (05/21/15) Several graduating SEMO students did not stand up when the national anthem was played. That is their prerogative but for me it put a damper on an otherwise wonderful ceremony. What percentage of the American people could not come up with $400, even in the direst of emergencies? 52 percent...

Editorial Summertime means music in Cape, Jackson (05/21/15) Dig out the lawn chair. Lay out the blanket. And strike up the band. The summer concert series in Cape Girardeau and Jackson is underway. Last Friday, Tunes at Twilight kicked off its summer lineup. Because of rain, the concert moved inside. If rain holds off Friday, the series will return at 7 p.m. to its normal outdoor location near the Common Pleas Courthouse Gazebo. Wil Marning and Robert Bowlin will be this week's musicians...

Speak Out Speak Out 5/20/15 (05/20/15) Yes, I wonder if Hillary Clinton still stands by her husband, Bill Clinton. When they were in the White House the first time, they were going to a meeting, and he said he was sick and tired of hearing about family values. I wonder if Hillary's still that way...

Editorial Putting emphasis on agriculture educators (05/20/15) "Those who can, do; those who can't, teach." That's the old quotation that somehow has made its way into our culture and has insulted many a teacher over the years. When it comes to agricultural education, however, enthusiasts are hoping that those who can will teach others who want to do...

Opinion Column Societal disservice with 'gentlemen's Ds' (05/20/15) It's that time of year when graduates of all shapes and sizes march down the aisle, leaving the classroom behind and entering the real world. Those starry-eyed graduates will eventually form a line of leadership that takes society to much greater heights...

Opinion Column Certain ambiguity: Partnering with the European Union (05/19/15) The European Union is the most successful multinational organization in history, with decades of achievements in promoting trade, a currency union (the euro), freedom of movement, and the peaceful resolution of disagreements. This latter point, the development of consensus-based decision-making in a region -- Western and Central Europe -- previously plagued by centuries of war and violence, is the most remarkable...

Editorial Mom, music bring family together (05/19/15) The nation celebrated Mother's Day last week and Teacher Appreciation Week and National Music Week the week before that. Altha Robinson, a mother, former teacher and musician has earned the right to observe all three. Robinson's love of music began at a young age and trickled down to her own children and grandchildren, as well as the students she taught during her tenure in the Cape Girardeau public school system, a career that spanned 25 years. ...

Letter to the Editor Poor form at SEMO graduation (05/19/15) I was aghast at the entire SEMO graduation ceremony Saturday. Never have I been so disappointed in an event that should have been a dignified and uplifting experience for graduates, families and friends. It was more like a three-ring circus complete with even the concession stand selling refreshments...

Letter to the Editor Guest commentary: Excessive attachment to religion (05/18/15) The cliche, "Religion is opiate of people," has been around for over two hundred years. No doubt, religion has given solace to billions of aching souls for several thousand years, and has led people safely through wars, pestilence, famine, natural disasters and other calamities. Religion inspired and nurtured literature, poetry, architecture, sculpture, morality, culture, rituals and civilizations...

Letter to the Editor The prom queen (05/18/15) Sunday's (May 3) front page of the Southeast Missourian was the warmest, most beautiful story I've seen in the paper for a long, long time. Thank you for bringing to everyone's attention the wonderful young people we have in our own hometown. The students at Central made Carley's dream she and her family will never forget...

Editorial Art project connects student with community (05/18/15) Southeast Missouri State University continues to provide students with real world experience. Just recently, the Catapult Creative House opened, a business incubator, which affords students a taste of what running a business entails. Also, the Missouri Innovation Corp. at Southeast presented Dream Big, Start Small as part of National Small Business Week. Now, the community is enhanced further through the college's Bridging Space through Placemaking project...

Letter to the Editor HOPE for Alzheimer's Act (05/17/15) I recently had the honor of joining more than a thousand advocates in Washington D.C. for the Alzheimer's Association's Advocacy Forum. I met people from across the nation who are passionate about changing the future of Alzheimer's. They shared their personal stories, journeys and struggles with getting an appropriate diagnosis and the lack of guidance following the diagnosis...

Letter to the Editor Another side to the story (05/17/15) Bob Miller is right. The Nixon Administration is very tight lipped. I worked for the state for 25 years (now retired) and the Nixon Administration controlled information flow more than any other I worked under. After Nixon took office, only certain people could talk to reporters. Regular staff weren't allowed to...

Editorial Take flash flooding seriously while driving (05/17/15) Last weekend, heavy rain caused quite a bit of flash flooding across the area. Several agencies responded to rescue two people whose vehicle was swept away while trying to cross a low-water bridge in northern Bollinger County, near Patton, Missouri...

Opinion Column The government's Catch-22 on gay marriage (05/17/15) Oral arguments recently were heard at the Supreme Court of the United States on the issue of gay marriage. It is an issue most of us hoped would never reach that hallowed hall. As Justice Anthony M. Kennedy was quoted as saying, "What we have assumed as fact for a millennium I am not sure nine people should change." Indeed, we have all lived for a lifetime with certain assumptions regarding marriage. ...

Speak Out Speak Out 5/15/15 (05/15/15) I think the city of Cape Girardeau should hire Cape Special Road District to asphalt the city streets. They do excellent work. Take Cape Rock Drive from Lexington to 177 and see for yourself! Here's the deal, Missouri House Speaker Diehl. Practice what you would have most certainly demanded a Democrat apparently involved in a salacious scandal with a college freshman intern. Resign...

Sedalia Democrat - Editorials
As of (05/22/2015) at 07:33 AM

Sedalia court working as it should Author's note regarding an earlier column: I read the editorial in the Democrat's Wednesday paper referencing new legislation regarding municipal courts fines, which was reprinted from the May 11 edition of the Jefferson City's News...

Learning where you come from Michael Pemberton and Ronnie Alexander might have met, might have talked, might have just passed each other on the midway at the Missouri State Fair or at a Methodist Youth Foundation gathering. Michael will never know if any of those things happened,...

Listening to a concerned citizen “I have two complaints maybe you could address,” wrote Earlene Knight, a concerned citizen and lifelong resident of Sedalia.

A real Sedalia war hero During and immediately after World War I, some tried to take advantage of the war and unsuspecting citizens by pretending to be decorated veterans. Some used their ruse to gain employment or pad a resume; others, such as Lt. John Ward, use a con for...

Thanks for helping NAACP Dear Editor:The Sedalia/Pettis County NAACP would like to thank everyone who made our 2015 Freedom Fund Banquet a success. As a result of your participation, the NAACP is able to continue its work in the coming year.

Paying tribute to loved ones Emily was a sophomore when a young man drove her to work on the Homecoming float. I was wary of her riding in a car with a 16-year-old — a cad in Max's book. That evening, she looked at her phone and said, “He's here.”...

Pettis teachers 'worthy of celebration' Shame on me, but it took becoming a teacher to have a greater appreciation for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Who was Lt. James P. Ward? When Lt. James P. Ward, a handsome, soft-spoken, four-times wounded war hero with a southern drawl, came to Sedalia in April 1919, he charmed the young ladies and impressed local businessmen as just the sort of man to recruit potential soldiers. What...

Evaluating the prison system You've probably heard the story by now. It's in the Washington Post, People Magazine and even in the UK tabloid The Daily Mail. The Sedalia Democrat's Nicole Cooke broke the story about a strange 911 call on the evening of Thursday,...

Arts camp to offer experiments in education There's more to art than line, shape, form, color and texture – there's also chemistry and physics.

Nostalgia for Thursdays in Afghanistan Every now and then, I remember that I spent six months in a country that might as well have been another planet. I get sudden jolts of memory of something I saw or experienced, something I discovered, someone I met who changed my...

Learning the ropes of chuck wagon racing First things first: the Starline Brass Trail's End Plaza looks great – Starline Brass, the Trail's End Committee and other private donors, volunteers and organizations have brought Sedalia a great new attraction.

Tattoos should be seen as form of expression In today's society there is a ton of discrimination toward tattoos and piercings, which are now considered a form of personal expression. There are many views on this type of self-expression: some do not like it while others embrace it. Another...

Comparing Royals then and now I got my first taste of nasty Facebook comments last week. I was merely trying to weigh in on the number of Royals' players who have been hit by opposing pitchers (13 at the time), and posted that I believe it is dangerous for pitchers to try to...

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