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As of (02/27/2015) at 04:23 PM

Messenger: From voicemail to voicemail: The short political life and times of Tom Schweich

Remembering Tom Schweich, 1960-2015

FAIR: McCaskill and Nixon right to support Cuba

FAIR: Macro v. Micro: A peace offering in the beer wars?

FOUL: Paper or plastic? Yet another issue to argue about


How to write a letter to the editor

Redmayne's Oscar win is a motivator

At least NLEC is doing something for the homeless

Use stadium money to help attract government agency

Ethical considerations for goose eggs, but not for human babies?

How can Ameren charge fixed-income customers more?

Things will change very little with Rauner in charge

Republicans' de facto veto of Medicaid expansion

GOP won't expand Medicaid even though it would be good for business

Un-American statements about the president

Acting like beggars for a football stadium

An incomplete history of revered abolitionists

Now you know

A new promise to Missouri families

Kansas City Star - Editorials
As of (02/27/2015) at 04:23 PM

Ignore Wei-Hock Soon, a paid denier of climate change When it comes to climate change, the outnumbered but well-funded “skeptics” in the fossil fuel industry get what they pay for, and it often involves Wei-Hock Soon.

Tom Schweich’s death is a loss for Missouri Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich was a dedicated public servant and a person of honor and integrity. His death on Thursday, reportedly from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, is a tragedy for his family and the state.

Congress must end the national theater of silliness and fund Homeland Security Unless the problem is solved, the mammoth, post-9/11 department will shut down, idling about 30,000 of its 230,000 employees. As during the last GOP-forced government shutdown that lasted 16 days in October 2013, essential employees would continue working but without regular paychecks.

Full investigation of Liberty School District bullying incident is needed Liberty Middle School has an anti-bullying policy. But something went badly wrong last week when 12-year-old Blake Kitchen ended up in the hospital after being beaten unconscious by an older, much larger boy.

Support Mayor Mark Holland’s progressive leadership with good election choices in Wyandotte County Making its recommendations for next Tuesday's primary election in Wyandotte County, The Star's editorial board writes that support for Mayor Mark Holland on the Unified Government Board of Commissioners is precarious, so it is essential that voters choose carefully.

Monday Poll results: Should Missouri legalize marijuana? This week we asked for your thoughts about legalizing marijuana in Missouri. And you answered, though it’s apparent that some of you got your friends to answer, too. Here are the results of the unscientific survey, based on more than 7,000 responses.

Sam Brownback’s tax cuts create a new problem: risky pension bonds for taxpayers Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback and other state officials are reviewing a financially risky measure that they contend could help protect pensions for tens of thousands of teachers plus city, county and state employees. However, the Legislature should not quickly sign off on a scheme with such long-term consequences for taxpayers.

The Monday Poll: Is it time to legalize marijuana in Missouri? At least two petition drives are underway to give Missouri voters the chance in 2016 to legalize the use of marijuana in the state. We’d like to hear your views on this topic.

Stop unhealthy cuts to Kansas City’s indigent care providers Truman Medical Center and other agencies that provide health care to the less fortunate are reeling because of recent moves to slash their public funding. The decreases for the safety net agencies are unreasonable, especially after what happened just two years ago.

Conservation Commission expansion is reasonable, but major fixes aren’t needed in a Missouri success story Lawmakers and others are right to question whether the Conservation Department, whose annual expenditures amount to less than 1 percent of the Missouri budget, uses its tax money wisely. But pulling the plug on one of Missouri’s exemplary successes is absolutely the wrong way to go about it.

Capitol Watch: A ‘poor’ politician and Kansas’ new sex education bill In an unusual turn of events, this week rolled by with no eyepopping announcements emerging from Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s office. That in itself was news. And dutiful politicians on both sides of the state line provided us with much more.

Hickman Mills leads in early childhood learning With the conversion of a former middle school into a haven for preschool and kindergarten students, the Hickman Mills School District is able to offer full-day preschool to all 4-year-old children in its boundaries. Educators around the area will be watching its outcomes closely.

Gov. Jay Nixon must fix the Kansas City police board mess Making a mockery of state control of the Kansas City Police Department, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has dragged his heels in replacing a police board member who resigned more than nine months ago.

Missouri shouldn’t limit welfare before making other changes Republicans in the Missouri Senate acted in the spirit of compromise when they backed away from very harsh proposals aimed at removing families from welfare rolls. But even the softer version, which is expected to be moved along to the House, will impose hardships on families and worsen problems such as hunger and homelessness unless lawmakers correct some longstanding issues.

Monday Poll results: Your views on the rescinding of LGBT protections for state workers in Kansas In this week’s Monday Poll we asked what you thought about Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s executive decision to rescind protections for LGBT state workers. Here are the rather unsurprising results.

Make Kansas mental health facility in Osawatomie safer The upgrades to Osawatomie State Hospital are to bring it into federal compliance to prevent patient injuries and suicides. It’s a necessary expense for the state, which is scrambling to fill a multimillion-dollar budget hole caused by income tax cuts.

Keep an eye on the St. Louis stadium deal The proposed football stadium in St. Louis has a long way to go toward final approval. But Kansas City officials should keep close tabs on it to make sure taxpayers here and their state tax dollars don’t become part of an overly generous deal to keep the NFL there.

The vital sound of music from the Folk Alliance International When Kansas Citians tote up the pieces that define our cultural landscape, it’s gratifying to include the Folk Alliance International among the important assets. This week the city again becomes the center of a mostly acoustic music universe, when the alliance presents its annual conference and new Music Fair.

Changes should benefit downtown Kansas City bus riders Proposed bus route changes should make it more convenient to get around downtown while helping the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority provide better on-time service to riders. Bus officials should focus on meeting those two goals over the next few years

Mayor Sly James pushes new Kansas City budget, but will the City Council agree? If City Council members give Mayor Sly James a free ride on the new city budget, it should sail through City Hall. If council members push back with questions on spending for the Fire Department, capital improvements and other issues, the final budget could look different than the one that rolled off the presses last week.

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The Independence Examiner - Editorials
As of (02/27/2015) at 04:23 PM

Winter weather advisory posted; snow expected Updated at 4:04 PM Snow – maybe a good amount of it – is expected this weekend. The National Weather Service has posted a winter weather advisory for the western half of Missouri and most of Kansas. For the metro area, it runs from 9 a.m. Saturday to 6 p.m. Sunday. The Weather Service expects 2 to 4 inches of snow Saturday and another 1 to 2 inches Sunday. Snow should start in the metro area around noon Saturday. There’s an 80... --

Ride & Drive: 2015 Audi R8 Updated at 4:02 PM “If only Tony Stark’s suit came with the car,” I fired off in an email to my friends at Audi shortly after I received delivery of the 2015 Audi R8 V10 Plus test vehicle this week.

Heavy snow possible this weekend Updated at 3:38 PM Snow – maybe a good amount of it – is expected this weekend. The National Weather Service says snow should start in the metro area around noon Saturday. There’s an 80 percent chance of snow, and 1 to 2... .mgnl175{margin-left:175px;} .childCatAd{display:inline-block!important;width:650px;}

The Columbia Missourian - Editorials
As of (02/27/2015) at 04:23 PM

EDITORIAL: Missouri women shouldn't let mixed signals take away from real problems By St. Louis Post-Dispatch : Wage discrepancies, a dearth of child care centers, higher poverty rates and a lack of adequate health insurance are all issues that affect Missouri women.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Executing mentally incompetent killer is pointless by William E. "Gene" Robertson : Mr. Clayton may not realize what he is facing or what he is experiencing at the time of his execution, but we will and we are not mentally or morally incompetent.

GEORGE KENNEDY: City still struggling to address strain on basic services by George Kennedy : Currently there"s a dispute over whether to create a "blue ribbon commission" to take another look at our future needs for such basics of modern civilization as adequate sewers, potable water, electricity to power our computers and reasonably smooth roads.

EDITORIAL: Popular Conservation Department in legislative cross-hairs by Joplin Globe : We"re not sure why Missouri lawmakers would want to intrude upon one of the most successful operations in our state. In fact, the model used for the Missouri Department of Conservation is considered one of the best in the nation.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Fuel taxes back on the table in Missouri legislature by Joseph Miller : A fuel tax, unlike sales taxes, is a fair and economically sound way of funding roads.

EDITORIAL: High price of America's policy against ransom payments to terrorists by Arizona Republic : Kayla Mueller"s family has a hard time accepting the policy, but paying ransom money to terrorists will only serve to make it exponentially more dangerous for everyone.

EDITORIAL: If facts mattered, Medicaid would be a slam dunk in Missouri by St. Louis Post-Dispatch : A report prepared by Deloitte Consulting found that everything promised by Medicaid expansion proponents in Kentucky has come true. The same thing has happened in most of the 28 states that, unlike Missouri, have expanded Medicaid.

EDITORIAL: 'Impoverished' Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder seeks a per diem by Jefferson City News Tribune : Kinder has asked lawmakers to give him a daily expense allowance to offset his “gradual impoverishment.” He makes $86,000 a year and maintains two homes.

DAVID ROSMAN: Missouri is ready to put a cap on payday loans by David Rosman : HB 820 would cap the interest rate on payday loans at 36 percent annually.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Scott Walker gets a few lessons on pre-campaign trail by Byron York : In London, the governor of Wisconsin and Republican presidential hopeful wanted to talk about cheese, but his audience wanted to talk about sticky topics.

GUEST COMMENTARY: If your armed neighbor is angry, move by Mitchell Zimmerman : What kind of country do we live in, where it’s legal for a man to bring a weapon to a noise complaint? Or a parking dispute?

EDITORIAL: Most voters want government to cut spending by St. Joseph News-Press : So deep is American support for government to rein in spending that even boosters of the military, a traditionally strong area, do not come through unscathed.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Some leaders take climate concern more seriously than others by Michael Brune : Polls show that the American people — including a majority of Republican voters — overwhelmingly want the government to take climate action and promote clean energy.

EDITORIAL: Stingy legislators strike again with petty bills by St. Louis Post-Dispatch : HB 129 would charge inmates to visit the infirmary. Since the state pays a flat fee to medical providers, this won"t save any money.

EDITORIAL: Missouri highways a wreck waiting to happen by Joplin Globe : There may not be enough state money to qualify for Missouri’s share of federal highway funds, which means the federal gasoline taxes Missourians pay at the pump will end up going to other states.

EDITORIAL: Packing heat on campus — so many things could go wrong by The Kansas City Star : Gun advocates have identified a new scene where bans on firearms must be lifted: college campuses, but the idea has deadly potential.

EDITORIAL: Rebuke for Obama's immigration order is justly deserved by The Wall Street Journal : Despite wide support of a generous immigration policy, a judge"s decision in Texas demonstrates that Obama"s political whims are the wrong way to get there.

EDITORIAL: Virtual schools not a quality option for Missouri by Jefferson City News Tribune : Virtual or cyber-based schools are a topic of legislative discussion in Jefferson City, but with no accountability from the state"s department of education or motivation to learn from students, they"re not a solution.

DEAR READER: The weather from Planet Boone is much more than a forecast by Tom Warhover : No green screen, no Doppler radar, no five-day forecast graphic — the forecast from Planet Boone is the Missourian"s John Schneller at his campfire best.

EDITORIAL: U.S. needs long-term, realistic energy strategy by Charleston (West Virginia) Daily Mail : After serious tank-car crashes, the country needs to encourage rapid development of an integrated network of modern, safe and more efficient underground pipelines to carry the energy we rely on.

Columbia Daily Tribune - Editorials
As of (02/27/2015) at 04:27 PM

School suspensions Recent reports indicate the state of Missouri does not stack up well in the number of public school suspensions, particularly for black students. A couple of years ago, Columbia Public Schools was typical.

We won! So spoke University of Missouri men's basketball Coach Kim Anderson after his team beat Florida 64-52 Tuesday evening at Mizzou Arena.

GOP blame How come Republicans get most blame for the impasse over homeland security funding?

Thinclads Most fans of University of Missouri sports are preoccupied with football and basketball. Sometimes we are distracted by softball or baseball or volleyball or gymnastics or other smaller sports, but until recently we thought little of wrestling.

Plastic bags If the Columbia City Council follows the advice of staff, it will remove the ban on plastic single-use bags from its agenda Monday, at least for the time being.

Homeland security Moving on to an issue full of important-sounding implication but full of political foolishness, let us ponder briefly whether Congress shall fund the Department of Homeland Security.

Schaefer on Uber Other than his current plan for keeping himself squarely in the public eye now that he's running for statewide office, why would state Sen. Kurt Schaefer want the state to usurp local plans for regulating ride-booking services?

Traveling to Cuba In a vital aspect of the good life, the tiny impoverished island of Cuba is indisputably ahead of the United States. Cuba has an excellent basic health care system, affordable and available to everyone.

On thinking At our most thoughtful, we become informed by everything but possessed by none of it.

Photo ID In their relentless effort to impose a burdensome solution where no problem exists, Republicans in the Missouri House of Representatives are pushing a constitutional amendment requiring a state-approved photo identification to vote.

Kinder's folly I regard Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder as a friend. He has more or less assumed the role of lieutenant governor for life, going about the state performing nonessential window-dressing duties with pleasant aplomb.

The fate of the fish The Boone County Commission continues to waver, avoiding a nettlesome decision whether to uncover the ichthus on the courthouse lawn monument. Commissioners hope some blessed solution will arrive, but procrastination won't make it so.

Uber Shall we assume the Columbia City Council has it about right in its effort to regulate Uber, the ride-booking service catching hold around the world and now snooping into our city? We might say “yes” based on Uber's complaining over...

Designing for death Way back on the inside pages I found a little story about what architects think about designing death chambers.

Plastic bags A rush is on for the city to ban plastic bags in grocery stores. Members of the Columbia City Council will weigh this popular angst as they decide whether prohibition is a proper use of their power.

Recent Blog Entries Art Axis True/False Busker Field Guide, Part 2 Mental Math Mental Math for Friday February 27 Art Axis `Actress' director discusses current age of nonficti... Behind The Stripes Position Primer: Offensive Line Tiger Tidings SEC women's hoops rewind for Feb. 26 Courtside View Florida win was pick-me-up for Tigers (and other notes) Exposure Photo Critique Meeting Exposure Throwback Thursday Photo: Saturday, February 2, 1985 Art Axis GreenHouse Theatre Project lures audiences with new ... Tiger Tidings Pregame: MU women's basketball at No. 12 Texas A&M, ... Mental Math Fix the Problem for Thursday February 26 Art Axis True/False Busker Field Guide, Part 1 Behind The Stripes Position Primer: Wide Receivers/Tight Ends Mental Math Mental Math for Wednesday February 25 Courtside View Second thoughts from Missouri-Florida Behind The Stripes Position Primer: Running Backs Behind The Stripes Quality Time with Defensive Coordinator Barry Odom Tiger Tidings SEC w...

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St. Joseph News-Press - Editorials
As of (02/27/2015) at 04:28 PM

Auditor leaves a legacy Recent events brought the community of St. Joseph and State Auditor Tom Schweich into a closer relationship than that experienced by the city and any other statewide officeholder in recent memory.

Into harm's way War may not define us as people, but it does tend to define our times.

Wal-mart reacts to labor market Cynics will point out it was in Wal-Mart's best interest to award raises to nearly 40 percent of its 1.4 million U.S. workers in the next six months.

Health starts at home Most advice these days on healthier eating and weight control makes sense, even if it is not always easy to follow:

Pools' future in doubt The future of St. Joseph's neighborhood pools looks bleak.

Door opens to Cuba Political leaders in both Missouri and Kansas increasingly are striking an encouraging tone when it comes to restoring trade with Cuba.

Public favors restraint President Obama is not unlike other presidents in wanting to leave a legacy, but his controversial health insurance requirement will overshadow anything new he proposed in last month's State of the Union address.

Cut the losses for taxpayers It's been a tough week for the St. Joseph School District, but the decisions immediately ahead actually seem quite easy.

Remove district HR chief The St. Joseph School District needs first aid, and we can think of no better place to start the provision of healing care than in the administration of human resources functions.

Is school board ready to lead? Breathtaking in scope and deeply disturbing in its findings, the state audit of the St. Joseph School District is a stinging indictment of district leaders spanning more than a decade.

Exploit new ag markets The definition of agriculture varies widely in places like Texas, Maine and Missouri and is influenced greatly by things outside the control of farmers.

Stiffen limits on fines We learned several things this past week about the push to impose new restrictions on Missouri's municipal courts:

Mosaic responds, must now reform Consider Mosaic Life Care's response to U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley an interim report, both necessary and far from satisfactory for the thousands of people who want to understand how the health system intends to reform its debt-collection practices.

Feds' role prompts questions Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and federal prosecutors no doubt believe they have a high calling.

Public must wait for KCI proposal Maybe regional boosters of a convenient Kansas City International Airport - like the one we have now - should have raised even more of a ruckus.

Not all `cuts' equal Citizens and elected officials at all levels would do well to get on the same page of the dictionary when discussing such weighty matters as budgets and spending.

Board wisely delays food services vote Timing sometimes is everything.

Approve incentives for ports It's not that tax credits as a whole are bad.

Solar in our future Solar farms may one day be as common as wind farms have become across our region.

Ethics belongs on agenda Ethics always has been about doing the right thing - and about exhibiting behaviors that leave no doubt.

The Joplin Globe - Editorials
As of (02/27/2015) at 04:29 PM

Our view: By endorsing net neutrality, FCC makes good business decision Posted: February 27, 2015 Forget, for a moment, about the philosophical or political implications of net neutrality, and let's cut to the heart of our opinion: Net neutrality is good for business.

Your view: Letters to the editor Posted: February 27, 2015 Essence of leadership

Keith Costley: MDC should run without legislative interference Posted: February 25, 2015 I could not agree more with the Globe's editorial on Sunday concerning the funding of the Missouri Department of Conservation. I very much appreciate the Globe's editorial staff for giving the subscribers a heads-up on what legislators want to do.

Our view: Let educators set curriculum Posted: February 25, 2015 Oklahoma Rep. Dan Fisher may very well be a fan of history. But that doesn't mean he should be rewriting it.

Elliott Denniston: Medicaid expansion: An economic benefit Posted: February 24, 2015 Our Republican state Legislature is sending our tax dollars, taxes we have already paid, to support Medicaid expansion in other states. It's unbelievable but true. This is one fact about Medicaid expansion that few people seem to know, and that may have helped allow the Legislature to ignore the program. 

Our View: Murphysburg's past important to Joplin's future Posted: February 24, 2015 A unanimous vote taken Friday in Jefferson City puts the Murphysburg Residential District in Joplin just 90 days away from possible placement on the National Register of Historic Places.

Phill Brooks: Expanding the Legislature's footprint Posted: February 23, 2015 A Senate-passed plan to spend $75 million of borrowed money for the Capitol complex has caused me to think about the history of legislative expansion in Missouri's Statehouse.

Our View: MDC in the crosshairs Posted: February 23, 2015 Name one tax-supported agency that still has the overwhelming support of those who are footing the bill.

Emily Snyder: Oklahoma lawmakers wrong to try to control history Posted: February 23, 2015 On Feb. 16, the Oklahoma House Common Education Committee  voted on a bill that would bar the use of state funds for Advanced Placement American history courses, in effect banning their use in the public schools of the state.

Marilyn Beasley: Country in desperate need of a leader Posted: February 23, 2015 On Feb 3, a video was released by the Islamic State showing a Jordanian pilot being burned alive. Needless to say, Jordanians were incensed by the horrific killing.

Geoff Caldwell: Obama's trails of terror are his to own Posted: February 22, 2015 President Andrew Jackson's legacy is forever stained by the brutality of the Trail of Tears, and if Barack Obama doesn't wish his own legacy tainted by the blood of others, he needs to find a way to accept current global realities sooner rather than later.

Gene Lyons: Live from darkest Arkansas Posted: February 22, 2015 Housebound in an ice storm, the columnist finds himself distracted by online trivia and tempted to yell at the TV:

Your view: Letters to the editor Posted: February 20, 2015 Regressive legislation

Our View: Missouri highways a wreck waiting to happen Posted: February 20, 2015 There's a road wreck coming.

Our View: Chart your own course Posted: February 19, 2015 You can ride one to Northpark Mall, Missouri Southern State University, both hospitals and some Joplin parks.

Other Views: Halt the freebie train of gifts from lobbyists Posted: February 18, 2015 Missouri lawmakers long have had a no-brake, pedal-to-the-metal mentality regarding how fast and loose they get to play with gifts provided by lobbyists — free meals, free events, free trips. Freebies for all.

Our View: Janet Kavandi a great choice for NASA role Posted: February 17, 2015 A story carried in our paper years ago recalls Janet Kavandi's memories of counting stars with her father when she was a young girl.

Phill Brooks: Questions missing from Williams' story Posted: February 17, 2015 My column normally focuses on providing a historical perspective of Missouri's state government.

Your view: Letters to the editor Posted: February 17, 2015 Good laugh

Your View: Letters to the editor Posted: February 15, 2015 A win-win for America

The Jefferson City News Tribune - Editorials
As of (02/27/2015) at 04:29 PM

Our Opinion: As winter ends, prepare for severe weather - Here's a discomforting thought - after enduring snow and rain forecast this weekend, we begin Missouri's observance of Severe Weather Awareness Week.

Your Opinion: Lawmakers check out grocery bags - Now really with all the important issues our state Legislature faces do we need them between us and our grocery sack?

Your Opinion: Cost concerns for baseball fans - To Brandon Foster/PRESSBOX Author: You and MLB commissioner/Rob Manfred are wrong in what will improve the game of baseball, by increasing the likelihood of more fans.

Our Opinion: Medical usage differs from getting high - “We have no problem with the medicinal use of drugs," we wrote in this forum nearly a year ago.

Your Opinion: Response to assertion that 'our rights come from God' - I get so weary of the trumpeting that our rights “come from God."

Your Opinion: Errant quote depicts danger of phony emails - Jim Dyke attributed a quote in a recent cartoon to Thomas Jefferson (Feb 16). It demeaned the poor. If you fact-check the quote, you will find it is not attributed to Jefferson by any reliable source.

Our Opinion: 'Is plastic okay?' A question for the state, or cities? - “Is plastic okay?" The question about grocery bags is heard by shoppers at checkout lines and now is being considered by state lawmakers.

Perspective: Senators debate student transfer bill - The first significant snow and winter weather of the year shortened the legislative week by a day.

Our Opinion: Explore relocating municipal court - The case to relocate Jefferson City's municipal court in the nearby city annex has merit.

Your Opinion: Be careful what you ask for - The shooting death on East High Street the other day and more home break-ins off Henwick Lane in the western part of the county are but a reminder of bigger cities.

Your Opinion: Cartoon misquotes Jefferson - Did you see the cartoon in this paper recently showing Thomas Jefferson and quoting him? I knew right away it was a misquote.

Your Opinion: Does the Bible hate women? - I call your attention to a Feb. 14 Huffington Post article by Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D. titled “Does the Bible Hate Women?"

Your Opinion: Our trusting nature works against us - I don't know how to say this without sounding cheesy but we may be on a road that has no turns. President Obama needs some lessons about enemy identification concerning the Islamic threat and how it relates to terrorism.

Your Opinion: Commentary and polls on evolution - I was watching Special Report with Bret Baier on FNC Feb. 12 and George Will, conservative commentator, made the following statement concerning what Scott Walker, governor of Wisconsin, said when asked a question concerning evolution ....

Our Opinion: 'Impoverished' Lt. Gov. seeks per diem News Tribune editorial - Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder is hardly a political newcomer, so we were surprised when he made a remark destined to attract public scorn.

The Southeast Missourian - Editorials
As of (02/27/2015) at 04:29 PM

Editorial: The Craders and Dobbinses are 'Friends of the University' (02/27/15) Stan and Debbie Crader of Jackson and Ken and Jeanine Dobbins will receive the Friends of the University Award today. Stan Crader is president of Crader Distributing Co., and Debbie Crader is a registered nurse. Ken Dobbins is president of Southeast Missouri State University; Jeanine, the university's first lady, worked in the area of literacy, and much more...

Opinion Column Guest commentary: Why I support a use tax in Cape Girardeau County (02/27/15) A tax is a tax is a tax. There, I have said it. I cannot deny it. I have had the unique opportunity for the past year to be a member of a Citizens Advisory Committee charged by the county commission to do a needs assessment for county buildings. Our mission was to do a determination on consolidation of county office facilities and to relocate all court functions to the county seat. ...

Speak Out Speak Out 2/27/15 (02/27/15) For those people who are objecting to a voter ID for voting, please do not allow them to buy beer or cigarettes or many other things in our society. And when a cop pulls them over, ask them what they show: A photo ID. It's accepted everywhere under the sun. This notion that it impedes some people's opportunity to vote is bogus...

Speak Out Speak Out 2/26/15 (02/26/15) The American Political Science Association has ranked the greatest presidents of all time. Lincoln and Washington are one and two. I think the one who came in 8th deserves to be higher but that's just been my opinion. Where do you think the APSA should have ranked in Bill Clinton?...

Editorial Southeast theater and dance department's 'The King & I' (02/26/15) Performances of a classic musical began Wednesday night at the Southeast Missouri State University River Campus. "The King and I," by Rogers & Hammerstein, is being presented by the Southeast Missouri State University Department of Theatre and Dance...

Letter to the Editor Obama on Islamic radicalism (02/25/15) In 2010, President Obama had the words "Islamic Radicalism" removed from U.S. government documents, including the central document outlining national security strategy. The former Bush Doctrine of preventive war stated, "The struggle against militant Islamic radicalism is the great ideological conflict of the early years of the 21st century."...

Speak Out Speak Out 2/25/15 (02/25/15) ** Tickets; ** Enjoy snow; ** Snow plow

Opinion Column President Obama's view of America (02/25/15) Former New York Mayor and presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani created a firestorm recently when he opined that the President did not love his country. Giuliani pointed to President Obama's upbringing and long-documented ties with radicals in making his shocking statement...

Editorial Six men recognized for valor (02/25/15) If you're looking for a dose of heroism, you'll find plenty of examples in the U.S. military. The men and women who serve this country, putting their lives on the line and spending countless days away from family, deserve our utmost respect. Recently six men were recognized for their efforts as the new inductees on the Wall of Valor at John J. Pershing VA Medical Center...

Editorial Google Startup Weekend is big opportunity for entrepreneurs (02/24/15) Take a look at a small, mid-size or even a large company and you will find a person or group of individuals who started with an idea. In March, this community may see a future success story as the Google Startup Weekend is held at Codefi in Cape Girardeau...

Letter to the Editor Focus on city streets (02/24/15) Does anyone besides me think that instead of spending money on a sports complex, which we could do without (we are NOT all sports fans), it would be much better to fix our terrible streets? One of my neighbors ruined her car on a huge pothole. I will not vote for a tax increase for street repair when the city obviously has money for frivolous projects like a sports complex. Perhaps we need more sensible heads on the city council...

Speak Out Speak Out 2/24/15 (02/24/15) ** Leadership void; ** Toughen up, schools

Letter to the Editor Death with Dignity bill (02/24/15) I'm writing to bring awareness on the need to support House Bill 307 Missouri Death with Dignity. Death with Dignity is not a choice of death over life. It is an option for mentally competent adults who are dying that gives them the same freedom of choice in dying as they had while living. ...

Speak Out Speak Out 2/23/15 (02/23/15) ** President Obama; ** Hillary Clinton; ** Roundabout; ** Streetlight; ** ISIS battle; ** Spain's free college; ** Postsecondary; ** Jeb Bush; ** Thank you

Editorial Editorial: High school students impress with their art at River Campus (02/23/15) If you haven't checked out the High School Art Exhibition at the Crisp Museum on the River Campus yet, we encourage you to do so. The exhibition will remain on display through March 8; hours are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday...

Opinion Column Cardinals manager shares lessons in youth sports, life (02/22/15) Mike Matheny is set to begin his fourth season as the manager of the St. Louis Cardinals. The young manager has a full plate this spring training as he looks to get the St. Louis Cardinals back to the NLCS for a fourth consecutive season. Hopefully a World Series title would follow...

Editorial Editorial: Old Town Cape honors Maurer, others at banquet (02/22/15) Jim Maurer took home two awards from the Old Town Cape annual banquet Thursday night. Maurer was among several recognized by the downtown group. He won both the Volunteer of the Year and Charles L. Hutson Visionary awards. Maurer is highly deserving of the accolades. ...

Speak Out Speak Out 2/22/15 (02/22/15) ** Grateful reader; ** Taxes; ** Bad manners; ** Call Al Gore?; ** Driving ; ** Williams story; ** Don't text; ** Obama's rhetoric; ** Welfare test

Opinion Column Reach out to those who struggle with addictions (02/20/15) A call that you never want to receive is that a relative has passed away. On Feb. 11, shortly after 10 p.m., that call came. The detective said to us that our son was found dead. Our son was a good man and well loved. Our son had his demons. He died from a heroin overdose. He suffered from a disease that isn't pretty. There are no walks or telethons for drug addiction or alcoholism, but these diseases are deadly and all around us...

Speak Out Speak Out 2/20/15 (02/20/15) I just wanted to say a big thank you to Josh and Jason Barber who live on Mulberry Street in Jackson. My husband was having some trouble getting his truck out this morning after all this snow. They were so kind to come down, shovel our drive. Not only help him get his truck out, but shovel our drive, and ask if there was anything else we needed. ...

Sedalia Democrat - Editorials
As of (02/27/2015) at 04:30 PM

Investing in young Sedalians You might have read a recent story right here in the Sedalia Democrat by reporter Hope Lecchi entitled “Maxion develops student employees.”

Rebuilding 1900s Methodist church Sedalia's Methodist Episcopal Church, South began meeting in the 1860s in rooms on the second floor of a Main Street store building. According to the 1882 History of Pettis County, the congregation built its first building in Sedalia at the...

Weather — whether we like it or not As another winter storm headed toward mid-Missouri this weekend, folks were scrambling to make plans on how to deal with our latest round of Mother Nature's winter games.

Believe in science, not celebrities Annamarie Hoffman brought a special gift to JoAnn Martin's birthday party back when the girls were kindergartners.Measles.

Trying to focus on one day I have been reading about how more than one-third of Americans are overweight, and I have decided one of the reasons for that is that Americans love celebrations – and the food that goes along with them. I have ranted about how we begin...

Remembering soldiers of Iwo Jima Dear editor:

Saluting those who do good things People come together for a common cause. It is a familiar refrain in the heartland of America, and a familiar occurrence throughout Sedalia and mid-Missouri. The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are not the only ones who follow a path to “do...

Balloon Man known for spreading smiles I was diagnosed with severe hemophilia a few months after my birth. When I was 6 years old, The Dream Factory of Sedalia granted my wish to go to Walt Disney World in Orlando. This is such a common wish that there's an entire storybook style...

Real reason for the trades' pageant Last week's column contained a grievous error; the actual date of the Trades' Pageant was Sept. 22, 1886. That evening, according to the Sedalia Democrat, 20,000 people gathered to watch a parade of the Sedalia businesses. Most of...

Issues demand deliberate thought, action There is a sense of pride, and even wonder, when visiting the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City. Pride in our state – its history, accomplishments, the people and the energy of the spirit of “Show Me.”

Sharing ties with lifelong friends Somewhere in my digital photo archives – what we used to call “photo albums” – is a snapshot of two little girls splashing in a little blow-up wading pool. One of the little girls, about 15 months old, is taller and, even at...

Getting past the tax hurdle One word, three letters, one big hurdle.

Dress codes repress personality Every school has students who express themselves in different ways. Clothing is a major window for showing off one's personality and stylistic views. School dress codes, though, take away this opportunity for individualism.

Giving credit to the janitors You probably read the recent story by Democrat reporter Hope Lecchi about “Mr. Richard's Day,” a day in which Skyline Elementary School students and staff showed their appreciation for their favorite member of the building...

The trades procession amazes The Sedalia Fire Department put on a real show at the Trades Procession hosted the evening of Sept. 22, 2015. The decorated fire engines and hose carts drew attention but what really impressed the crowds who lined the route through Sedalia was the...

Common sense returns to Capitol I'm not sure who slipped into the State Capitol in Jefferson City and spiked the water coolers with common sense serum, but all I can say is “thank goodness.”

Project pays tribute to friend If all had gone as planned, Terrence Arnold and Dennis Rich would be in New Orleans right now, soaking up the story of a science-fiction parade that has become one of the rising stars of Mardi Gras. But Rich is there solo, hustling to see his...

Good and bad of Super Bowl 49 Sometimes, my weeks are filled with so many ideas that I can't decide what words to put on paper. Sometimes, however, one thing grabs me and I can't think of much else. This week, it was the Super Bowl and all its moving parts.

Business is booming in Sedalia 2015 is shaping up to be a good year for the State Fair City.

Sedalia businesses show off During the late 19th century, towns prided themselves on being “live,” meaning the town had a thriving business district, a growing population, and a number of civic amenities. Most towns produced booklets or newspaper special editions...

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