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St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Opinion
As of (05/20/2019) at 09:41 AM

Editorial Editorial: Bloomberg's work with St. Louis on warming can reverse rampant complacency

Editorial Editorial: Religious freedom rules seek to legalize forms of discrimination.

Editorial Editorial: Lessons for future leaders from the sad downfall of Bruce Franks Jr.

Editorial Editorial: Trump's pardons, like everything else, are all about him.

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Dana Milbank: After two faulty Boeing jets crash, the Trump administration blames foreign pilots

E.J. Dionne: The NRA in disarray

Trump didn't start this trade war, China did

Eugene Robinson: Trump has no idea what he's doing

Jonah Goldberg: Washington's dirty little secret: No one is running the show

Kathleen Parker: A female president is coming soon, just not in 2020

Kathleen Parker: The end of everything — or not

Lovasco: The General Motors Deal is a Great Deal — but only for GM

McDermott: With incoherent strategies like #SexStrike, it doesn't matter how right you are.

Butler: Long live St. Louis

Time for Washington University to translate research to practice

Trakas: Stenger corruption case proves representative democracy still works

Social justice isn't found in commercial weed

Kansas City Star - Opinion
As of (05/20/2019) at 09:42 AM

Editorials Missourians subsidize KC stadiums to tune of $3 million per year. When will Kansans chip in? May 19, 2019 05:00 AM

Editorials Will KCK be the next city to finally lift its ban on pit bulls? May 20, 2019 05:00 AM

Editorials Hey, Lee's Summit school board: `Driving while blond' is nothing like driving while black May 17, 2019 02:51 PM

Syndicated Columnists Julian Assange is no hero of the free press — or of anything else May 17, 2019 05:36 PM

Guest Commentary Municipal ID would make Wyandotte County residents count in 2020 census May 18, 2019 08:34 PM

Syndicated Columnists No, we can't just get along. We're on the right abortion track May 18, 2019 08:26 PM

Melinda Henneberger To my pro-life friends: This brutal Missouri abortion ban is where we part ways May 17, 2019 11:39 AM

`Where does it stop?' Protesters oppose Missouri abortion ban on Plaza in Kansas City May 19, 2019 01:53 PM

Ryan Newman said Clint Bowyer should `be embarrassed' after post-race punches May 19, 2019 01:11 PM

JoCo sees hospital building boom while underserved areas of Kansas City are ignored May 19, 2019 05:00 AM

Michigan signee Jalen Wilson schedules recruiting trip to KU, plans on visiting UNC May 19, 2019 04:18 PM

Familiar formula for Royals leads to loss in series opener with Angels May 18, 2019 12:37 AM

Editorials Missourians subsidize KC stadiums to tune of $3 million per year. When will Kansans chip in? May 19, 2019 05:00 AM

Will KCK be the next city to finally lift its ban on pit bulls? May 20, 2019 05:00 AM

Hey, Lee's Summit school board: `Driving while blond' is nothing like driving while black May 17, 2019 02:51 PM

Missouri's extreme abortion bill rivals Alabama in cruelty and doing harm to women May 16, 2019 03:14 PM

More in Editorials Melinda Henneberger Even Harvey Weinstein deserves due process, despite Harvard student absolutists May 17, 2019 07:04 AM

Editorials Missouri's extreme abortion bill rivals Alabama in cruelty and doing harm to women May 16, 2019 03:14 PM

A legacy of bigotry from 1889 shouldn't punish children today May 17, 2019 08:31 PM

Letters to the Editor Letter to the editor: Beware a complicated scam targeting grandparents May 17, 2019 08:29 PM

The Springfield News Leader - Opinion
As of (05/20/2019) at 09:42 AM

Letters for May 19: Marijuana, religion and more

Legislation needed to stop excessive robocalls

“ Grow with Google” helps improve digital skills

Springfield Public Schools will fight against racism and bigotry

About charter schools — and Betsy DeVos

Letters for May 12: Library, religion, Trump and more

Letters for May 11: Police, Trump and more

The Millie Project: A lesson for all!

Fighting the opioid crisis and how people can help

About charter schools — and Betsy DeVos As a nation, we've put up with similar nonsense from this secretary for over two years now. by Larry Campbell 4 days ago

View All Photos May political cartoons from the USA TODAY network by USA TODAY 9 hours ago

Letters for May 12: Library, religion, Trump and more See what readers are talking about this week.

The Millie Project: A lesson for all! Thanks, Ms. Chappell and students of Willard for a lesson well taught and for shining some light for us all.

Truman’s birthday recalls moments with president "Harry Truman was someone nearly every Missourian could relate to. We could use more of his kind today.

Letters for May 11: Police, Trump and more See what readers are talking about this week.

Developing a plan to lower cost of college We will be better off as a country if we find ways to offer people the opportunity to decide if continuing their education is right for them.

View All Photos Editorial cartoons on politics

Council misses chance to regulate predatory loans We remain committed to our friends and neighbors who so desperately need our help.

A palindromic look at earliest biblical arguments I often try to read between the Bible's lines and imagine what conversations may have taken place.

Fighting the opioid crisis and how people can help For a crisis as pervasive as opioid abuse and addiction, constant action is needed.

The Independence Examiner - Opinion
As of (05/20/2019) at 09:42 AM

Jason Offutt: Deep questions, disconcerting answers

Our opinion: Too many pressing state issues get little or no attention

Letters: Readers comment on smart meters, development and a tragic death

Granlund cartoon: Following in my footsteps

Granlund cartoon: Space Force

Matthew T. Mangino: The NRA's greatest fraud

Matthew T. Mangino: Contempt of Congress: Where do we go from here?

Beeler cartoon: Emergency contraception

Weatherford cartoon: Wrong Donald

Weatherford cartoon: Tax wishes

Granlund cartoon: Abortion ban

Weatherford cartoon: Another crisis

Granlund cartoon: Valor and sacrifice

Weatherford cartoon: Cheap knock-offs

Beeler cartoon: Mother of Tariffs

Granlund cartoon: Trade war

Weatherford cartoon: Supreme Court loss

Beeler cartoon: Mother of Tariffs

Weatherford cartoon: Cheap knock-offs

Granlund cartoon: Trade war

The Columbia Missourian - Opinion
As of (05/20/2019) at 09:43 AM

Opinion STEVE SPELLMAN: It makes good sense to get around on your own power Many people who might otherwise consider biking, walking, mass transit or carpooling likely do not feel the need to do so because driving a car is so convenient and relatively cheap.

DARKOW: Trade wars Editorial cartoon by John Darkow

DARKOW: Fossil fools Editorial cartoon by John Darkow

EDITORIAL: Missouri's extreme abortion bill rivals Alabama in harm and cruelty Kansas City Star Missouri is now in the competition to challenge the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision before the anti-abortion Supreme Court that Donald Trump promised and has delivered.

EDITORIAL: Governor gets it wrong with happy talk about tariffs Kansas City Star The average American family of four will lose $770 a year if the tariffs stay as they are now, and $2,300 a year if Trump imposes a 25 percent tariff on all Chinese goods.

STEVE SPELLMAN: It makes good sense to get around on your own power Steve Spellman Many people who might otherwise consider biking, walking, mass transit or carpooling likely do not feel the need to do so because driving a car is so convenient and relatively cheap.

EDITORIAL: Extreme abortion laws become the new normal New York Times There will also be more and more political debate over abortion pills in this country, and it"s important to be educated about this discussion.

DARKOW: Trade wars John Darkow Editorial cartoon by John Darkow

GUEST COMMENTARY: Pain over tariffs is like to continue. Here"s why Bryan Keough So far consumers may not have noticed the tariffs since they are spread across thousands of products, but they have cost each American about $11 per month.

EDITORIAL: Funding for low-income tax credits needs to be restored Joplin Globe Researchers found that there are almost 196,000 low-income households in Missouri, but there are just under 83,000 affordable rental homes.

DARKOW: Fossil fools John Darkow Editorial cartoon by John Darkow

GUEST COMMENTARY: Rural broadband comes closer to reality Eric Bohl We need to continue to press for all Missourians to have access to fast, reliable internet. The modern world demands it.

EDITORIAL: With internal fight, Lincoln University is hurting itself Jefferson City News Tribune Until the legal issues are settled between the university and its foundation, alumni and others are not likely to provide any financial support.

EDITORIAL: Oversight needed so Facebook takes privacy seriously St. Louis Post-Dispatch How about installing a federally approved “privacy official” in the highest levels of the company and creating an independent privacy oversight committee?

KEN MIDKIFF: Another mass shooting and more silence from lawmakers Ken Midkiff Mass shootings are becoming more common and we need, as New Zealand did, to act and act quickly.

DARKOW: Student loans John Darkow Editorial cartoon by John Darkow

EDITORIAL: It"s refreshing to see state workers honored, appreciated Jefferson City News Tribune The governor signed a proclamation to declare this week as Public Service Recognition Week in Missouri.

EDITORIAL: Governor can"t use First Amendment to keep public records secret Kansas City Star The public's business must be done in public. The governor has forgotten that guiding principle.

DARKOW: Drawing back the curtain John Darkow Editorial cartoon by John Darkow

DAVID WEBBER: The source of school suspension disparities is worth a closer look David Webber It is a question of community commitment to give schools the resources to provide extra support programs, experienced teachers, small classes and student involvement training.

Columbia Daily Tribune - Opinion
As of (05/20/2019) at 09:43 AM

Notes From Boomerang Creek: What's cooking at Boomerang Creek?

Hank's View: Hammerschmidt — an unholy blend of tax credits

Editorial: Bad move rising

CAFO debate divides rural ideals

The real life 'Hunger Game'

Tribune's View: With a week to go, the Missouri Senate paralyzed itself

Restarting housing tax credit program is still a bad idea

Hank's View: The Mueller report: What does it say about misbehavior by Trump and Barr?

Political theatre and the rule of law

Farm and Food File: Stand up or step aside

Rude Awakenings: Unwelcome mat remains out for Dreamers

Hank's View: Sunshine: Galloway v. Parson

Missouri needs policy reforms for better prosperity

Capitol Perspectives: The passage of a Missouri legislative era

Letters to the Editor

Hank's View: Gene Hamilton was a benefit to us all

Politicians should stay in their lanes, away from women's reproductive health

A bittersweet Mother's Day

Editorial: Asylum fee plan an affront to American principles

Hank's View: When will we elect a female president?

St. Joseph News-Press - Opinion
As of (05/20/2019) at 09:43 AM

Session was about more than abortion

What exactly is the value of your diploma?

Narrow focus on parks serves city well

Missing kids can't be ignored

The canary in St. Joseph's mine shaft

The politics of doing the right thing

Cracker House is just one of many

A dire report that trumps them all

Facebook shouldn't stifle marketplace of ideas

The danger of dabbling in protectionism

The Joplin Globe - Opinion
As of (05/20/2019) at 09:44 AM

Christine Flowers: New abortion legislaton signals America is on right track There is no middle ground on abortion.

Herb Van Fleet: Speaker of House Nancy Pelosi's dilemma In an interview with The Washington Post on March 11, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said this about impeaching President Donald Trump: “Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there's something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don't think we should go down that pat…

Carol Stark: Globe to feature Carthage man's cartoons Dan Trogdon has no art background. In fact the retired Carthage resident says he's never even been a doodler.

George Will: Blaine paid a steep price for his bigotry, but children shouldn't WASHINGTON — Republican James G. Blaine (1830-1893) was a House speaker, senator and two-time secretary of state, but he is remembered, if at all, for this doggerel: “Blaine, Blaine, James G. Blaine / the continental liar from the state of Maine.” His lasting legacy, however, is even more di…

Geoff Caldwell: It's past time we held China accountable Eleven days and 74 years ago, the European Theater of Operations in World War II went from war to peace. The carnage started by Adolf Hitler almost six years earlier, the tens of millions of lives lost, centuries-old cities in rubble and the horrors of the Holocaust were at last finally over.

Your View: Letters to the editor Medical marijuana could be effective tool

Our View: Prioritize education funding Missouri lawmakers made the right decision this year when putting together the state budget for fiscal year 2020.

Brad Belk: Teachers powerful influencers both then and now Well, another school tour season has passed. There is a perception today that kids are just not what they used to be. A few believe the sky is falling and we are doomed with the impending next generation.

Our view: Time to give to arts If you support the proposed Joplin downtown arts center, now is the time to give.

Byron York: Joe Biden and restoring the old order There was a school of thought that said former Vice President Joe Biden would begin to sink in the polls the moment he announced his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination. Biden's first day in the race, the thinking went, would be his best day.

Jay Ambrose: Harvard puts student feelings ahead of justice John Adams, our second president and a principal guide in the writing of the U.S. Constitution in addition to his work on the Declaration of Independence, also defended British soldiers who killed American colonists in the Boston Massacre. Don't do this unpopular thing, friends warned him, b…

Our view: Bad move rising The Missouri General Assembly has set a precedent that could have dire consequences for counties and cities across the state by passing a bill forbidding local regulation of concentrated animal feeding operations.

Gene Lyons: 'We're doomed,' he said cheerfully Even for somebody whose job it is to keep up with the news, some stories are just too upsetting. So it was with the recent release of a United Nations scientific report on biodiversity. A week after the fact, I had to force myself to go back and read the story. Headlined "Humans Are Speeding…

Gina Barreca: Extra credit? Be grateful for any credit at all Outside of a classroom, does life offer any version of "extra credit"?

Our View: Foolish public policy Missouri lawmakers just agreed to give at least $50 million in incentives — and perhaps as much as $90 million — to General Motors, and no matter how they spin this, it is straight-up corporate welfare that has us feeling like we have just been run over by a Chevy Colorado.

Robert B. Reich: The House now has a constitutional duty to impeach Donald Trump is causing a constitutional crisis with his blanket refusal to respond to any subpoenas.

Jonah Goldberg: Holding Barr in contempt is a case of dirty politics Ever since Donald Trump came down that Trump Tower escalator to announce his candidacy for president, we've heard a great deal about the abuse of norms — constitutional norms, democratic norms, norms of decency, all kinds of norms. For Trump supporters, the president's frequent violations of…

Our View: Washington renovation a welcome project The old Washington Education Center in Joplin is showing its age.

Sherry Buchanan: A chisel or a sledgehammer? A Globe editorial (May 2) recently pointed out the efforts of Missouri Legislature's Republican supermajority to “chisel away public participation in their own government."

Noah Smith: The grim logic of Trump's trade war with China A month ago, I declared that President Donald Trump's trade war against China looked like it might be winding down. I was wrong. Instead of capitulating in exchange for some agricultural purchases and other minor concessions, Trump is doubling down. He's raising tariffs on $200 billion worth…

The Jefferson City News Tribune - Opinion
As of (05/20/2019) at 09:44 AM

Your Opinion: Response to Haslag: Dear Editor: The Cole County Democratic mouthpiece Robert Haslag lectured Ms. Roam about racism in his editorial April 30. One...

Your Opinion: Trump won't bring back golden age: Dear Editor: I graduated from high school in a "golden age" for us privileged white males.

Commentary: Blaine paid a steep price for his bigotry, but children shouldn't have to: WASHINGTON — Republican James G. Blaine (1830-93) was a House speaker, senator and two-time secretary of state, but he is...

Perspective: Feverish pace as session comes to close: Greetings from the fourth floor of your state Capitol; as I write this, we are still in session and debating...

Perspective: A study a day: One of the marvels of the internet is its utility in connecting inquisitive minds with an overabundance of research studies,...

Your Opinion: Student loans not responsible for federal debt: Tony SmithJefferson CityDear Editor:When I returned from Vietnam, I used the GI Bill to complete a master's degree.

Your Opinion: Response to Bergman: Nelson OttoJefferson CityDear Editor:Mr. Bergman's letter of May 15 needs some corrections to be factual.

Our Opinion: Who's best to control Candy Crush?: U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley is taking on Candy Crush — as well as other game apps that encourage users (often...

Your Opinion: 'Greatest economy in history' claim incorrect: Robert HaslagJefferson CityDear Editor:Mr. Otto, evidently you discovered the weakness of the “joke" concept and now posit Mr.

Your Opinion: Killing the innocent: Edward BodeJefferson CityDear Editor:At the Capitol, abortion advocates spoke seriously about respecting the mother and the physician.

Perspective: Memorial Day more than just a day for relaxation: On May 1, 1865, less than a month after Gen. Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse, a parade was...

Your Opinion: Biden and sons' corruption: Charlotte SchniedersJefferson CityDear Editor:There's a new type of corruption involving multi-billion-dollar equity deals with foreign governments pouring money into children...

Our Opinion: Celebrating two decades for the Center of Hope: We would like to congratulate the Salvation Army on its 20th anniversary of serving Jefferson City with the Center of...

Perspective: Honoring law enforcement officers: Nearly 1 million men and women across the nation go to work each and every day willing to make the...

Your Opinion: Health care and GOP deception: Tony SmithJefferson CityDear Editor:Tom Ault has shared his health care bills with us recently and sees nonsense? I agree that...

Your Opinion: Diagnosing Trump through the media: Sherwood WatsonJefferson CityDear Editor:OK, I'll bite. I have been following Mr. Haslag's dialogue with himself regarding the possible mental health...

How 'lunch shaming' is facing scrutiny around the US: NEW YORK (AP) — Denying children a hot meal apparently isn't a popular way for schools to deal with unpaid...

Your Opinion: Response to Rycyk: Frank Rycyk LTE compares Trump's fence to the Berlin wall. Well, let us do a real comparison here.

Your Opinion: Rein in federal government: Is the plan of politicians to continue to grow government until We the People are stripped of all decision making,...

Your Opinion: Dems' disastrous economy record: If the Constitution and history are removed from teaching, may we rewrite our own version? Democrats' handling of the economy...

The Southeast Missourian - Opinion
As of (05/20/2019) at 09:44 AM

Winter sports finalists announced for Semoball Awards The Semoball Awards Show is just a couple of months away, and we’re gearing up for another awesome event. The finalists for the winter sports were recently announced ...

Chick-Fil-A operator talks customer service, with a side of 'My pleasure' (5/18/19) Lucas Presson Mid-day Tuesday Chick-fil-A owner and operator Brian House gets everyone's attention at his Cape Girardeau store. "Today we want to recognize our officers who put their lives on the line for us," House said. On this day law enforcement officers get a free meal and a portion of sales to benefit Curt Fox, a local highway patrol officer battling cancer...

Golfer proves it's possible to win in the face of adversity (5/15/19) Mike Jensen I rarely, if ever, write about sports in this column. Today is an exception. Sung Kang, a little-known South Korean golfer, won the Byron Nelson golf tournament this past weekend. In doing so, he outlasted some of the most prominent names in professional golfing circles...

Feedback from protest (5/20/19) I just finished standing on Freedom Corner in Cape Girardeau in a rally suggesting that President Trump is not so good for our nation. I was one of the people holding the large IMPEACH sign. We got a lot of positive feedback and some negative, probably more positive than negative...

The lies from Dems continue (5/20/19) How many people like being lied to for over two years? The Mueller report proved this is what mainstream media and the Democrat leaders have done. Now they do not apologize to the American people. It is very sad that there are people who still watch the mainstream media and believe their biased reporting. ...

Editorial: Many activities in store this weekend in area (5/17/19) This weekend is shaping up to be one of the more active weekends in some time, with the highlight and showcase event being the air show with the Blue Angels. There are a couple of other notable events happening as well. Today the "Over the Edge" fund raiser where local "celebrities" will rappel down 147 feet at Towers South on the Southeast Missouri State University campus to raise money for the United Way. ...

Speak Out: Speak Out 5/16/19 (5/16/19) For the organizers of the gay pride festival to say they hosted a "family friendly" event is a joke. You had people in drag sucking dollar bills out of other people's mouths in front of children. There's a reason that the inclusiveness you seek is elusive, and it's because of your public displays of immorality...

Editorial: Know difference maker; Nominate them for B Magazine's Newsmakers edition (5/16/19) B Magazine is gearing up for its annual Newsmakers edition and event, and is looking for nominations. If you know of someone who is doing exciting things, making a big difference in the community, a nomination is a good way to show support for that individual...

Speak Out: Speak Out 5/15/19 (5/15/19) I am a veteran and 88 years old. This week at a local grocery store, a young lady helped me load my groceries into my truck even though I was physically able to do this chore. She was very helpful and gave me a hug also -- and thanked me for my service. ...

Editorial: Redhawks softball wins OVC, heads to regionals (5/15/19) The last timeast time Southeast Missouri State University won the OVC Championship in softball, several of the current Redhawks players hadn't been born. But the softball team took the crown last week, with back-to-back wins over powerhouse Jacksonville State to cement the team's legacy, proving to themselves the results they had seen coming for quite some time...

Speak Out: Speak Out 5/14/19 (5/14/19) On May 2, the California Department of Water Resources published a monthly report of its water reservoirs. The department found that the snow packs surrounding the basins were on average 31 inches of snow water equivalent thick. This is 144% greater than the average depth and the fifth highest ever recorded. This means the global warming scientists have found a new phenomenon, snow forms and falls at temperatures above 32 degrees Fahrenheit...

Column: You ain't black enough,' says the 'black police' (5/14/19) 67 Adrienne Ross What do you do when the Black Police come knocking? No, not black police -- the Black Police, the self-appointed officers patrolling the streets, airwaves and Internet for Black Code violators. With the goal "to serve and protect," -- Who? -- they make their presence and authority known...

Editorial: Glenn House: Worth a visit, one of downtown's jewels (5/14/19) Six members of the Glenn family were on hand earlier this month for special tours of the historic Glenn House. It was a special day, and also a reminder of this special jewel in Cape Girardeau's downtown landscape. The Glenn House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, built in 1883 for David A. Glenn, an influential figure in the city's history. It was renovated in 1900, and preserved by the Historical Association of Greater Cape Girardeau...

Letter to the Editor: GOP should wake up (5/14/19) Benjamin Franklin, one of the fathers of American democracy, once wrote, "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." This wisdom is eminently applicable to what is happening in America today...

Letter to the Editor: Unpalatable business handouts (5/14/19) I like Kathryn Swan and plan to vote for her for state senator; however, I don't agree with her when it comes to giving tax breaks to wealthy movie companies. I know she is looking at the big picture of creating jobs and stimulating the economy by attracting movie companies to Missouri, but subsidizing big, rich corporations just rubs me the wrong way...

Editorial: Therapeutic horsemanship organization helps patients with various challenges (5/13/19) It’s not been a good year for horse racing. From several horse deaths to the controversial reversal of the Kentucky Derby outcome, horses have been in the national spotlight for bad reasons. Not so, locally. In the hours before the big race, the Mississippi Valley Therapeutic Horsemanship organization held a horse show, giving riders an opportunity to show off their riding skills for friends and families...

Speak Out: Speak Out 5/13/19 (5/13/19) President Donald Trump continues to win for us, and a new CNN poll confirms it as 56% of the country approves of his handling of our economy. Democrats continue to demonstrate that they have no interest in legislating as they comically beat the dead horse of disproved collusion. And the DNC has already conceded that they’ll lose more Senate seats in 2020...

Column: Getting an education without breaking the bank (5/11/19) 2 Lucas Presson Congratulations to the Southeast Missouri State University graduates this weekend as they celebrate at commencement. It's a special time for these students. It certainly was for me in 2008 and then again in 2010 when I walked across the stage at the Show Me Center. (One of my fondest memories of 2008's commencement was hearing the keynote from Judge Stephen N. Limbaugh, Jr.) The path to graduation is not easy, from deciding what field to study to paying for college...

Speak Out: Speak Out 5/12/19 (5/11/19) With all the flooding of county roads by the Mississippi River and its tributaries, why do people drive past road closed signs? Is it curiosity or just plain ignorance? Stay off these roads for your safety and the safety of the people who actually live on them...

Editorial: Mother's Day laughs (5/11/19) Editor's note: The following is our annual editorial for Mother's Day. Every year, we dutifully and thankfully acknowledge our mothers. We buy gifts. We select greeting cards that say the nicest things. We become part of the crowd at our favorite restaurant...

Sedalia Democrat - Opinion
As of (05/20/2019) at 09:45 AM

Spending time reminiscing at `home' By Deborah Mitchell Contributing Columnist May 18, 2019 Right after I wrote the last word last week about missing Papa Joe, I jumped in the car and drove to Springfield, picked up Joe's daughter, my BFF Susan, and we drove another two hours to our stomping grounds – to home. To Thayer.

What does our treatment of prisoners say about us? By Liz Schleicher Contributing Columnist May 18, 2019 In March of 2019, the Washington State Department of Corrections furtively banned its inmates from receiving free books in the mail from nonprofit organizations, citing concerns about contraband. The ban was overturned after public outcry. A few weeks earlier, the state of Texas ended its pr…

Thoughts on popular stories and concert offerings, etiquette By Bob Satnan Contributing Columnist May 18, 2019 Short takes and random thoughts:

Look for opportunities to love others By Rev. Dennis Harper Pastor, Wesley United Methodist Church May 17, 2019 “For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.” Jeremiah 29:11.

A few days in the life of criminal court By Rhonda Chalfant Contributing Columnist May 15, 2019 On Tuesday, April 12, 1887, the Sedalia Weekly Bazoo reported Judge Ryland arrived in Sedalia to begin the regular spring sitting of the Criminal Court. The first order of business was to convene a Grand Jury. Those chosen for Grand Jury duty included Foreman W.W. Herald, George Spears, A.B.…

Excited for alternative rock at the State Fair By Jennifer Langdon Contributing Columnist May 15, 2019 I was working Monday morning, minding my own business when I got an email from the Missouri State Fair with the final concert announcements for this year's fair. I idly clicked on it, expecting to be once again be disappointed that there were no acts I was excited for.Â

After Mueller's report, time for Part II By Doug Kneibert Contributing Columnist May 14, 2019 With the Mueller investigation finding no evidence that President Trump colluded with Russia to swing the 2016 election his way nor that he had obstructed justice, you'd think we all might welcome a return to political normalcy, which has been in short supply these past two years.

The crunchy girl who got cancer By Liz Schleicher Contributing Columnist May 14, 2019 This is a story about a girl who used to be crunchy. Natural. Pure. She was pro-herbs and teas and tinctures and whole foods. She was also anti-medical science. She was skeptical of doctors and Big Pharma and vaccines. She thought most of it was toxic and harmful, and if people would just “b…

Learning of love, devotion from my village By Deborah Mitchell Contributing Columnist May 14, 2019 In 1996, Hillary Clinton published a children's book: “It Takes A Village.” The idea was that we all work together to give children a footing with which to build their lives. I was bewildered when people raised a hue and cry about it. “What do you mean, it takes a village? I raised my kids m…

Strong, passionate arts culture found in Sedalia By Bob Satnan Contributing Columnist May 11, 2019 Sedalia's arts community reached soaring highs and saddening lows over the past week, but its enduring strength and influence will ensure that it remains one of the strongest positive traits this area possesses.

Con artist Ryan finally jailed By Rhonda Chalfant Contributing Columnist May 7, 2019 In 1881, Volney Ryan, the insurance con artist, was in jail in Jacksonville, Tennessee. Pettis County Sheriff Connor traveled to Jacksonville, hoping to bring Ryan to Sedalia to stand trial on charges of insurance fraud in Missouri. He was unable to do so, as the court in Jacksonville had al…

Taking time to relax and unplug By Jennifer Langdon Contributing Columnist May 7, 2019 FOMO, or the “Fear of Missing Out,” is a term that quickly gained popularity in society in recent years. Merriam Webster defines FOMO as “anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website.” The curiosity …

Letter: Questions remain about Clarendon Road May 4, 2019 Dear Editor:

The hidden meaning of morel mushrooms By Liz Schleicher Contributing Columnist May 4, 2019 Of a cool, wet, spring, just when the mayapples spread their umbrella leaves and lilac blossoms get heavy on the bushes in town, it's time to put on your heavy boots and take a stomp out in the woods. Here and there in the underbrush, where the sunshine hits the ground now and then, you just…

Plenty of positives to celebrate in Sedalia By Bob Satnan Contributing Columnist May 4, 2019 A lot of interesting stuff happens in Sedalia and this week was no exception. One story really jumped out and grabbed everyone's attention, though, and dominated a lot of online and real-life conversations. As far as generating community buzz, this story was far and away the winner.

A weekend full of inspiring music By Deborah Mitchell Contributing Columnist May 4, 2019 If you are a music lover, this weekend in Sedalia will delight you. On Friday and Saturday, you can be treated to exceptional talent, and all you need to do is get up from your chair and head out the door.Â

A fraudster chased across states By Rhonda Chalfant Contributing Columnist Apr 30, 2019 J. Volney Ryan, who perpetrated an insurance fraud on several Sedalia businessmen, had escaped the Pettis County Jail and began a trip through St. Louis, Tennessee, and Louisiana, defrauding people along the way. On Sept. 20, 1881, he was ensconced in the jail in Shreveport, Louisiana, being…

Letter: We should welcome refugees Apr 30, 2019 Dear Editor:

Finding the best of Sedalia By Jennifer Langdon Contributing Columnist Apr 30, 2019 Columnist's note: Dear Reader, This week I am on vacation so I have decided to hand the keys of my column over to Erin Fuson. Erin is the wife of Dr. Andrew Fuson who was the Ear Nose Throat surgeon for the last year at Bothwell Regional Health Center. He also got the pleasure of removing my…

Letter: Honors at veteran funerals are appreciated Apr 30, 2019 Dear Editor:

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