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St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Editorials
As of (08/28/2016) at 01:05 AM

Editorial: Times have changed, but Pulitzer's Platform remains our rock of truth

Kevin Horrigan Horrigan: Hottest month ever in hottest year ever. So now what?

Editorial: Colombia's peace deal marks a true Cold War turning point

Missouri defers justice for juveniles

Gun bill would harm public safety

A lawyer's duty

Your right to vote doesn't mean you can berate the poll workers

Michael Gerson Michael Gerson: Trump's repellent inner circle

Dana Miilbank Dana Milbank: Donald Trump's new loose cannon

E.J. Dionne E.J. Dionne: In search of humble prophets

Charles Krauthammer Charles Krauthammer: The bribery standard

Kathleen Parker Kathleen Parker: Hillary's heel

Cancer-drug startup raises $86 million and changes name

Former state senator standing by if St. Charles County executive doesn't run again

Prosper accelerator class features cookies, music and medicine

Metro St. Louis loses 3,100 jobs in July

Are government jobs cool enough for millennials?

Keep the Lambert name to honor fine family ( … ) Please do not change the airport name ("Flying in face of history?" Aug. 21). It has contained the name Lambert for a century. The proposed name: "St. Louis International Airport at Lambert Field" is way, way too long. It is more like a sentence than a name. It would be quickly abbreviated, … Read more

Show that we won't allow discrimination in any form ( … )

School districts suffer without proper state funding ( … )

Kansas City Star - Editorials
As of (08/28/2016) at 01:06 AM

Editorials Reject ugly political attacks in Kansas and retain Supreme Court justices Kansans should soundly reject a blatant attempt to politicize the state Supreme Court. Voters have good reasons to retain four justices in November, despite attacks by Republican leaders and special interest groups.

Editorials End the economic border war that is wasting KC area taxpayers’ dollars Economic development stoked by taxpayer incentives is nothing new in the Kansas City area. But the economic development border war has had a significant downside: It has not created anything close to enough new employment to justify the public subsidies.

Editorials The Monday Poll: Weigh in on Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and their latest accusations The Monday Poll would like to get your views on accusations made by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on the presidential trail regarding the Clinton Foundation, hate groups and minority voters.

Editorials Kansas City gets it right with new water plan but wrong on trash collection Chalk up one victory and one loss for Kansas City Hall. Positively, the city has a new program that could reduce sewage overflows into local waterways. But Kansas City officials should have done a better job communicating with residents about problems with trash and recycling collection in recent weeks.

Editorials Bold attack by Turkey could help U.S. defeat ISIS in Syria Wednesday was a crucial moment in the war being waged by the United States and many other countries against the Islamic State (ISIS).

Editorials Skyrocketing price of EpiPens deserves scrutiny of Congress A dramatic price increase for EpiPen has prompted a bipartisan outcry in the U.S. Senate for action to make the autoinjectors more affordable to individuals who need them to combat severe reactions to bee stings or peanuts.

Editorials Crucial challenges face Country Club Plaza-area developments Kansas Citians will be watching the City Council on Thursday to see if it will support the Midtown/Plaza Area Plan's guidelines on development near the Country Club Plaza.

Editorials Reducing tax breaks for developers makes sense in KC, but where and by how much? A substantial and much-needed discussion is under way to reduce property tax breaks for development in Kansas City. That would free up money for schools and libraries. In addition, Mayor Sly James and other city officials should investigate ways to give extra help to projects on the East Side.

Editorials Monday Poll results: Thumbs up for the Rio Olympics In the Monday Poll, readers said Michael Phelps was the most memorable swimmer at the Summer Games, while fears of Zika and crime seemed to be overblown. And NBC got credit for its solid coverage of the Rio Olympics.

Editorials After Caleb Schwab’s death on Verrückt, bolster scrutiny of Kansas amusement parks The death of 10-year-old Caleb Schwab on Schlitterbahn's Verr├╝ckt water slide has gained national attention. State government officials need to bolster regulations that will protect amusement park visitors in the future, especially given the fact that no federal rules govern this industry.

Editorials Children as suicide bombers expands terrorism threat of ISIS After a suicide bombing in Turkey, sources in Iraq and Syria claim there are several child terrorist recruitment camps in the region. ISIS has tried to turn some children into militants and suicide bombers using martyrdom propaganda in these camps.

Editorials Tie U.S. military aid for Israel to peace efforts in Middle East American and Israeli diplomats in recent months have been negotiating a renewal of a 10-year military assistance package to Israel worth about $3.7 billion a year. But strings should be attached to the aid.

Editorials Polls agree on this much: Presidential race is between the lesser of two evils In 2016, polls are being used to measure all kinds of sentiments about the presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. But just how much faith should Americans put in those polls?

Editorials The Monday Poll: Reacting to the Rio Olympics The Rio Olympics ended Sunday but they were memorable in many ways. The Monday Poll would like your responses to several statements about the 2016 Games.

Editorials Obama misled Americans about $400 million payment to Iran President Barack Obama should have told the full truth earlier this month: Yes, the United States owed Iran $400 million and, no, it wasn't going to give the money to that country until it released some American prisoners.

Editorials Pick up the pace to battle destructive climate change in the United States In July, the temperature of the planet for the 15th consecutive month hit a record high with no end in sight. Human consumption of fossil fuels producing greenhouse gases is largely to blame. It creates a greater urgency for lawmakers to act to avert a global warming crisis.

Editorials As Russia and Turkey cozy up, U.S. influence at stake in Middle East The shifting relationship among the United States, Turkey and Russia could affect the future of those countries as well as that of the Middle East. The relationship between America and Turkey especially will be a major challenge for the next U.S. president.

Editorials Downtown Kansas City’s appeal is growing, though tough challenges remain Kansas City's downtown like those in other metropolitan areas is experiencing a resurgence that has been long overdue. The new 2.2-mile streetcar, along with a lot more housing, has helped generate excitement among tourists, convention-goers and area residents.

Editorials Justice served: 1963 church bomber to remain behind bars It should not have been a surprise when a bomb exploded one September Sunday morning in 1963 at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Ala., killing four girls Ś 14-year-olds Addie Mae Collins, Cynthia Wesley and Carole Robertson and 11-year- old Denise McNair Ś and injuring many more.

Editorials Civil rights leader Julia Hill leaves legacy for others to advance Julia H. Hill's character and commitment to civil rights will be celebrated starting at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at Centennial United Methodist Church, 1834 Woodland Ave. She was an architect of downtown department stores in Kansas City being integrated and African Americans being offered jobs in businesses that previously had been closed to them. Hill died Aug. 11 at age 93.

The Springfield News Leader - Editorials
As of (08/28/2016) at 01:06 AM

Our Voice: Integrity needed in voting

How Democrats have dragged America down

What Jesus would do: Love Donald Trump

Readers Add insurance requirement to gun bill Add insurance requirement to gun bill House Bill (HB) 656, which was vetoed by Gov. Nixon but will be the target of a veto override in mid-September. This is a ôno background check, no training, no permitö for use of guns in Missouri. Readers 5┬áhours, 18┬áminutes ago

Opinion Today's poll Today's poll Should Councilwoman Kristi Fulnecky bring up the After School Satan Club at a city council meeting? Opinion 2 days, 9 hours ago

Readers Roses and Thorns: Summer school a smashing success Roses and Thorns: Summer school a smashing success ROSES: Readers 5 hours, 28 minutes ago

Opinion Seems like pension tax should be going away Seems like pension tax should be going away Seems like pension tax should be going away Opinion 2 days, 3 hours ago

Opinion How can pro-life people support executions? How can pro-life people support executions? How can pro-life people support executions? Opinion 2 days, 3 hours ago

Contributors Dealing with radical Islam Dealing with radical Islam For the sake of freedom and safety, it is in everyone's interest that cooperative simultaneous efforts be brought to bear Contributors 2 days, 4 hours ago

Readers Gloom and doom becomes self-fulfilling prophecy Gloom and doom becomes self-fulfilling prophecy Gloom and doom becomes self-fulfilling prophecy Readers 2 days, 4 hours ago

Readers Don't just grumble; tell someone Don't just grumble; tell someone Don't just grumble; tell someone Readers 2 days, 4 hours ago

Readers Refusal to prosecute Clinton inexplicable Refusal to prosecute Clinton inexplicable Refusal to prosecute Clinton inexplicable Readers 2 days, 4 hours ago

Editorials High schools should start later High schools should start later Clinging to the status quo means two out of three high school students fail to get enough sleep Editorials 2 days, 5 hours ago

Contributors Hillary's heel: Candidate teeters on knife's edge of truth Hillary's heel: Candidate teeters on knife's edge of truth One crucial fact is no longer in dispute: Foundation donors got access to the State Department. Contributors 2 days, 5 hours ago

Contributors A world with no achievement gap A world with no achievement gap Why can't we as a society eliminate the gap, rather than just accept incremental change? Contributors 2 days, 5 hours ago

Editorials Our Voice: Trial reminds of police danger Our Voice: Trial reminds of police danger Our thoughts are with Pearson, his family and his colleagues, and the fear and danger they face daily. Editorials 2 days, 16 hours ago

Contributors Fighting poverty a multi-pronged effort Fighting poverty a multi-pronged effort Higher education alone won't do much to solve Springfield's problem Contributors 3 days, 3 hours ago

Contributors Federal policies stifling strength of agriculture Federal policies stifling strength of agriculture Missouri State Fair showcases important Missouri industry Contributors 3 days, 4 hours ago

Readers Roses and Thorns: Free preschool a great move Roses and Thorns: Free preschool a great move A BUSHEL OF ROSES: Readers 4 days, 2 hours ago

Readers School brings poor driving habits School brings poor driving habits I'm a crossing guard, Jim, not a moving target! The first three days of school, one car barely stopped in the middle of the intersection, one car didn't stop at all, and one car rear-ended a car at the back of a two-block-long line of cars. Readers 4 days, 2 hours ago

The Independence Examiner - Editorials
As of (06/25/2015) at 11:54 AM

Teens, learn life-saving driving skills Posted at 11:00 AM The Bridgestone Teens Drive Smart Driving Experience, with its innovative and potentially life-saving instructional program, will visit our area on June 27 and 28 to help combat the ongoing problem of motor vehicle crashes among teens. Session...

Landgren cartoon: Farewell, pink flamingo creator Updated at 10:59 AM Don Landgren cartoon about the death of the pink flamingoĺs creator. .mgnl175{margin-left:175px;} .childCatAd{display:inline-block!important;width:650px;}

The Columbia Missourian - Editorials
As of (08/28/2016) at 01:06 AM

Opinion DEAR READER: Mid-Missouri is in the mind of the speaker, and the listener Is mid-Missouri a health care desert? Stephens College president said so in opening a new physicians assistant program. But how is mid-Missouri defined?

EDITORIAL: EpiPen pricing demands tough scrutiny from lawmakers It seems unconscionable that a pharmaceutical company with a lifesaving drug would jack up its price from $60 in 2007 to more than $600 now.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Ryan Lochte shenanigans a reminder lying is just plain dumb Your mother was right: lying is wrong. It also happens to be a dumb way to try to cover your tracks, and we have recent examples to remind us, such as Ryan Lochte.

DEAR READER: Mid-Missouri is in the mind of the speaker, and the listener Tom Warhover Is mid-Missouri a health care desert? Stephens College president said so in opening a new physicians assistant program. But how is mid-Missouri defined?

GUEST COMMENTARY: Nationally, K-12 school spending has fallen behind Scott Klinger As lawmakers throw up their hands and say, "sorry, there"s just not enough money," we must ask: Where has all the money gone? In many cases, corporate property tax subsidies are to blame.

EDITORIAL: Private prisons have no business being part of justice system St. Louis Post-Disptach The Justice Department"s decision to end the use of private prisons is a positive reform that needs to be taken further to include private state facilities and "contract prisons" for the U.S. Marshals and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

EDITORIAL: EpiPen pricing demands tough scrutiny from lawmakers Kansas City Star It seems unconscionable that a pharmaceutical company with a lifesaving drug would jack up its price from $60 in 2007 to more than $600 now.

EDITORIAL: Public utilities need to conduct business in the open St. Louis Post-Dispatch Big electric companies don"t want the Missouri Public Service Commission to change rules about private conversations between commissioners. Ameren Missouri and Kansas City Power & Light have argued that changing rules is "cumbersome."

GUEST COMMENTARY: Ryan Lochte shenanigans a reminder lying is just plain dumb Georgie Anne Geyer Your mother was right: lying is wrong. It also happens to be a dumb way to try to cover your tracks, and we have recent examples to remind us, such as Ryan Lochte.

EDITORIAL: Missouri highways under close watch for impaired drivers Jefferson City News Tribune The Missouri Highway Patrol"s new GPS system to track speeding motorists was unveiled Friday, the first day of the annual "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" campaign.

STEVE SPELLMAN: City should be able to charge for street, sidewalk closures Steve Spellman A daily charge would be a good, natural incentive for a developer to complete a project as quickly as possible, allowing the public to use the streets and sidewalks again.

DAVID ROSMAN: Public needs to pressure Missouri lawmakers to let vetoes stand David Rosman Two proposed laws vetoed by Gov. Jay Nixon could be revived by our legislature unless a public uproar sends a message.

EDITORIAL: "Hate crime" standard should not apply to attacks on police Los Angeles Times A movement known as "Blue Lives Matter" Ś an unsubtle answer to "Black Lives Matter" Ś believes otherwise.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Trump"s primary strength becomes his greatest weakness Steve and Cokie Roberts Donald Trump still refers back to his primary victories as a source of confidence, but the reality has changed. His loose-cannon approach is clearly backfiring.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Coming to terms with "life below the law" Cassandra Gould In a political spectacle and a moral farce, Missouri finds the "Medicaid 23" guilty. The result? A sad reminder of how there are some who still live far below the law.

EDITORIAL: Obamacare was wounded by insurance companies before Aetna"s move St. Louis Post Dispatch The health insurer announced that it will pull out of the government's individual health insurance marketplaces in 11 of the 15 states it serves, including Missouri and Illinois.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Addressing wealth disparities can heal racial divide Dedrick Asante-Muhammad and Chuck Collins Generations of racial discrimination in programs like housing and government benefits are now reflected in dismal bank statements and paltry retirement funds for blacks and Latinos.

EDITORIAL: Medal-clad Olympians leap over political rhetoric St. Louis Post Dispatch For any politician suggesting that America"s stature is somehow sliding in the world, we"ve got a stellar Olympics team to prove them wrong.

EDITORIAL: With school in session, keep an eye out for buses Jefferson City News Tribune Last year, one person was killed and 376 people were injured in crashes involving school buses in Missouri. And those crashes weren"t rare; 960 crashes involving school buses were reported last year.

EDITORIAL: Marijuana debate may be DOA unless DEA revises classification St. Louis Post Dispatch Drug Enforcement Administration officials must be smoking something if they actually believe that heroin and marijuana deserve to be listed in the same category as controlled substances posing extreme dangers to public health.

Columbia Daily Tribune - Editorials
As of (08/28/2016) at 01:08 AM

Trump Donald Trump is easy to criticize but impossible to ignore. If public exposure is a key to political success, Trump is rich. He has the sort of populist personality that has propelled a few other political figures into persistent notoriety...

UM review As members of the new University of Missouri Review Commission struggle to bring their enterprise to life without benefit of operational funding, member Gary Forsee recalled an earlier iteration crafted in 1986 under the regime of UM President Peter Magrath.

Stephens program On Wednesday a traditional ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at Sampson Hall on the Stephens College campus to herald the opening of the college's new physician assistant program. The community turned out in large numbers to celebrate a truly important development...

Proactivity To the amateur citizen -- I qualify -- the ôfocused deterrenceö idea of the Columbia Police Department makes sense.

MU enrollment For months, ever since last fall's eruptions on campus, critics have predicted the University of Missouri would suffer dire reductions in this fall's enrollment. Now that actual effects are becoming known, the numbers can be interpreted several ways.

Hands off At the moment when the public is trying to absorb the very idea of riding in an automated automobile, Ford Motor Co. announces its impending generation of cars without steering wheels or pedals.

Sports Around here we tend to be interested, even preoccupied, with Mizzou-related sports.

Trump Amid mixed advice about how he should proceed, Donald Trump has shuffled top management of his presidential campaign.

Boone home After an investment of a million dollars, the venerable J.W. ôBlindö Boone Home on North Fourth Street is restored and ready for a grand opening Sept. 18.

Aetna opts out Missouri's largest health insurer is the latest to announce it will cut back its offerings on Affordable Care Act online insurance exchanges, following the lead of UnitedHealth and Humana.

Immigration Donald Trump's pronouncements on immigration policy raise the usual contradictions in the public mind. Their tough tone will appeal to most of us but at the same time worry most of us.

Pay to play At its meeting Monday, the Columbia City Council granted a routine closure of streets and sidewalks for a construction site near Sixth and Elm streets. What was not so routine was the associated discussion about whether the developer should pay...

Steady, there In the photo on our front sports page Friday, interim MU Chancellor Hank Foley was smiling like a Cheshire cat. He was seated next to the man he had just hired to become his next athletic director: Jim Sterk, recently...

Roy and Wayne Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association came to Boone County on Thursday to stand up for Republican U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt, who faces a tough challenge for re-election from Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander, a Democrat. In what...

Watershed? Another moment of truth seems in the offing regarding the likely outcome of the political war between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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St. Joseph News-Press - Editorials
As of (08/28/2016) at 01:09 AM

Biogas, and a whole lot more Five years of progress on an ambitious vision give Northern Missouri a new point of pride in the field of renewable alternative energy sources. Biogas, and a whole lot more

All-ACT club expands

Blacksnake decision bigger than North End

Flood threat grows with wrong focus

Atchison pride on display

About helping each other

Facts must drive levy decision

Food desert a risk

So many choices for festival crowds

Ultimate answer: `Pay your bills'

The Joplin Globe - Editorials
As of (08/28/2016) at 01:09 AM

Our View: The next 100 years The celebration of the National Park Service's 100th anniversary has been widely promoted since the beginning of the year via T-shirts, coffee mugs, advertising campaigns and special events at various national parks.

Your View: Letters to the Editor Shirking responsibility

Your View: Letters to the Editor Shirking responsibility

Our View: The next 100 years The celebration of the National Park Service's 100th anniversary has been widely promoted since the beginning of the year via T-shirts, coffee mugs, advertising campaigns and special events at various national parks.

Our View: The price of bad behavior It seems there is a price for bad behavior after all. In Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte's case it will be somewhere in the millions as key sponsors are pulling endorsement fees.

Allen Merriam: Great Britain semester sure to inform Missouri Southern State University's 20th annual themed semester focuses on Great Britain Ś England, Scotland and Wales. Great Britain occupies the ninth largest island in the world with an area of about 80,000 square miles or roughly the size of Kansas. With a population of about 62 million…

Your view: Letters to the editor A risk we can't take

Our View: Let's run it up the flag pole Some hard feelings over a contest to design a new Joplin city flag should be set aside.

Phill Brooks: The dignity of Missouri's Capitol The recent conviction of 22 protesters whose 2014 demonstration in the Missouri Senate visitors gallery chamber forced the Senate to recess is an indication of how different Missouri's Capitol is from the U.S. Capitol I covered in 1972.

Our View: Reducing risks of violence The father sat in the Globe's foyer after asking to speak to a reporter.

Your views: Letters to the editor Nostaligia vs.common sense

Geoff Caldwell: Trump is the safe choice The goal of a headline is to grab the reader's attention. And while I realize I've got more than a couple of apologies to make for the coffee that just spewed on papers and computer screens everywhere, I also now have your attention, and I repeat that headline: Donald Trump is the safe choic…

Elliott Denniston: The 'least-known, best-known person' in America Most people have their minds made up about Hillary Clinton, but how much do they really know about her earlier professional years before she became First Lady? I was surprised by how much I didn't know.

Our View: Our greatest resource Children are a resilient lot. They are curious, enthusiastic, willing to forgive and willing to try again.

Our View: Praise for police, victims An early Saturday morning shooting spree in Joplin ended with five people injured by gunfire.

Your view: Letters to editor First class

No-limits contributing cause for craziness The Missouri Farm Bureau has endorsed a Democrat for governor.

Our view: Missourians love their parks When it comes to Missouri's parks and historic sites, the economic argument is hard to dismiss.

Geoff Caldwell: Forget Trump or Clinton, vote Eastwood 2016 For the September print edition of Esquire magazine, Michael Hainey has the interview of a lifetime: father Clint and son, Scott, of the Eastwood clan.

Carol Stark: 'She's a legend; she's my inspiration' I couldn't suppress a smile recently when talking to Crystal Thomas, our Statehouse reporter, about getting some help on a story from her co-worker, Susan Redden.

The Jefferson City News Tribune - Editorials
As of (08/28/2016) at 01:09 AM

Our Opinion: Managing with limited resources: comments A state audit of a division within the state Office of Administration (OA) found insufficient maintenance and inspections of state...

Perspective: Maintaining interstate highway system: comments Transportation, in particular our nation's roads and highways, affect the daily lives of every American.

Our Opinion: New collection will enhance stories of military history: comments If you expand it, more people will come to experience the diverse collection.

Your Opinion: Tail wagging the dog on transgender restrooms: comments Gary Gates is an LGBT demographer at the University Of California Los Angeles School Of Law's Williams Institute, which studies...

Your Opinion: Discriminatory toll of marijuana legalization: comments When will we conservative Christians learn? How long will we sit by and let these destructive self-indulged, atheistic, logic-deprived liberals...

Your Opinion: Damage done by Democrats: comments The Democratic Party that fought for slavery, the KKK, and Jim Crow laws now has economic slavery for the whole...

Your Opinion: South students enjoy LU welcome: comments Hats off to Lincoln University's band and auxiliary units. Students, parents and staff at South Elementary had the most spectacular...

Our Opinion: Teens steer increase in seat belt use: comments Although a fractional increase in seat belt use by teenagers is not a giant step, it is a step in...

Your Opinion: Flood control plan needed: comments It was an ordinary rain. The creek rose. Folks got rescued.

Your Opinion: Facts about carbon dioxide: comments A recent letter to the editor offered up another round of climate denial, this time suggesting that we are in...

Your Opinion: Rebuttal to editorial: comments I disagree with the editor's analysis of the outcome of the #Medicaid23 trial.

Our Opinion: School board members' productive self-analysis: comments Self-evaluation can be challenging.

Your Opinion: Programs perpetuate dependency: comments Since the "War on Poverty" began in the late '60s nearly $20 trillion has been spent on means-tested welfare.

Your Opinion: Poor presidential prospects: comments I'm disgusted. At a time when America needs firm leadership at the helm of our country we're faced with nothing...

Our Opinion: One impaired decision invites dire consequences: comments Law enforcement officials have a new tool in the crackdown on traffic offenders.

Your Opinion: A look at the presidential candidates: comments Once again I respectfully ask each and every person who reads my comments to please keep an open mind when...

Your Opinion: Flooding shows need for action on climate: comments I found it heartbreaking to read your Aug. 17 article: "In flooded Louisiana, a cleanup and search for bodies."

Our Opinion: A major step along Capitol Avenue: comments Jefferson City has taken a significant step to ameliorate the dilapidated buildings that line a portion of East Capitol Avenue.

Perspective: Special session requested on defender issue: comments Leadership finds a way. When things go wrong in government, like anywhere, it is human nature to assign responsibility for...

Your Opinion: TIFs and tax inequality: comments When it comes to paying taxes that support our city, county, library and schools, is there a standard? Do we...

The Southeast Missourian - Editorials
As of (08/28/2016) at 01:09 AM

SEMO enrollment bump a positive sign (8/28/16) It's hardly a surprise anymore, but we are nonetheless pleased and impressed by the continued strong enrollment at Southeast Missouri State University.

Plenty of fun in September (8/26/16) Summer's all but officially over. Schools are back in session. The temperature is -- finally -- starting to drop. In just a few short weeks we'll move into the fall season. But that doesn't mean that the fun that comes with the summer months has to come to an end.

Artist shows strength during tough times (8/25/16) If anything could sap the life out of a person, it would be losing his life's work -- the thing he poured his heart and soul into. And if anything could inspire him to get back to it again, it would be that same life's work.

Child shows others generosity, compassion (8/24/16) "And a little child shall lead them." So says a verse in the book of Isaiah. Grant Skelton is definitely a child leader making us all aware of what's important: helping others. At the tender age of 8, Grant used money he received from his grandparents to help a homeless man. ...

Leadership summit at LaCroix grows (8/23/16) La Croix Church recently hosted the annual Global Leadership Summit for the seventh time and saw another attendance increase.

Gigi Butler to give keynote at Flourish Women's Summit (8/23/16) Gigi Butler, founder of Nashville-based Gigi's Cupcakes, has no problem choosing her favorite item on her menu. The Hunka Chunka Banana Love cupcake probably tastes amazing, but it's the deeper meaning behind it that makes it special.

Welcome and good luck, Southeast Missouri State students (8/22/16) It was hard not to notice the influx of people bustling around town over the weekend, mainly near the Southeast Missouri State University campus. Students moving in -- whether it be for the first time or a return trip to Cape Girardeau -- always makes for an exciting time...

Tourism growth is result of cityĺs ongoing strategy (8/21/16) When you take an inventory of some of the cityĺs progress thatĺs happening right now, a lot of it can be attributed to tourism. The SportsPlex project is an example. So is the convention center being built along the Interstate. And in a way, so is the Marquette Tech Project, which will include the opening of a downtown Marriott, bringing the first hotel to downtown in decades...

Congratulations to Cape West Rotary Club on 50 years (8/19/16) For half a century the Cape West Rotary Club has served our community. The organization celebrated the milestone earlier this month, which members said was "an opportunity to reflect on the good that's been done during that span while looking forward to the next 50 years," according to a story by Southeast Missourian reporter Lindsay Jones...

Sports providing message of unity (8/18/16) "CAPE GIRARDEAU CARES ABOUT EVERYONE." That's what was printed on the backs of shirts worn by participants at a Stop the Violence basketball game held recently at Indian Park. Isiah "Hoopie" Jones, who recently wrapped up a two-year career as a member of the Southeast Missouri State men's basketball team, organized the event, which was focused on uniting the general public with law enforcement and first responders through a game of pickup basketball...

SEMO recognized for revitalization efforts (8/17/16) It's hard not to get excited when you walk around downtown Cape Girardeau and see new businesses popping up and other establishments transforming and growing. For its part in the revitlization of downtown Cape, Southeast Missouri State University was honored at a statewide conference, the Southeast Missourian recently reported...

Cape chiropractor takes talents to Olympics (8/16/16) "It's such a blessing. There's probably 40,000 or 50,000 chiropractors in the United States and there's going to be about 40 there. Just the fact I got to be one of those is humbling, actually. Be there, be the best I can and enjoy it." Those words, spoken by Cape Girardeau chiropractor Matt Uchtman, reveal the rare opportunity with which he finds himself. Uchtman will be one of the few chiropractors working behind the scenes with wrestlers competing in the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro this week...

Stay informed on upcoming ballot measures (8/15/16) Secretary of State Jason Kander announced recently that Missouri voters will have a voice on some important issues, two of which are limits on campaign contributions and increases in cigarette tax hikes. These measures will be on the Nov. 8 ballot. No one runs for office without an abundance of finances, so candidates rely on these. ...

Jackson drug testing: debate worth having (8/14/16) Jackson's school board decided last week to begin a system of randomly testing students as a condition of them participating in extracurricular activities such as sports, band competitions, debate teams and other such activities. We understand the motive. ...

Combined efforts will lead to peaceful resolution (8/12/16) Some came because they knew the victims personally. Some came because they are concerned for the state of the nation. Some came to support a community effort. All came to make a stand in the name of stopping the violence in South Cape. The Stop the Violence prayer march, held the last Saturday in July, commemorated the lives of those in our community who have been killed, most within the last five years. ...

Best wishes for a great school year in Cape and Jackson (8/11/16) Summer is defined in many ways. The "unofficial" start and end of summer fall on Memorial Day and Labor Day, respectively. Then, of course, there is meteorological summer, which begins and ends on specific calendar dates each year. Then there is the three-month break students yearn for all school year...

Longtime teachers serve students, younger educators (8/10/16) Almost everyone involved with the Oak Ridge School District between 1954 and 2008 knows the name Jackie Ludwig. Ludwig, who taught in the district from 1954 to 1990 and served on the school board from 1993 to 2008, was recently honored as a Pioneer in Education. The honor was bestowed during the 55th Cooperative Conference for School Administrators, hosted annually by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education...

Boy Scouts benefit from lessons on metal work, welding (8/9/16) An estimated 50 Boy Scouts troops from Cape Girardeau, Kennett, Sikeston and Charleston, Missouri, came together July 21 at the Sikeston Career and Technology Center to learn the specifics of welding and metal work, moving from station to station and earning merit badges...

Welcome and good luck to Southeast's Coach Sawyers (8/8/16) We love our baseball around here, don't we? We love the game, the lessons it teaches and the coaches committed to teaching them. With that, we welcome Andy Sawyers, the new head baseball coach at Southeast Missouri State University. Included in Sawyers' coaching resume are positions as volunteer assistant at Northwestern State in 1999 and Nebraska in 2000; head coach at Hutchison Community College in Kansas for 2001-2002, where he took his team to two Sub-Regionals; assistant coach at Nebraska from 2003-2007; and volunteer assistant at Texas A&M in 2008, before becoming a head coach there in 2011. ...

As Olympics start, we find great running stories here (8/7/16) As the Olympics get underway, many of us will marvel at the runners and the swimmers and the gymnasts. When the best athletes in the world assemble every four years, it's always exciting to see what they can do. Who will break world records? Who will win the gold medals? We love the storylines, the comeback kids, the sunsetting veterans, and all the emotion that rides along with every race and every finish...

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B&G Club launches drive for new wheels Leah Landon understands the necessity for reliable transportation.

Sedalia has many fine attributes Niche ( used to be a site that just ranked schools around the country, both K-12 and college by combining student reviews, professional opinions and piles of raw data. They recently started applying the Niche system to rank cities around the...

Sedalia Brick was once a cornerstone city's industry In the 1880s, Sedalia was still experiencing the burst of growth that followed the Civil War. Business was thriving, the city's population was growing, and new buildings were being erected. Sedalia's builders were using approximately 3.5...

Rain's impact seeping into all areas The wet weather that has nearly drowned west central Missouri over the past six weeks is much more than an annoyance. Gov. Jay Nixon's declaration of a state of emergency makes that point clear, but the impact of all of that rain is being felt...

Plan B works in a pinch My sister Libby, mother and I have been talking about bucket lists. I haven't developed a bucket list, as my family genes give me a good chance of staying on this planet for a long time. But our lives have changed over the past year, and so we...

Bottling companies have Sedalia history In the 18th century, British chemist Joseph Priestly developed a way to infuse water with carbon dioxide to produce carbonated water. The bubbly water became popular particularly in tonics, mixtures of herbs, roots, and flavorings suspended in...

Dolezal's race claims 'unfortunate' By now you've probably heard the story of Rachel Dolezal, the head of the Spokane, Wash., NAACP who has been accused of misrepresenting her race.

Surprising love for a 'common man' We all have guilty pleasures — those things we love that others either don't understand or think are too kitschy, low-brow or just plain dumb to embrace. For some, it's romance novels or collections of “Star Wars” toys.

To vacuum or not to vacuum The vacuum cleaner has been sitting in our living room for the past week, beckoning to me, its siren song tantalizing me to come to it, plug it in, use it. But I just haven't found the time, energy, or willingness to heed its call. If I leave it...

Of pranks and paranoia I just got back from my fourth year as a counselor at Gateway Hemophilia Association's Camp Notaclotamongus at Living Well Village in Imperial and I've got to say that it went pretty well.

Beloved teacher, principal dies in 1903 In 1882, Sedalia boasted four public schools — Broadway School, Lincoln School, Washington School and Franklin School. According to the 1882 History of Pettis County, Franklin School was built in 1870 on an elevated site at the corner of...

A Stark truth: Ragtimers show fun side Martin Spitznagel knows what many people say about the music he loves.

Exploring sights, sounds of Southern California I am not a Los Angeles fan; the city is too big, too sprawling, too car-infested for me. I much prefer northern California. Regardless of the traffic, that area offers much more for me in the way of entertainment and relaxation: the Muir Woods,...

Not all bugs are the enemy Technically, summer doesn't begin in a strictly scientific sense until the Summer Solstice on June 21, but for practical purposes the signs are all around us: the number of garage sales is going up, our kids are starting to leave for camp and...

Sedalians attempt to drill Artesian well, get rich quick During the late 19th century, Sedalia mounted several schemes to use mineral resources to make large amounts of money.

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