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St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Editorials
As of (06/26/2016) at 11:51 AM

Editorial: Glendale bond issue is the price of fragmented government

Editorial: Medical schools right to put the spotlight on stress

Kevin Horrigan Horrigan: Most Americans lack confidence in the newspapers they don't read

Columnists Together, Find a Way Forward Columnists Two wrongs don't give police a right

Nixon should immediately veto dangerous bill on guns

Silence about guns is the enemy of progress

Twitter users react to front-page editorial

Postcards from Mound City

Michael Gerson The Christian right surrenders faith for politics

Eugene Robinson Will sit-in make Congress stand up on gun control?

Dana Miilbank For Trump, fringe conspiracies take center stage

Charles Krauthammer Hillaryism: Isn't it just deja vu all over again?

E.J. Dionne Trump sells out faith

McClellan: Case of who shot Frankie B. Phillips plays out like a blues song

Report predicts slower job growth in St. Louis

Illinois has steepest drop in farm income

Missouri pension boards reduce return assumptions

New Balance opens Earth City distribution center

Power of the pen fuels interest in candidates' gun stances ( … ) After reading and reflecting on the June 17 editorial on the front page of the Post-Dispatch (“Now is the time”) and continued on the editorial page, I came to a deeper realization of the need and importance of researching and being knowledgeable where each candidate stands on gun control. Read more

Letters to the editor, June 26 ( … )

Kansas City Star - Editorials
As of (06/26/2016) at 11:52 AM

Editorials Winners and losers in the crucial Kansas school funding decision Give Rep. Melissa Rooker of Fairway credit for pushing through a good plan Jeers for conservative Republicans who tried to cut education funding Eventually, everything appears to have worked out, and Kansas schools will stay open

Editorials Wake up, Johnson County voters, because crucial GOP primaries loom Some of the most important battles to oust extremist Republican lawmakers in Kansas will be fought over the next five weeks in Johnson County. That fact became more evident than ever on Friday when four ex-Kansas governors released an extraordinary, bipartisan letter that blasted Gov. Sam Brownback's policies as “destructive” and “dangerous.”

Editorials After Brexit, welcome to the jungle The United Kingdom's vote to leave the European Union is a disheartening victory for isolationists, nationalists and populist conservatives around the world. Britons' decision will have a huge effect on the global economy and world politics. This week was not a great one for freedom. Instead, it was an example of how chaotic the world of politics has become.

Editorials Major decisions on internet’s future should come from Congress, not courts Inaction by a perpetually polarized Congress once again has left the courts to iron out a major consumer issue. Fortunately, a court decision on net neutrality this month is a win for consumers. Net neutrality aims to prevent that by putting everyone on equal footing. Data would be data. Customers pay to access whatever they like. Yet to hear the critics speak, any government oversight or regulation is bad news.

Editorials Clueless Sam Brownback, angry lawmakers a toxic mix during Kansas’ fiscal crisis As Kansans saw again this week, the toxic mix of a clueless Gov. Sam Brownback and defiant extremist Republican lawmakers is dangerous to the state's future. The Aug. 2 primaries to oust some of the GOP legislators can't come soon enough.

Editorials Stop the whining and keep Kansas schools open The time for bellyaching is over in Kansas. Now it's time for the Legislature to solve the latest school funding crisis. Most Kansans expect lawmakers to find a way to follow a Kansas Supreme Court ruling that called on them to constitutionally support K-12 education, or risk forcing a school closure by July 1.

Editorials Here’s what shameful GOP wanted you to know about Democrats’ sit-in over gun control On Wednesday, House Republican leaders shamefully made sure cameras in the House and microphones were turned off during the sudden sit-in to try to prevent Americans from seeing what was going on there. Enter the modern world of social media: Resourceful representatives began using Periscope to livestream what was happening in the chamber. Next up: Pass good gun control bills.

Joco 913 Johnson County’s enemies The budget crisis in Topeka is affecting the services that Johnson County government can provide its citizens. This is happening because Gov. Sam Brownback and the GOP-controlled Legislature slashed income taxes four years ago. Voila: About $650 million a year in revenue vanished.

Editorials Lobby hard for public funds to build crucial downtown UMKC arts campus Armed with $48 million in private funds, supporters of the University of Missouri-Kansas City will need to aggressively lobby for matching public funds to build the new Downtown Campus for the Arts. Kansas City's civic and public officials have to be part of the team that tries to persuade the Missouri legislature in 2017 to help build the campus just south of the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.

Editorials Pandering politicians fail again on gun control The gun control debate on Monday went as expected. The U.S. Senate did zilch to try to prevent future bloodshed in America, caused by people who shouldn't have firearms. The National Rifle Association is partly to blame. So is the profit-loving-at-all-costs gun industry. But the biggest problems remains pandering politicians who won't approve needed restrictions on Second Amendment “rights.”

Editorials Monday Poll results: Keep Kansas Supreme Court justices, oust GOP lawmakers Readers of the Monday Poll didn't find a lot of middle ground to support as they looked at elections that loom later this year. Here are the full results based on more than 1,800 responses.

Editorials An inexcusable Medicaid backlog in Kansas In a frantic atmosphere focused on budget cuts and reducing the size of government in Kansas, mistakes continue to happen and the people who can least afford it keep getting hurt. Counted in that outrage is Kansas' Medicaid application backlog. Instead of being lowered to 3,480 people, it has more than quadrupled to 15,393 because of inaccurate reports. That is inexcusable.

Editorials Sorry, Johnson County kids, but Kansas is broke Kansas stands on the shocking cusp of having its public schools closed next week, throwing the educational futures of 500,000 children into chaos. So how are the adults doing at solving this problem? About as poorly as one would expect in a state that's basically broke. And that's a problem for Johnson County schools.

Editorials Precautions needed against antibiotic resistant superbug in America The so-called superbug discovered for the first time in a woman in Pennsylvania, hasn't reached the Midwest, but the fact that the bacteria is resistant to antibiotics of last resort is a super-cause for concern. This particular strain of E. coli bacteria has not surfaced in the Kansas City area, however, health officials are right to be concerned.

Editorials Sun is still shining in Kansas in the fantasy world of some GOP lawmakers Perusing their newsletters provides a telling glimpse into the mindset of embattled conservative Kansas Republican lawmakers. They have largely decided to protect Gov. Sam Brownback's costly 2012 income tax cuts for Kansans and 330,000 LLCs and live with the consequences. Unfortunately, these conservatives are wrong in their claims about record revenues and job creation.

Editorials The Monday Poll: Who will get your votes in Kansas? All eyes will be on Topeka in the coming days as the Kansas Legislature decides how it can properly finance public schools. But for today's Monday Poll, we'd like to look ahead to decisions that loom in elections later this year.

Editorials America needs stricter gun control. Now. Buying a gun in America isn't hard. Congress has made sure of that. So have the National Rifle Association and the U.S. gun industry. It's thus ludicrous for the pro-gun crowd to trot out the argument that the Second Amendment is under assault after tragedies like last Sunday's massacre in Orlando. This country must place tougher restrictions on what weapons can be bought, who can buyho can buy them and how quickly they can get them.

Editorials Poisonous politics stain European Union’s future as vote looms in Britain The United Kingdom has been shocked by the killing of Jo Cox, a Labour Party member of Parliament, just one week before Britain decides whether to stay in the European Union. The hostility of the people who want to leave the union has gone too far. Cox's death is likely to be one of the saddest consequences of that.

Editorials Unity is needed to end child labor, a blot on humanity, around the world Last Sunday was “World Day Against Child Labour,” a recognition by the United Nations' International Labour Organization that — from agriculture to manufacturing — 168 million children around the world are still involved in child labor. Too often, that means long hours of work for meager pay, if any.

Editorials Missouri Southern rightly restarts legislative internships at the Capitol Missouri Southern State University has wisely decided to restart its 20-year-old legislative intern program in Jefferson City. But changes had to occur in the Statehouse to make it possible.

The Springfield News Leader - Editorials
As of (06/26/2016) at 11:52 AM

Our Voice: Tax fight masks deeper jail issues

Time to abolish the death penalty

`Automatic weapons ban' foolish

Readers Roses and Thorns: Gun laws in Congress Roses and Thorns: Gun laws in Congress A BOUQUET OF ROSES: To members of the House of Representatives for their courageous sit-in effort on 6/22/2016 to TRY to pass reasonable and responsible gun control measures. Readers 16 hours, 37 minutes ago

Opinion Today's poll Today's poll There are now tentatively two candidates for Springfield mayor. Who would you vote for? Opinion 2 days, 19 hours ago

Readers Choices for governor leave some wanting Choices for governor leave some wanting My fellow citizens of Missouri: Readers 16 hours, 39 minutes ago

Readers Obama's `legacy' not great Obama's `legacy' not great The Obama Legacy will surely include several accomplishments. Among those achievements, you will certainly not find the following: Readers 16 hours, 44 minutes ago

Readers In Trump, Republicans see themselves In Trump, Republicans see themselves Political theatre is on display, and the performers are the GOP, starring presumptive Republican nominee Donald J. Trump. When Trump began his quest for the presidency, the media, GOP and the world thought it was laughable and impossible. Readers 16 hours, 47 minutes ago

Readers Cowardly commenters should try writing in Cowardly commenters should try writing in This letter is directed at those individuals who do not write letters of opinion to the News-Leader for print but do troll the online "comments" that follow each letter that is printed. Readers 16 hours, 49 minutes ago

Readers Work of building trades students not unnoticed Work of building trades students not unnoticed The usually dark campus of Summit Intermediate was illuminated on December 11 at about 11 p.m. Readers 16 hours, 51 minutes ago

Columnists Be honest about Islam's struggle with homosexuality Be honest about Islam's struggle with homosexuality Responses on Muslim social media to violence committed in the name of Islam have become infuriatingly predictable, as we saw most recently in Orlando. Columnists 16 hours, 58 minutes ago

Opinion Vandals of Sculpture Walk statue; To the House Democrats Vandals of Sculpture Walk statue; To the House Democrats SEVERAL THORNS: To the individual(s) who vandalized the beautiful statue, Silver Luster, by Jacob Burmood. It was ripped from its base at Olive and Jefferson and disfigured. Opinion 2 days, 11 hours ago

Contributors Trump sees light, dumps Lewandowski to appease evangelicals Trump sees light, dumps Lewandowski to appease evangelicals Trump sees light, dumps Lewandowski to appease evangelicals Contributors 2 days, 11 hours ago

Contributors The problem with selective gun rights The problem with selective gun rights The problem with selective gun rights Contributors 2 days, 11 hours ago

Editorials Our Voice: IRS impeachment overkill Our Voice: IRS impeachment overkill With their customary lack of subtlety, House Republicans are trying to unleash a nuclear bomb to swat the proverbial fly. The fly is IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. Editorials 2 days, 11 hours ago

Readers Promoting safe internet use in the summer Promoting safe internet use in the summer The end of the school year means that more young people will be turning to their cell phones, iPads and other wireless devices to occupy their free time. Readers 2 days, 11 hours ago

Readers Choice between 2 unlikable hopefuls Choice between 2 unlikable hopefuls Jim BurskiWhat are the odds that in this 2016 election year, after two terms of Barack Obama and with most folks believing the nation is on the wrong track, that voters are offered a choice between arguably the two most unqualified and unlikable cand Readers 2 days, 11 hours ago

Readers `Radical Christian terrorists' also exist `Radical Christian terrorists' also exist Much has been made of the fact that our president refrains from using the polarizing and hate-inciting three-word catch phrase “radical Islamic terrorism.” He knows that there is no need to add his voice to that ugly chorus. Readers 2 days, 11 hours ago

Editorials Our Voice: Structure needed for volunteers Our Voice: Structure needed for volunteers Many local people are giving their time to help neighbors in need, but we need a lot more. Editorials 3 days, 16 hours ago

Columnists Republicans: Save your party, don't give to Trump Republicans: Save your party, don't give to Trump “There's an old adage about a vat of wine standing next to a vat of sewage. Add a cup of wine to the sewage, and it is still sewage. But add a cup of sewage to the wine, and it is no longer wine but sewage. Columnists 3 days, 16 hours ago

The Independence Examiner - Editorials
As of (06/25/2015) at 11:54 AM

Teens, learn life-saving driving skills Posted at 11:00 AM The Bridgestone Teens Drive Smart Driving Experience, with its innovative and potentially life-saving instructional program, will visit our area on June 27 and 28 to help combat the ongoing problem of motor vehicle crashes among teens. Session...

Landgren cartoon: Farewell, pink flamingo creator Updated at 10:59 AM Don Landgren cartoon about the death of the pink flamingo’s creator. .mgnl175{margin-left:175px;} .childCatAd{display:inline-block!important;width:650px;}

The Columbia Missourian - Editorials
As of (06/26/2016) at 11:53 AM

Opinion DEAR READER: This news is hot enough to buckle a road Tired of the news about Brexit? Had enough of Hillary and The Donald? There"s always the weather.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Freedom of information gets a boost from Congress Under a new federal law, the keepers of government information must decide "whether they could reasonably foresee an actual harm" from disclosure before they decide to close the door.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Remarkably, catch and release has become the norm Some people worry that fish rarely survive being caught and released, but most scientific studies suggest otherwise.

DEAR READER: This news is hot enough to buckle a road Tom Warhover Tired of the news about Brexit? Had enough of Hillary and The Donald? There"s always the weather.

EDITORIAL: The social costs of children damaged by toxic stress St. Louis Post-Dispatch Young people raised in environments where crime and death are common, but nourishing food is not, have bodies and minds shaped by stress. Doctors are starting to pay attention and intervene.

EDITORIAL: Save a life, then prevent another potential tragedy Jefferson City News Tribune Increased availability of naloxone should not magnify the false impression that any overdose can be reversed in a safe and timely manner.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Freedom of information gets a boost from Congress George Kennedy Under a new federal law, the keepers of government information must decide "whether they could reasonably foresee an actual harm" from disclosure before they decide to close the door.

EDITORIAL: It killed Prince. Don"t let fentanyl get a foothold in Mo. St. Louis Post-Dispatch Fentanyl is 40 times more potent than heroin, and the Drug Enforcement Administration predicts that death tolls are going to rise across the country. .

EDITORIAL: Serious precautions needed against latest superbug Kansas City Star The E.coli strain of bacteria is resistant to antibiotics of the last resort, so wash hands carefully and cook food thoroughly.

GUEST COMMENTARY: UM System fails another test of leadership Connor Lewis Graduate students seek fair compensation, while well-paid administrators hide behind the process and punt the problem.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Remarkably, catch and release has become the norm James McClintock Some people worry that fish rarely survive being caught and released, but most scientific studies suggest otherwise.

STEVE SPELLMAN: Orlando should not propel reactionary public policy proposals Steve Spellman Leveraging this incident as fodder for one"s own preconceived political ideology is dangerous, and it dishonors the peaceful souls who had their lives violently taken from them.

DAVID ROSMAN: Internet use remains open and equal for all David Rosman An appellate court ruled last week that all internet traffic must be treated equally. No fast lanes for those who pay more, and no slowdowns for those who don"t.

CARL KENNEY: MU censure may ruin its ability to recruit a diverse faculty Carl Kenney MU is on the censure list for yielding to the pressure of state legislators. Notwithstanding the pressures administrators faced, the protection of procedures designed to protect academic freedom should never be compromised.

EDITORIAL: Now is the time for common-sense gun control St. Louis Post-Dispatch Sen. Roy Blunt, Missouri's Republican senator, has received more than $60,000 from the NRA since 1998, making him the No. 1 congressional recipient of NRA funding.

EDITORIAL: Don"t gouge the poor for missed doctors" appointments St. Louis Post-Dispatch A bill on the governor"s desk would allow Medicaid providers to bill a missed appointment fee when MO HealthNet patients miss or fail to cancel 24 hours in advance. It seems punitive and harsh.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Trump"s self-promotion is disgraceful Donna Brazile Donald Trump"s first reaction to the Orlando massacre was to congratulate himself — "Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism," he tweeted.

GUEST COMMENTARY: The Civil War didn"t end slavery after all Lauren Karaffa The American prison system is a massive — if invisible — part of our economy and social fabric.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Fear or hope? A fundamental choice after Orlando Richard C. Harwood Such horrific acts need not define us as a nation. But they do test our resolve. And we have a choice as to how we move forward.

EDITORIAL: Why KU Coach Bill Self can get away without paying taxes St. Louis Post-Dispatch Self might be a great coach, but he's taking advantage of a system that sucks the revenue out of schools, libraries, police and other public services.

Columbia Daily Tribune - Editorials
As of (06/26/2016) at 11:54 AM

Guns and politics: A new-era stalemate After the Orlando massacre, the politics of gun proliferation took another turn. Public opinion surveys increasingly favor more control, but reality keeps serious reform at bay.

`Brexit': Long wait, into night Around the world we waited all night Thursday on pins and needles as the citizens of the United Kingdom cast ballots on their abiding question, “Shall we remain part of the European Union?”

City report In his recent State of the City report, City Manager Mike Matthes did a rather good job of giving a general overview of basic circumstances in the community.

Middleton Earlier this week interim University of Missouri President Mike Middleton spoke to the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., in yet another attempt to explain to the world “what in the hell is going on at the University of Missouri?”

MU budget After turmoil at the University of Missouri's flagship campus and an acrimonious discussion of campus management, state lawmakers finally cut the university budget less severely than some anticipated.

Republicans for governor As their shooting war erupts, I'm not alone in wondering what happened to the four Republicans who would be governor. What we all knew was a difficult primary election trap is demonstrated in spades as they try to outmuscle each...

Click, redux Amid a world full of controversial happenings, shall we take one more look at the Melissa Click affair? Well, yes, with the censure by the American Association of University Professors, issued Saturday at the organization's national meeting.

C-2? Since 2013 Clarion and Associates has been concocting proposed changes in the city zoning code. Most attention focuses on implications for downtown development. Critics say overly permissive C-2 rules encouraged massive student housing construction, and they were able to persuade...

Terrorism Prediction: The next president will be more of a military hawk than Barack Obama. And it might be time for a thoughtful slither in that direction.

Armed guards: More guns, not fewer? The shooter at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando killed 49 people and wounded many others in a methodical, uninterrupted barrage that lasted for many minutes until a SWAT team from outside finally broke in. Nobody inside was able to defend...

Building spree After strong voter approval of funding requests, Columbia Public Schools is wasting no time getting on with promised projects. On Monday the board approved multimillion-dollar construction contracts for a new elementary school and stadium renovations at Rock Bridge High School.

Orlando Immediately after the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, we are privy to a fusillade of commentary from every conceivable source. Aside from the obligatory expressions of sorrow and sympathy, most of the input has political overtones about gun control.

Airport The retirement of Don Elliot as manager of Columbia Regional Airport comes at a time when profound change is occurring, much of it made possible by Elliot's 34 years of good service. In duties large and small, he has seen...

UM curators: Short-term work to do Gov. Jay Nixon has appointed three new members to the University of Missouri Board of Curators whose terms might not last beyond the end of the year, but in those few months the board has its most important duty before...

Roy Blunt: A sheep in wolf's clothing? I might not do Sen. Roy Blunt any favors with many of his partisan constituents by recognizing him as a latent moderate, a tendency he keeps under wraps these days as he runs for re-election by voters noticeably more conservative...

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St. Joseph News-Press - Editorials
As of (06/26/2016) at 11:55 AM

Voters confront global concerns Add "Brexit” to the concerns of voters in this region and across the country. Voters confront global concerns

Share the road or risk tragedy

Spend to improve use of tax dollars

100,000 reasons to read the paper

End-of-life wishes no use locked away

Season for safety begins

New law improves student safety

UM System pays for turmoil

A goal: Students who can save lives

Western adds to its value

The Joplin Globe - Editorials
As of (06/24/2016) at 06:21 AM

Our View: Shake it up; try Shakespeare Using the playwright's own words, we might suggest that maybe, just maybe, you are a Shakespeare fan, but have never had an opportunity to discover what you might be.

Other Views: Greater student safety It took too long, but Missouri lawmakers and Gov. Jay Nixon have strengthened the protections afforded to students threatened by bullying.

Tobey Huff: Senator's office no help in records search So Claire McCaskill is for the veterans. The case for benefits for Arla Harrell has been in the news, and I would like to suggest that this is a publicity stunt on the part of McCaskill to get the votes of veterans. Harrell is the last known Missourian who was used in mustard gas tests in Wo…

Our View: Teaching life skills High school students looking to pick up their diplomas in 2018 and thereafter will have to take 30 minutes worth of CPR training before they can graduate.

Your view: Letters to the editor Dueling columns

Konrad Heid: This election matters more than most The election this year has a lot riding on the outcome. Among those are new Supreme Court justice appointments, Islamic State group elimination, stopping the creep of socialism and rearranging federal health care.

Other Views: Schools proactive about bullying A state law to help schools identify bullying and signs of potential suicide is a proactive policy already practiced by a number of districts.

Our view: The lessons of Joplin If we were given three wishes in the aftermath of the Joplin tornado, they might be these:

Geoff Caldwell: Obama needs to turn his venom on America's enemies, not his critics If there has been one constant of the Barack Obama presidency, it is his preference for rhetorical venom against — instead of reasoned discussion with — critics of his policies.

Ronald Mosbaugh: PTSD can haunt veterans their entire lives In August 1967, I returned home after a 13-month tour in Vietnam as an 8404 field corpsman with Second Battalion, First Marines, Hotel Company.

Your views: Letters to the editor Wrong to votefor Hillary because she's a woman

Robert Reich: Bernie Sanders helped shape the next generation I don't know what Bernie Sanders is going to do from here on, and I'm not going to presume to advise him on his next steps. He's earned the right to figure out for himself what's next for his campaign and the movement he has launched. But of this I'm sure: He has already succeeded beyond any…

Our view: Optimism about Empire deal Empire District Electric Co. shareholders on Thursday overwhelmingly endorsed the $2.4 billion acquisition of the Joplin utility by Canada-based Algonquin Power and Utilities Corp.

French dysfunction on full display at Euro 2016 Friends and strangers have been asking what it's like here in Paris these days with the monthlong Euro 2016 soccer tournament taking place. Put it this way: When I host my local French-language radio show, I feel like one of those Radio London announcers broadcasting into occupied France dur…

Our View: Passing along his story “Nothing is so damaging as ignorance. I don't know, you say! What reason is there for you not knowing — you have not looked, you have not searched. Study to be approved of the Great Creator. Be master of things.”

Your view: Letters to the editor Participate in Joplin's recycling program

Our View: IS attacks with any weapon Our enemy is adept at turning what is best about America — our technological success, our prosperity, even our basic freedoms — into the very weapons used to strike us.

Your View: Letters to the editor I found the Globe's editorial on Social Security (June 10) a repeat of what the American people have heard since the forced savings plan (called insurance by FDR and his cronies) was enacted into law in the 1930s.

Rachel Marsden: High-techs should invest in future PARIS — Did you know that the multinational corporation Airbus Group has its own high school in France? It's one of the few private vocational schools left in the country. Why aren't more high-tech industrial corporations running schools? Although such institutions aren't without controversy…

Our view: Good news for MSSU It has been an incredible run of late for Missouri Southern State University. Hardly a week passes that some bit of good news isn't coming from the campus.

The Jefferson City News Tribune - Editorials
As of (06/26/2016) at 11:56 AM

Your Opinion: Society must rebuild 'fences': Adults should have the freedom to live their lives in any manner they so choose, right up to the point...

Your Opinion: Subsidies abound: Yes, the poor get Medicare, food stamps and housing assistance. They get government subsidies. But so do the rich.

Your Opinion: Bridge work commended: I'd like to thank MoDOT for the smooth transition of traffic due to the closing of the Missouri River Bridge...

Your Opinion: Federal law and the flag: It is embarrassing that Cole County was in the national news because Commissioner Hoelscher was offended by a presidential proclamation...

Your Opinion: Higher speed limit opposed: The county commissioners have made a big mistake by increasing the speed limit of 45 miles per hour to 55...

Your Opinion: Consider facts before tax vote: We will be asked to renew the Jefferson City Capital Improvements Sales Tax (CIST) in August. Here are some facts...

Your Opinion: Improve quality of long-term care: The number of Missourians who are over 60 years of age is growing, and thus, the need for long-term care...

Your Opinion: Alarming trends on immigration: Friday morning the UK left the EU even after Obama's threats on trade and warnings from their own leaders. The...

Our Opinion: Is the 'Road to Tomorrow' paved with solar panels?: Could a roadway paved with solar panels generate enough revenue to pay for itself, and more?

Our Opinion: Sky concert offers a safe way to enjoy fireworks: Jefferson City again will host a spectacular show. The annual Salute to America culminates with its sky concert, a fireworks...

Perspective: 'A Better Way' on national security: Following on last week's discussion of poverty, this week's focus is all about national security a topic which is...

Your Opinion: A diverse community: I read Sue Gibson's letter to the editor with utter bewilderment. I was shocked at her narrow-minded view of Jefferson...

Your Opinion: Poison oak misinformation: The June 19 Home and Garden section included an article, "Tips for a rash-free homestead."

Your Opinion: Far left missing the big picture: Political correctness is often equated with tidy dictionary words to a belief that language and practices which could offend sensibilities...

Our Opinion: Combat sex trafficking; protect victims: Gov. Jay Nixon's signature "dotted the i and crossed the t" on legislation to ramp up the fight against sex...

Our Opinion: Save overdose victims, but don't stop there: Rescue is the most important step, but sometimes it is only a first step.

Your Opinion: Persecution in China denounced: On June 13, the U.S. government spoke out against something terrible happening in China, the country of my birth.

Your Opinion: Subsidies and fair taxation: Who should the federal government subsidize and why? That seems to be a question worth asking and hearing the opinions...

Your Opinion: An invitation to be better: It's hard to be a progressive living in Missouri and not feel like an outcast.

Our Opinion: Establishing a pattern for roundabouts: Roundabouts continue to confound some motorists.

The Southeast Missourian - Editorials
As of (06/26/2016) at 11:56 AM

Time is right to upgrade Jackson parks (06/26/16) Cities and towns, like so many other societal entities, have to make priorities. Streets and sewers, water and electric, stormwater and flood control, police and fire protection all make up the backbone of any city, and those areas must be strong. When it comes to parks, you'll find more disagreement along the political spectrum. ...

Courthouse steps now safer thanks to commission's action (06/24/16) Those venturing downtown don't need to tread as lightly on the Common Pleas Courthouse steps anymore. Upon hearing that runners had complained about the condition of the century-old steps on the courthouse terraces, the Cape Girardeau County Commission and city officials said they had no plans to fix or replace the steps...

Acts of kindness worth celebrating in our area (06/23/16) With all the negativity in the news lately, we thought we'd take a few minutes to highlight some of the acts of kindness that have taken place in our community recently. Cape Girardeau police officer Matthew Peters made Shont-tez Bell's day earlier this month when he worked with Wal-Mart to get the 7-year-old a new bike. ...

Step-therapy law a middle ground for patients, insurance companies (06/22/16) Many Missourians deal with step therapy through their insurance companies. Step therapy isn't going away, but a bill signed into law last week by Gov. Jay Nixon will hopefully make the process less cumbersome. Step therapy requires patients to demonstrate lower-cost drugs are ineffective before their insurance company will authorize coverage for the higher-cost options. While the new law will allow this practice to continue, it trims the process and should be a good thing for consumers...

Ranken Technical College to help fill labor gap in region (06/21/16) At its Coffee and Connections networking event, the Perryville Area Chamber of Commerce announced a new vocational-education facility, which is soon to come to Perryville. Ranken Technical College is opening a satellite campus, and with it should come skilled instructors who produce skilled workers...

Stop Bullying program a step toward resolving problem (06/20/16) In April 2015, the Cape Girardeau School District applied a proactive approach to bullying, something with which students are all too familiar. With an anonymous, online program created by Central Junior High School counselors Ed Draper and Julie Janzow, the mask was taken off bullying, as students were given tools to expose such mistreatment. ...

Victims deserve effort to eliminate mass shootings (06/19/16) Our hearts still ache. Forty-nine people were killed in the Orlando, Florida, mass shooting last week. Dozens more were injured, and many still remain in hospital care. We mourn for the families who lost sons, brothers, daughters, sister, aunts and uncles. Dinner tables will have empty chairs, families left hollow. Orlando, a place associated with happiness, is tending to a fresh wound that will scar the city for a long, long time...

Summer arts festival offers free fun for all this Saturday (06/17/16) Though most college students have left campus for the summer, Southeast Missouri State University's River Campus will be buzzing with activity Saturday during the Community Summer Arts Festival. The annual event, which starts at 10 a.m., will have activities and entertainment for all ages. ...

Teacher relays lessons while on the road in Vietnam (06/16/16) Brad Haertling is making good on his motto to "make learning an adventure." The Jackson middle-school teacher is cycling through Vietnam this summer, all the while posting lessons for his students on the web. Haertling told the Southeast Missourian he and his friend, Danny Rees, had been wanting to make the trip for years. He welcomed the opportunity to be able to incorporate education into his travels...

Heat safety should be priority during hot summer months (06/15/16) Summer is just beginning, but the area is already in the middle of its first big heat wave. The National Weather Service in Paducah, Kentucky, advises that temperatures will be in the mid-90s for most of the week. A few thunderstorms could pop up, as well, according to Kelly Hooper with the National Weather Service...

Farm-to-table event to spotlight local agriculture (06/14/16) Leadership Cape, an annual program offered by the Cape Girardeau Area Chamber of Commerce, has seen many proposed projects become reality. Cape Splash, the dog park in Kiwanis Park and Discovery Playhouse all were its own ideas. Add to that now a farm-to-table event, the brainchild of Leadership Cape's class of 2016...

Congratulations to area high school valedictorians (06/13/16) Senior proms have come and gone, final exams have been aced and graduation caps and gowns have been stored -- wherever it is people store them. Each summer, the Southeast Missourian presents the area's valedictorians on its Thursday neXt page. We honor those who went a little further than most, dug a little deeper, studied a little harder and were rewarded with a lifetime of bragging rights for earning the elusive valedictorian distinction...

Congratulations to area high school valedictorians (06/13/16) Senior proms have come and gone, final exams have been aced and graduation caps and gowns have been stored -- wherever it is people store them. Each summer, the Southeast Missourian presents the area's valedictorians on its Thursday neXt page. We honor those who went a little further than most, dug a little deeper, studied a little harder and were rewarded with a lifetime of bragging rights for earning the elusive valedictorian distinction...

Barke will try to deliver SEMO athletics to sustained success (06/12/16) Over the past 11 months, then-interim athletic director Brady Barke has been asked time and again whether Southeast Missouri State University can have success at the Division I level. As a Division II institution decades ago, Southeast had much success. Since the conversion to Division I, there have been more downs than ups. Consistent winning has not followed splashes of success, at least in men's basketball and football...

A fond farewell to one of Cape's boosters (06/10/16) As Tim Arbeiter prepares to leave Cape Girardeau behind, Cape Girardeau is preparing to lose one of its longtime champions. The vice president of the Cape Girardeau Area Chamber of Commerce has accepted a position as president of the Lee's Summit, Missouri, Chamber of Commerce...

Perry County prepares for rare eclipse visibility (06/09/16) Perry County is preparing for a very special two minutes and 40.1 seconds in 2017. A total solar eclipse will take place Aug. 21 next year, and Perry County will have one of the longest exposures. Those hoping to see the eclipse should plan ahead: Don Ficken, chairman of the St. Louis Eclipse Task Force, said the last total eclipse in Perry County was in 1442, and the next would be in 2505...

Saxony, Bell City win consecutive state titles (06/08/16) For those who may not pay much attention to high school athletics, the end of an era came to pass last week, when Saxony Lutheran's soccer team won its second consecutive state championship in soccer. The Crusaders finished their girls soccer season at 22-1, having beat Trinity Catholic 1-0. And a group of super talented and athletic girls finished their high school careers on top...

Educators recognized for work on student behavior (06/07/16) Successful educators know that behavior is as much a part of school climate as academics. They also know that good behavior is not accidental; it results from a plan. Cape-area schools have implemented plans that suit them, and the results speak for themselves. Cape Girardeau Central Middle School and Jefferson Elementary will be honored for student behavior in the city of Osage Beach at the annual summer institute attended by educators from throughout Missouri...

Juvenile facility a sensible upgrade for Cape County (06/06/16) Cape Girardeau County made a wise decision when years of planning culminated in purchasing a Rust Avenue building. The edifice, which will serve as a juvenile center, is a frugal way to fill a need and more efficiently provide a service to the community...

Waller's ignorance may lead to more deserved prison time (06/05/16) Clay Waller killed his wife. He first claimed he didn't do it to the media and to police. As he became a suspect, he heckled volunteers as they searched the countryside to find Jacque Waller's body in 2011. Waller threatened his sister-in-law, providing just what authorities needed to put Waller behind bars while they had time to unravel the murder. ...

Sedalia Democrat - Editorials
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B&G Club launches drive for new wheels Leah Landon understands the necessity for reliable transportation.

Sedalia has many fine attributes Niche ( used to be a site that just ranked schools around the country, both K-12 and college by combining student reviews, professional opinions and piles of raw data. They recently started applying the Niche system to rank cities around the...

Sedalia Brick was once a cornerstone city's industry In the 1880s, Sedalia was still experiencing the burst of growth that followed the Civil War. Business was thriving, the city's population was growing, and new buildings were being erected. Sedalia's builders were using approximately 3.5...

Rain's impact seeping into all areas The wet weather that has nearly drowned west central Missouri over the past six weeks is much more than an annoyance. Gov. Jay Nixon's declaration of a state of emergency makes that point clear, but the impact of all of that rain is being felt...

Plan B works in a pinch My sister Libby, mother and I have been talking about bucket lists. I haven't developed a bucket list, as my family genes give me a good chance of staying on this planet for a long time. But our lives have changed over the past year, and so we...

Bottling companies have Sedalia history In the 18th century, British chemist Joseph Priestly developed a way to infuse water with carbon dioxide to produce carbonated water. The bubbly water became popular particularly in tonics, mixtures of herbs, roots, and flavorings suspended in...

Dolezal's race claims 'unfortunate' By now you've probably heard the story of Rachel Dolezal, the head of the Spokane, Wash., NAACP who has been accused of misrepresenting her race.

Surprising love for a 'common man' We all have guilty pleasures — those things we love that others either don't understand or think are too kitschy, low-brow or just plain dumb to embrace. For some, it's romance novels or collections of “Star Wars” toys.

To vacuum or not to vacuum The vacuum cleaner has been sitting in our living room for the past week, beckoning to me, its siren song tantalizing me to come to it, plug it in, use it. But I just haven't found the time, energy, or willingness to heed its call. If I leave it...

Of pranks and paranoia I just got back from my fourth year as a counselor at Gateway Hemophilia Association's Camp Notaclotamongus at Living Well Village in Imperial and I've got to say that it went pretty well.

Beloved teacher, principal dies in 1903 In 1882, Sedalia boasted four public schools — Broadway School, Lincoln School, Washington School and Franklin School. According to the 1882 History of Pettis County, Franklin School was built in 1870 on an elevated site at the corner of...

A Stark truth: Ragtimers show fun side Martin Spitznagel knows what many people say about the music he loves.

Exploring sights, sounds of Southern California I am not a Los Angeles fan; the city is too big, too sprawling, too car-infested for me. I much prefer northern California. Regardless of the traffic, that area offers much more for me in the way of entertainment and relaxation: the Muir Woods,...

Not all bugs are the enemy Technically, summer doesn't begin in a strictly scientific sense until the Summer Solstice on June 21, but for practical purposes the signs are all around us: the number of garage sales is going up, our kids are starting to leave for camp and...

Sedalians attempt to drill Artesian well, get rich quick During the late 19th century, Sedalia mounted several schemes to use mineral resources to make large amounts of money.

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