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St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Editorials
As of (02/21/2019) at 12:56 PM

Is this baby the Blues' good luck charm?

Editorial In the cartoons: Trump's `emergency'; Bernie Sanders; North Korea

Editorial Editorial: Latest report that Trump tried to interfere with probe is numbingly familiar

Editorial Editorial: Inquiring minds want to know why grocers keep selling the National Enquirer

Editorial In the cartoons: Bernie Sanders; Trump's `emergency'; Putin

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Jonah Goldberg: Trump's national emergency declaration is an act of weakness

Kathleen Parker: Our political identity needs to be American first

Catherine Rampell: What America really needs to do is abolish Congress

Dana Milbank: Fantasies, lies and fake news

Eugene Robinson: We have a national emergency, all right. Its name is Donald Trump.

Border deal falls short — by design

Jonah Goldberg: Trump can only win again if Democrats keep moving leftward

Citizens deserve transparency from government

The home of a real national emergency

Larger, merged police force wouldn't benefit county residents

Report card numbers don't tell the whole story on Missouri schools

When 'failure is not an option' isn't the best option

Kansas City Star - Editorials
As of (02/21/2019) at 12:57 PM

Editorials Yes, the First Amendment still applies to teen wearing a MAGA hat at Oak Park Mall Donning a Trump-approved MAGA hat shouldn't be an invitation for harassment. That's why the behavior of a Vans Off the Wall employee who accosted a teenager at Oak Park Mall is so disappointing.

Editorials Should Missouri felons have voting rights restored once they’re released from prison? Restoring voting rights to convicted felons in Missouri who have been released from prison but remain on probation or parole is overdue. A bill that's part of a criminal justice reform package is gaining support.

Editorials Why is Missouri dropping thousands of children from its Medicaid rolls? Missouri has removed about 70,000 people, including more than 50,000 children, from its Medicaid program. But parents report they aren't receiving state paperwork in time to respond to eligibility questions.

Editorials Amazon still isn’t coming to Missouri as long as we’re a state that discriminates After Amazon announced that it would not be locating its HQ2 in New York City, Missouri Gov. Mike Parson tweeted that our state is “open for business.” But Missouri still has some work to do to woo tech companies.

Editorials Missouri voters have spoken on right-to-work law. Why do Republicans want a do-over? Some Republicans in Missouri want a statewide vote on putting a so-called right-to-work provision in the state constitution. Voters have already spoken on the issue, and they said no.

Editorials Calling same-sex marriages ‘parody’? There’s nothing funny about bigoted Kansas bill Several Kansas lawmakers have introduced two offensive, misguided marriage bills. One calls same-sex unions “parody marriage,” while the other creates optional “elevated marriages” for heterosexual couples.

Editorials Is runoff for KC mayor, council a ‘municipal election’? Incredibly, some officials say no Kansas Citians will elect a new mayor and City Council on June 18. A petition group wants a vote on economic incentives on that ballot, but incredibly, some at City Hall say it isn't a “municipal” election.

Editorials Missouri lawmakers trying to overrule voters on minimum wage hike aren’t short on gall Months after Missouri voters approved a minimum wage increase, Republican lawmakers are working to undo Proposition B. New bills would repeal the minimum wage increase and create a lower wage for young workers.

Editorials The no-bid fiasco: Gov. Laura Kelly left with another Sam Brownback mess to clean up A no-bid contract awarded to CGI Technologies by Sam Brownback's administration was supposed to improve the state's tax processing system. But the move backfired, leaving Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly with a mess.

Editorials After judge blames child victim in sex case, Kansas AG pushes for needed fix to state law Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt is right to push for a new law to protect young victims of sex crimes. It's wrong, he says, to cut sentences for offenders after finding the victims were the “aggressors.”

Editorials KC-area police using Neighbors app to fight crime. Does it encourage racial profiling? The Kansas City Police Department and other metro law enforcement agencies are using the Neighbors app from the surveillance company Ring to fight crime. But where's the oversight to protect individuals' rights?

Editorials Where were UMKC officials when softball coach wouldn’t stay out of women’s locker room? How did UMKC respond to complaints that assistant softball coach Greg Bachkora sexually harassed players and barged into the women's locker room? Instead of protecting players, the school retaliated against them.

Editorials Is Kansas ready to allow medical marijuana? Lawmakers should say yes this year Kansas legislators have introduced a medical marijuana bill. There are potential problems with the proposal, but it's a good place to start an important conversation about using cannabis for pain relief.

Editorials Sen. Roy Blunt wants to speed confirmation of Trump nominees. Democrats should say yes Too many appointees to federal courts and agencies are subjected to months of delay before getting a confirmation vote. Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt has a plan to change that, and the Senate should consider it.

Editorials In red and blue states, abortion extremists and powerful lobbies extend a war without end Legislation being proposed in Kansas and Missouri would effectively ban abortion under state law. But extremists on the other end of the spectrum want almost no limits. So we fight on, empowering Donald Trump.

Editorials Hey Missouri, you know why every other state has an opioid tracking system? Missouri is finally moving in the right direction after 10 frustrating years of failing to create a statewide prescription drug monitoring system. A bill sponsored by Rep. Holly Rehder has a real chance of passing.

Editorials ‘We may be close to declaring a public health emergency.’ Why is syphilis surging in KC? The surge in syphilis cases in Kansas City suggests it's time to have a serious community-wide discussion about the spread of infectious diseases. Adequate funding is needed for education and prevention.

Editorials Kansas Senate just passed a reckless tax cut. Is it a sign of more disasters to come? Kansas Republicans seem intent on cutting Gov. Laura Kelly out of important issues, including taxes, schools, Medicaid and more. The GOP should abandon that approach and find ways to move Kansas forward.

Editorials How much will new KCI terminal cost travelers? Airlines’ agreement finally provides answers Six of the eight airlines serving KCI have agreed on a $1.5 billion price tag for the new airport terminal. That won't cost passengers a significant amount, and the City Council should move forward with the deal.

The Springfield News Leader - Editorials
As of (01/16/2019) at 08:15 PM

How suicide affects our sense of the world

Letters for January 17: Mass shootings, Steve Alford and more

'Your hair is beautiful … oh so beautiful!'

Opinion Restore the right of sentencing to jurors Restore the right of sentencing to jurors I do not think that only one person should have the power and the right to decide that someone should be executed in the name of Missouri residents. Opinion 4 days, 2 hours ago

Readers Letters for January 13: Governor, commission and more Letters for January 13: Governor, commission and more See what readers are talking about this week. Readers 4 days, 3 hours ago

Opinion Legalizing recreational marijuana a complex issue Legalizing recreational marijuana a complex issue Legalization of marijuana continues to be a very hot topic here in Missouri. Opinion 5 days, 2 hours ago

Opinion The surprise returned The surprise returned We discovered joy comes when surprised by a gift we were not looking for. Opinion 6 days ago

Opinion Remember our World War II veterans' sacrifices Remember our World War II veterans' sacrifices Thank you, veterans, for our freedom. Opinion 1 week ago

Opinion And rotate the tires, too And rotate the tires, too We continue to to send the message that we're willing to pay through the nose for auto repairs, but only through a tight fist to educate our children. Opinion 1 week ago

Readers Letters for January 6: ERA, bickering, Medicaid and more Letters for January 6: ERA, bickering, Medicaid and more See what readers are talking about this week. Readers 1 week, 4 days ago

Opinion 5 ways to help curb global warming 5 ways to help curb global warming Global warming is not a new topic, but the dire worldwide ramifications are in greater focus recently as new reports get released. Opinion 1 week, 5 days ago

Opinion Thank you for the privilege of being your Attorney General Thank you for the privilege of being your Attorney General I promise to continue the fight as your next U.S. Senator. Opinion 2 weeks, 4 days ago

Readers Letters for Dec. 30: Christmas, middle college and more Letters for Dec. 30: Christmas, middle college and more See what readers are talking about this week. Readers 2 weeks, 4 days ago

Opinion Reflecting on 2018 Reflecting on 2018 Good, bad or indifferent to the changes, the ending and beginning of a calendar year make the perfect time to reflect. Opinion 2 weeks, 5 days ago

Opinion The magic of a story The magic of a story Any insights you may receive are exactly the ones that were intended for you. Opinion 3 weeks ago

Opinion A message to Springfield area sexual assault survivors A message to Springfield area sexual assault survivors Sometimes clarity is found by seeing through the lens of others. Opinion 3 weeks, 4 days ago

Opinion Government display of cross is a constitutional, not religious, issue Government display of cross is a constitutional, not religious, issue Every American, regardless of their religion, ought to be standing with the First Amendment, not against it. Opinion 3 weeks, 4 days ago

Opinion Merry Christmas, Amanda! Merry Christmas, Amanda! A gentle reminder that in the rush to accomplish things, there are opportunities every day to just provide a moment of comfort or friendship. Opinion 3 weeks, 4 days ago

Readers Letters for Dec. 23: Christmas and mass killings Letters for Dec. 23: Christmas and mass killings See what readers are talking about this week. Readers 3 weeks, 4 days ago

Opinion Here's what's going on at The Rare Breed Here's what's going on at The Rare Breed The Kitchen has graduated from being a provider of food and clothing to at-risk youth and is focused on empowering them to make changes in their life. Opinion 3 weeks, 5 days ago

The Independence Examiner - Editorials
As of (06/25/2015) at 11:54 AM

Teens, learn life-saving driving skills Posted at 11:00 AM The Bridgestone Teens Drive Smart Driving Experience, with its innovative and potentially life-saving instructional program, will visit our area on June 27 and 28 to help combat the ongoing problem of motor vehicle crashes among teens. Session...

Landgren cartoon: Farewell, pink flamingo creator Updated at 10:59 AM Don Landgren cartoon about the death of the pink flamingo’s creator. .mgnl175{margin-left:175px;} .childCatAd{display:inline-block!important;width:650px;}

The Columbia Missourian - Editorials
As of (02/21/2019) at 12:59 PM

Opinion STEVE SPELLMAN: We may have Wi-Fi, but we"re missing the night sky Light pollution near any significant city or town dulls our view of the heavens, even on a cloudless night.

DARKOW: Missouri River Bridge Editorial Cartoon by John Darkow

DARKOW: Playing through an emergency Editorial cartoon by John Darkow

EDITORIAL: Minimum wage isn"t a red state/blue state issue St. Louis Post-Dispatch This state-by-state, piecemeal approach could drive businesses from high-wage states to lower-wage ones, hurting the workers it was meant to help. The solution is a nationwide $15 minimum.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Set a standard for politicians who need to step down Tracey L. Rogers Forgiveness may be possible, but remaining in office only compounds wounds rooted in this country's unforgivable past.

STEVE SPELLMAN: We may have Wi-Fi, but we"re missing the night sky Steve Spellman Light pollution near any significant city or town dulls our view of the heavens, even on a cloudless night.

DARKOW: Missouri River Bridge John Darkow Editorial Cartoon by John Darkow

GUEST COMMENTARY: Confusing costs of cancer care distress anxious patients Mary Politi The problem is so significant that the National Cancer Institute has a term for this: financial toxicity.

EDITORIAL: Medicaid eligibility crackdown hurts Missouri families St. Louis Post-Dispatch Genuinely needy recipients are dropped without warning or find themselves unable to quickly comply with requests for documentation, and then having trouble getting back on.

EDITORIAL: Lawmakers should not allow sale of state parks Joplin Globe A bill has been introduced in the state legislature that would force the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to sell the nearly 4,200 acres of Eleven Point State Park in Oregon County.

DARKOW: Playing through an emergency John Darkow Editorial cartoon by John Darkow

KEN MIDKIFF: Like it or not, religious beliefs depend on where you live Ken Midkiff The “one true church” of your belief depends to a large degree upon geography. In Ireland, you"re likely to be Catholic. In Memphis, you"re probably Baptist.

EDITORIAL: There is no "emergency" along the border, Mr. Trump St. Louis Post-Dispatch Republicans should be concerned about the precedent Trump is setting. He empowers the next Democratic president to use the same tactic to advance whatever political agenda he or she wants.

EDITORIAL: Lawmakers: Don"t overturn voters on minimum wage Kansas City Star Just months after the state voted in favor of boosting the minimum wage, GOP lawmakers are hard at work undermining the will of 62.3 percent of Missouri voters who approved Proposition B.

DARKOW: Sick of winter John Darkow Editorial cartoon by John Darkow

GUEST COMMENTARY: If you hate campaign season, blame money in politics Sarah Anderson Candidates bolt out of the gates because they know it takes a long time to raise the mega-millions required for a White House run.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Let"s reimagine rural health care in Missouri Ann Schlueter Rural Missourians are statistically less affluent, older and more likely to have chronic health conditions than their metro counterparts. They also are less likely to have health insurance.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Don't give Trump $5.7B for his wall. Offer him more. David McGee A choice between security and compassion is a false choice. We can do both.

DARKOW: CPS redistricting John Darkow Editorial cartoon by John Darkow

SANDY DAVIDSON: Socialism? We all benefit from it in many ways Sandy Davidson We aren't a purely socialist country, but we're not a purely capitalist country, either. We're a hybrid that raises us above the worst excesses of both.

Columbia Daily Tribune - Editorials
As of (02/21/2019) at 12:59 PM

Tribune's View: Manthe probe needs a third party perspective

Tribune's View: Fourth Ward needs a write-in candidate

Tribune's View: Will lawmakers rollback minimum wage?

Tribune's View: Will Sen. Rowden save us from darkness?

Tribune's View: Lucky for us, John Glascock is having second thoughts

Tribune's View: Boone sheriff's silence benefits no one

Tribune's View: NCAA penalties against Mizzou teach the wrong lesson

Tribune's View: New interim chief strikes the right tone

Tribune's View: Gov. Parson's budget gambit

Tribune's View: Boone County clerk takes a step in the wrong direction

Tribune's View: Columbia should pay for Trump campaign stop - this time

Tribune's View: Words have consequences

Tribune's View: Ken Burton doesn't have to be fired to be finished

Tribune's View: City manager contract didn't protect Columbia

Tribune's View: Bird keeps messing where it nests

Tribune's View: Would Columbia police rather knock on doors or kick them down?

Tribune's View: Make Missouri dull again

Tribune's View: Matthes resignation raises questions

Tribune's View: Send Reisch, Stevens, Plank and Skelton to Jeff City

Tribune's View: Vote Atwill, Dietzel in county races

St. Joseph News-Press - Editorials
As of (02/21/2019) at 12:59 PM

Is this why we developed Mitchell Woods?

Stop the initiative petition madness

Are You Suffering from Awards Fatigue?

This deal isn't very artful

Rise of robots shows need for education

George Will column

It's time for a reality check on marijuana

A challenge to embrace common sense

Coach was about more than X's and O's

Infrastructure tests dysfunction level of Congress

Voluntary inspections don't make sense

The Joplin Globe - Editorials
As of (02/21/2019) at 01:00 PM

Kate Rhoades: 'Fake news' and weaponizing social media “Fake news” — I don't think that I am the only one who sometimes feels that our president invented this term to distract us from the news reporting that does not please him.

George Will: Legislators who abide trashing of the Constitution should be expelled from public life ANNAPOLIS, Md. — America's most improbably popular governor, a Republican beginning his second term in perhaps the bluest state, resembles a beer keg with an attitude. Stocky and blunt, Larry Hogan, whose job approval is in the high 70s, has won twice in the state with the highest percentage…

Our View: School CBD policies needed now It's a rapidly changing landscape when it comes to the way schools approach drug-testing of students who participate in sports and other extracurricular activities.

Rachel Marsden: US should resist the urge to use mercenaries in place of troops PARIS — U.S. President Donald Trump has expressed a clear aversion to war. As he said in his recent State of the Union address: "As a candidate for president, I pledged a new approach. Great nations do not fight endless wars."

Robert B. Reich: Howard Schultz's presidential run is a reckless one America is the only place in the world where any citizen over the age of 35 can run for president. No experience in government necessary. No support from a political party necessary. You don't even have to have any ideas or policy proposals.

Our View: Cancer funding positive step We join all those childhood cancer victims, their parents and families, all of those pediatric doctors and all of those scientists and researchers, in supporting President Donald Trump's call to spend an additional $500 million in the war on childhood cancer.

William Fleischaker: Oncologist paid high price - his life Dr. Robert Carter, of Carthage, died on Feb. 8. The official records pertaining to his death will say he died of natural causes. The truth is that Bob Carter was killed — killed by Big Pharma and his own government.

Your View: Letters to the editor Adrift in a sea of information

Our view: Curb teen vaping Both the Missouri General Assembly and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration should take swift action to curtail vaping among teens.

Trudy Rubin: Will the U.S. betray Afghan women in talks with Taliban? As a Trump envoy talks with the Taliban about a possible peace deal for Afghanistan, educated Afghan women fear they will be sold out.

Other view: Adult tuition grants have merit When it comes to education funding in Missouri, there are a lot of outstretched hands.

Herb Van Fleet: America's 'Great Experiment' at risk In his State of the Union address, President Donald Trump announced, “Tonight, we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country.” Well, Mr. President, that ship has already sailed.

Steve and Cokie Roberts: Snow doesn't quiet Midwest voice It snowed on Amy Klobuchar as she announced her run for president. And while that might be a bad omen for some candidates, the icy weather accurately symbolizes her appeal.

Our View: Pantries help, but not the solution Consider that 60 percent of the Joplin School District's students qualify for free or reduced lunches. Those are districtwide numbers. At some of Joplin's individual schools, the percentages are closer to 80 and 90 percent.

Geoff Caldwell: New letter sheds light on founding faith The thing I find most fascinating about human history is that no matter how much we think we know, the only thing known certain is that on any given day we will wake up to news of yet another piece discovered.

Your View: Letters to the editor Editorial cartoon insulting

John Kass: A teaching moment from Virginia Democrats If there were a state that could educate Americans on politics and what happens when virtue smacks up against raw political power, you'd have to say it's Virginia.

Gina Barreca: The perils of going online in the middle of the night Whatever you're doing out of a sense of desperation at 2 a.m., odds are that it's not going to be one of your healthiest choices.

Gene Lyons: In Virginia, forgiveness is embedded in history I have long loved the Commonwealth of Virginia, and everything else being equal, I might have chosen to live there. The sheer beauty of the state's pastoral and mountainous landscapes soothed a New Jersey boy's heart. Walking across the University of Virginia campus along the white-pillared …

Our view: You can help sick kids You have a wonderful opportunity to help children in need of serious medical care — and along the way, you might just become a new homeowner.

The Jefferson City News Tribune - Editorials
As of (02/21/2019) at 01:00 PM

Republicans who abide Trump's trashing of the Constitution should be expelled from public life: ANNAPOLIS, Md. - America's most improbably popular governor, a Republican beginning his second term in perhaps the bluest state, resembles...

Reducing atmospheric carbon: Theresa SullivanJefferson CityDear Editor:U.S. Rep. Theodore Deutch introduced The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2019, H.

FFA brings value to Show-Me State: Agriculture is Missouri's top economic industry, and the Missouri FFA is one organization that has helped the industry to thrive...

Your Opinion: Power grab perpetrated as emergency: Power grab perpetrated as emergencyJudith JonesJefferson CityDear Editor:I am horrified by the current power grab being perpetrated in what is...

Bipartisan solution for global warming: By Jeff HolzemThe frigid weather gripping much of the country recently reminds me of what we experienced last fall.

Your Opinion: True cost of long-distance rail travel: Bert DirschellCentertownDear Editor:In 2008, California voters passed a measure authorizing the issue of $9.

Keep public notices public: Again this year, bills in the Missouri Legislature would effectively hide public notices from the public.

Your Opinion: Free socialism would cost trillions: I am very concerned about our country with all the political talk about the word "free" for things we pay...

Your Opinion: Wrong for Missouri: Missouri Senate Bill 391 (SB 391) summary — "Under this act, any order, ordinances, rules, or regulations promulgated by county...

Your Opinion: 'It is life, it is being': Modern liberalism is the cancer of our times, something obscure or hard to understand.

Perils of going online in the middle of the night: Whatever you're doing out of a sense of desperation at 2 a.m., odds are that it's not going to be...

From the Editor: New comic to appear in Sunday papers: Beginning Feb. 24, the News Tribune will add an old favorite to our new Sunday comics lineup. "Marmaduke," a cartoon...

Your Opinion: A Valentine's Day look at femininity: Tom AultJefferson CityDear Editor:Perhaps this should have been written a few days earlier, but getting caught up in too many...

Viewpoint: Missourians in for a tax-time surprise: Tax time is no time for surprises. Unfortunately, many middle- and lower-income Missouri taxpayers are in for quite a shock...

Your Opinion: Confronting racism, even from a president: Robert HaslagJefferson CityDear Editor:My last submission and this one give me no joy, though some assume so.

Your Opinion: Hypocrisy and double standards: Wanda RoamJefferson CityDear Editor:Hypocrisy and double standards abound in America. Racism has become the trigger word for the liberals.

Perspective: Great bend in the Osage: Many people have probably never been to Osage Bend unless it's been to a wedding or a parish picnic, but...

Your Opinion: Disregard for human life: Harold HorstmannLohmanDear Editor:I call your attention to two articles which should interest your readers and I would hope cause Christians...

Our Opinion: Legislature finally receptive to PDMP: We're encouraged that the Missouri Legislature finally appears to be open to passing a prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) for...

Perspective: Holiday is reminder of privilege of being American: Holiday is reminder of privilege of being AmericanAmerican history is often defined by who leads our country.

The Southeast Missourian - Editorials
As of (02/21/2019) at 01:00 PM

Old Town Cape to mark 20th anniversary at annual dinner (2/21/19) Old Town Cape, the downtown organization that promotes growth and development in Cape Girardeau's downtown district, will host its annual dinner on Feb. 28 at Isle Casino Cape Girardeau. This year's dinner will celebrate the 20-year milestone of the organization's founding...

55 athletes selected as Semoball Awards finalists (2/19/19) On July 13,, The Southeast Missourian, rustmedia and other daily newspapers in Southeast Missouri will put on the sixth annual Semoball Awards show, a glamorous evening to recognize the best athletes in the region for their athletic and academic accomplishments...

Congratulations to Jim Riley on university award (2/15/19) If you've seen Jim Riley in his element, you've seen his high-energy approach to life. He is a marketing man, a visionary, and much more. Riley will be honored with the Southeast Missouri State University Foundation's Friend of the University award for 2019. He will be presented the award as part of the annual President's Council Dinner tonight at the River Campus...

Some love and humor for your Valentine's Day (2/14/19) Perhaps more than any other holiday, Valentine's Day is complicated. It's a day to celebrate love and romance, and those terms have different definitions depending on who you are and where you're at in your life. Single people can loathe Valentine's Day...

Jackson, Cape galas raise money for public schools (2/12/19) Cape Girardeau's and Jackson's school district foundations have both held fund-raising galas recently, which means thousands of more dollars will be available for teachers to bring improved learning techniques to students. The Cape Public Schools Foundation uses the Penguin Party dinner and auction that was held on Saturday to fund teacher grants for innovation in the classroom. ...

Newspaper to host tours of printing press for school groups (2/11/19) The Washington Post Super Bowl ad aimed to remind people across the country the importance of journalism in a free society. From the civil rights movement, to terrorist attacks to international journalists who were killed for reporting the news, the ad served as a reminder journalists are placed in the middle of controversial and sometimes dangerous stories. ...

Workshop series a learning opportunity for business leaders (2/8/19) Several local organizations make it their business to help small business. One that may not get as much attention as some of the others is The Small Business Technology Development Center, or SBTDC, which has an office at 920 Broadway, where Jakob Pallesen works as the director...

Writers put their talent to good use with new books (2/7/19) Reporter Marybeth Niederkorn works day in and day out to bring our readers news on business, Jackson public affairs, education and community. She hustles in and out of public meetings, over to city hall for checks on business licenses. She loves interviewing people about their passions and enjoys writing stories about endeavors in our community to help people, such as the Safe House...

Jefferson principal leading a cultural shift (2/6/19) Of all the people in Cape Girardeau who wield influence -- from politicians to media personnel, police and law figures to business and economic leaders -- few have more potential to shape Cape Girardeau's future for the better than an energetic school principal named Leigh Ragsdale...

International hub combines spaces, resources for students (2/5/19) A hub for Southeast Missouri State international students is now open and providing both space and services for students and visiting scholars. Located at 1025 N. Sprigg St, the International Village serves several functions and combines space for SEMO's Office of International Education and Services (IES) and the Intensive English Program, or IEP. ...

Nickell's collection is important for historical preservation (2/4/19) Locally renowned historian Frank Nickell has been collecting documents and local artifacts for a long time. His collection of history of a 27-county area in Southeast Missouri will be preserved in the hands of the Kellerman Foundation for Historic Preservation...

Packing meals at prison will do more than feed the hungry (2/1/19) La Croix Church is working with prison officials to love two birds with one stone, to bend a metaphor. By setting up a program where prisoners can pack meals for impoverished children, the church is helping not just impoverished children in barren countries, it is also helping inmates experience the joy of giving...

Hamilton shared important message at gala (1/31/19) Scott Hamilton, the famous gold medalist ice skater, estimates he has fallen 41,000 times. That's a lot of getting back up. Hamilton was the guest speaker at SoutheastHEALTH Foundation's third annual Journey Gala at the Drury Plaza Conference Center in Cape Girardeau earlier this month...

Taking the plunge for Special Olympics (1/29/19) It's getting very cold, which can only mean one thing: it's plunge time. The Special Olympics is holding its biggest fundraiser of the year on Feb. 2, the annual Polar Plunge event, where crazy, civic-minded people don costumes and run into cold lake water...

Catholic schools celebrate week by serving others (1/28/19) National Catholic Schools Week begins today, and Catholic teachers and students all over the region will be involved in various activities to mark the occasion. For example, today at St. Mary Cathedral School in Cape Girardeau, the students will hold an assembly to award the Distinguished Graduate Award to Thomas M. Meyer. ...

Southeast Hall of Fame; and how about that punt? (1/25/19) Several former Southeast Missouri State University athletes and coaches will be honored tonight at the annual hall of fame of fame dinner and reception. This year's class honors former two-sport athlete Tom Brennecke posthumously, who competed in football and was a sprinter, at Southeast from 1954-57. ...

How can you help stop human trafficking? (1/24/19) Do you know the signs of human trafficking? It's a startling question to ask, but one worth considering if you're interested in helping curtail this type of crime. Human trafficking is the second highest crime in the U.S., after drug offenses, one expert said recently...

Jackson business leaders honored at annual dinner (1/22/19) Several local businessmen and women were recognized Friday night at the Jackson Chamber of Commerce annual banquet at the Jackson Civic Center. Jackson attorney Tom Ludwig was given the top individual recognition, the R.A. Fulenwider award, for his civic involvement...

Local events help community remember King's legacy (1/18/19) On Monday, the nation will celebrate the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., especially his contributions to the Civil Rights movement. There will be several events in the coming days to honor King's commitment for inclusion and equality, events organized by Debra Mitchell-Braxton who has dedicated countless hours to keep King's work at the top of mind for the Cape Girardeau community...

Ivers statue project takes another step forward (1/17/19) Old Town Cape received word recently that the Missouri Humanities Council has awarded a $10,000 grant to erect a statue of a black union soldier at Ivers Square, the courthouse grounds so-named for a freed slave who enlisted in Cape Girardeau to fight in the Civil War...

Sedalia Democrat - Editorials
As of (06/29/2015) at 11:56 AM

B&G Club launches drive for new wheels Leah Landon understands the necessity for reliable transportation.

Sedalia has many fine attributes Niche ( used to be a site that just ranked schools around the country, both K-12 and college by combining student reviews, professional opinions and piles of raw data. They recently started applying the Niche system to rank cities around the...

Sedalia Brick was once a cornerstone city's industry In the 1880s, Sedalia was still experiencing the burst of growth that followed the Civil War. Business was thriving, the city's population was growing, and new buildings were being erected. Sedalia's builders were using approximately 3.5...

Rain's impact seeping into all areas The wet weather that has nearly drowned west central Missouri over the past six weeks is much more than an annoyance. Gov. Jay Nixon's declaration of a state of emergency makes that point clear, but the impact of all of that rain is being felt...

Plan B works in a pinch My sister Libby, mother and I have been talking about bucket lists. I haven't developed a bucket list, as my family genes give me a good chance of staying on this planet for a long time. But our lives have changed over the past year, and so we...

Bottling companies have Sedalia history In the 18th century, British chemist Joseph Priestly developed a way to infuse water with carbon dioxide to produce carbonated water. The bubbly water became popular particularly in tonics, mixtures of herbs, roots, and flavorings suspended in...

Dolezal's race claims 'unfortunate' By now you've probably heard the story of Rachel Dolezal, the head of the Spokane, Wash., NAACP who has been accused of misrepresenting her race.

Surprising love for a 'common man' We all have guilty pleasures — those things we love that others either don't understand or think are too kitschy, low-brow or just plain dumb to embrace. For some, it's romance novels or collections of “Star Wars” toys.

To vacuum or not to vacuum The vacuum cleaner has been sitting in our living room for the past week, beckoning to me, its siren song tantalizing me to come to it, plug it in, use it. But I just haven't found the time, energy, or willingness to heed its call. If I leave it...

Of pranks and paranoia I just got back from my fourth year as a counselor at Gateway Hemophilia Association's Camp Notaclotamongus at Living Well Village in Imperial and I've got to say that it went pretty well.

Beloved teacher, principal dies in 1903 In 1882, Sedalia boasted four public schools — Broadway School, Lincoln School, Washington School and Franklin School. According to the 1882 History of Pettis County, Franklin School was built in 1870 on an elevated site at the corner of...

A Stark truth: Ragtimers show fun side Martin Spitznagel knows what many people say about the music he loves.

Exploring sights, sounds of Southern California I am not a Los Angeles fan; the city is too big, too sprawling, too car-infested for me. I much prefer northern California. Regardless of the traffic, that area offers much more for me in the way of entertainment and relaxation: the Muir Woods,...

Not all bugs are the enemy Technically, summer doesn't begin in a strictly scientific sense until the Summer Solstice on June 21, but for practical purposes the signs are all around us: the number of garage sales is going up, our kids are starting to leave for camp and...

Sedalians attempt to drill Artesian well, get rich quick During the late 19th century, Sedalia mounted several schemes to use mineral resources to make large amounts of money.

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