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Senate Committee meetings
As of (02/21/2019) at 01:11 PM

Committee: Small Business and Industry, Senator Denny Hoskins, Chairman
Date:  Thursday, February 21
Time:  8:00am
Room:  SCR 1
SB 71 - Brown, Justin
Prohibit the Insurance Dept. from approving a Workers' Compensation insurance plan if it includes in the premium charged by a business employee bonuses or IRA contributions in the employer's payroll used to calculate the premiums. Workers' Compensation covers medical and disability costs for workers injured on the job.
SB 156 - Wallingford, Wayne
Give the Workers' Compensation Division more powers over a self-insurance plan that has been deemed insolvement. Workers' Compensation coverages medical and injury costs for workers injured on the job. Establish provisions for a third-party administrator.
SB 157 - Wallingford, Wayne
Extend from 28 to 90 days of probationary employment time before unemployment benefits can be charged against an employer.

Committee: Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Safety, Senator Doug Libla, Chairman
Date:  Thursday, February 21
Time:  8:20am
Room:  Senate Lounge
SB 323 - Hough, Lincoln
Create an advisory committee to establish rules governing motor vehicle towing operations.
SB 254 - Bernskoetter, Mike
Authorize the Revenue Department to revoke a driving license after notification by any law enforcement officer that the licensee was involved in an accident that the licensee's vehicle struck a highway worker in a designated construction zone. Authorize reinstatement only by court order or if the licensee passes the written and driving portions of the driver's license examination.
SB 330 - Brown, Justin
Create a special auto license plate for those who pay an annual fee to the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives.
SB 331 - Brown, Justin
Name a portion of Highway 63 in Phelps County the "Jerry Lizotte Memorial Highway."
SB 332 - Brown, Justin
Various driving license changes. Authorize the Revenue Department to remotely issue a duplicate or renewed driving license, instruction permit or non-driving license under some circumstances. Authorize a temporary driving privilege for up to 90 days.

Amended 1: 2/20/19 10:06 AM
Committee: Ways and Means, Senator Andrew Koenig, Chairman
Date:  Thursday, February 21
Time:  11 am or upon adjournment
Room:  Senate Lounge
Executive Session Reconsideration of SB 108

Committee: Agriculture, Food Production and Outdoor Resources, Senator Mike Bernskoetter, Chairman
Date:  Monday, February 25
Time:  2:00 pm
Room:  SCR 2
SB 286 - Hough, Lincoln
Establish a system by which property can be divided among heirs with a right for an heir to sell his/her property right.
SB 325 - Crawford, Sandy
Allow the Natural Resources Department director to enter into an agreement to operate a a facility with funding support from a donor or to operate the facility without requiring competitive bids.

Committee: Appropriations, Senator Dan Hegeman, Chairman
Date:  Tuesday, February 26
Time:  8:30 a.m.
Room:  SCR 2
Department of Social Services

Committee: Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics, Senator Caleb Rowden, Chairman
Date:  Tuesday, February 26
Time:  9:00 a.m.
Room:  Senate Lounge
SCR 8 - Holsman
Requests Congress to call an Article V Convention of the States
SCR 15 - Burlison
Creates procedures for the appointment of commissioners to a convention called under Article V of the U.S. Constitution
Review of Consent Bills in Executive Session

Committee: Economic Development, Senator Mike Cierpiot, Chairman
Date:  Tuesday, February 26
Time:  10:30 a.m. or Upon Morning Recess
Room:  SCR 1
SB 322 - Bernskoetter, Mike
Increase the fee for admission to a gambling boat from $2 to$3 with the extra dollar going to fund for a museum on steamboats in Jefferson City.
SB 116 - Cierpiot, Mike
Changes in the technical reference to related laws in the Missouri Workforce Development Board law. Legislative staff describe the two changes as corrections.

Committee: General Laws, Senator Bill Eigel, Chairman
Date:  Tuesday, February 26
Time:  10:30AM or upon morning recess whichever is later.
Room:  Senate Lounge
SB 268 - Wieland, Paul
Repeal a law requiring that local government publish various notices in a local newspaper. Instead, require the notices be on the local government's web site or on the Secretary of State's web site if a local government does not have its own web site.
SB 300 - Eigel, Bill
Provide that a property tax refund include the same interest rate provided for state income tax refunds. Current law bases the interest rate that the county collector gets.
SB 343 - Eigel, Bill
Various changes in a law passed in 2016 (HB 1941) that authorizes, regulates and taxes fantasy sports gambling. Impose annual licensing fees. Provide a right to delay paying winnings for up to 15 days if the perator believes the player engaged in fraud.
SB 344 - Williams, Brian
Allow a company operating in multiple locations selling liquor to designate a central warehouse.

Committee: Education, Senator Gary Romine, Chairman
Date:  Tuesday, February 26
Time:  12:15
Room:  Senate Lounge
SB 265 - Luetkemeyer, Tony
Require one of the voting members of the University of Missouri Board of Curators a student.
SB 272 - Emery, Ed
A couple of clarifications to a statute providing extra state funds to school districts for high-need students. Current law actually excludes from the higher reimbursement any money that the district got from the Education Department for high-need students. Limit students counted to those with an individualized education program.
SB 295 - Hough, Lincoln
Require a school district conduct a criminal background check of a volunteer who provides an unpaid service for the district.
Executive Session on: SB 168 - Wallingford SB 206 - Arthur SB 259 - Romine

Committee: Progress and Development, Senator Gina Walsh, Chairwoman
Date:  Tuesday, February 26
Time:  1:00 PM
Room:  SCR 1
SB 3 - Curls, Kiki
Let an owner or creditor holding a lien on a building In Kansas City enter the property if it is suspected of being abandoned for specific purposes such as removing trash, mowing or removing graffiti.
SB 225 - Eigel, Bill
Various changes in nuisance suits in St. Louis County. Shorten the deadline for the property owner to eliminate the nuisance from 60 to 45 days. Expand the power of neighborhood associations to get nuisance injunctions.
SB 320 - Hough, Lincoln
Various changes in enforcement of nuisance abatements on private property. Establish provisions for a special tax bill against the owner. Add language for weed removal.
SB 327 - Luetkemeyer, Tony
Legalize gambling on sports games and video lottery with fees and various regulatory requirements.

Committee: Commerce, Consumer Protection, Energy and the Environment, Senator Wayne Wallingford, Chairman
Date:  Wednesday, February 27
Time:  12:00 PM
Room:  Senate Lounge
SB 296 - Cierpiot, Mike
Exclude electric vehicle charging stations not operated by a electric company under provisions dealing with regulation of electric utilities by the Public Service Commission.
SB 273 - Emery, Ed
Add "competitive video service" to a tax imposed on video services. Impose an extra fee for a rural broadband fund.

Corrected: 2/21/19 10:45 AM
Committee: Appropriations, Senator Dan Hegeman, Chairman
Date:  Thursday, February 28
Time:  8:30 a.m.
Room:  SCR 2
Capital Improvements Re-appropriations Maintenance & Repair

Committee: Joint Committee on Public Employee Retirement
Date:  Monday, March 4
Time:  1:00 pm
Room:  House Hearing Room 4
1st Quarter Meeting Presentation of 2019 Annual Report

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