Paycheck Protection May Weaken Unions
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Paycheck Protection May Weaken Unions

Date: March 3, 2016
By: Janie Matthews
State Capitol Bureau
Links: HB 1891

JEFFERSON CITY - A union would have to get annual approval from a worker for the employer to make automatic deductions under a House-passed measure approved by Missouri's Senate

The measure came under stiff Democratic opposition.

“This is about weakening the union movement from within the Republican party.” Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, D- St. Louis City, said when speaking in opposition of the bill.
When Nasheed asked Brown if he was running for statewide office, he mumbled through a response before finally saying yes.

Nasheed further questioned brown, asking him “exactly” how many union members spoke in favor of the bill in the initial committee hearing, which was proven to be zero.

During the debate Tuesday, Mar. 1, Nasheed said she guaranteed this bill would negatively impact Brown’s campaign.

Nasheed said she and her constituents would not stand for the weakening of unions under this bill, and that she would do “everything she could to protect the state of Missouri.”

“You’re talking about dismantling the middle class.” Nasheed said after a heated debate with Brown.

Nasheed spoke in strong opposition of the bill, initially shouting profanities into her microphone, which was followed by a gabble and a request for appropriate speech by the presiding president.

Each time Brown attempted to defend his position on the bill, Nasheed interrupted with another hurdle of opposition.

Brown said he did not think paycheck protection would provide the strength for unions that Nasheed expressed concern for at the close of their debate.

“I do not agree with this bill at all.” Sen. Gina Walsh, D- St. Louis County, said when asked if she was in support.

Although less abrasive than Nasheed, Walsh made it clear that she did not understand some of the motives behind this bill, concluding that it would not get her vote.

Walsh went on to speak about her early life in the work force, receiving time and a half, and said that things are different for workers today. Walsh also drew a story from her personal experience of being laid off.

“I was retired before I [ever] got a manicure.” Walsh said in reference to her hard work.

Sen. Jill Schupp, D- St. Louis County, spoke with Walsh on the bill towards the close of the meeting.

In contrast to the fiery debate between Nasheed and Brown, Walsh and Schupp spent the majority of their conversation laughing and discussing the more detailed provisions of the bill.

Sen. Bob Onder, R- St. Charles, spoke in favor of the bill, thanking Brown for sponsoring it.

The debate turned from discussing paycheck protection to discussing the quality of care in nursing homes as the meeting progressed, an obvious deviation from the subject at hand.

Clost to three hours into the debate Nasheed interrupted a filibuster between Walsh and Schupp to call a quorum.

A roll call vote was taken on whether or not to vote on the amendment, with 22 no's and 7 I's, so the filibuster continued between Walsh and Schupp.