Bill could force lobbyist to complete sexual harrasment training.
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Bill could force lobbyist to complete sexual harrasment training.

Date: February 25, 2016
By: Riley Newton
State Capitol Bureau
Links: HB 2572

Sexual harassment training would become mandatory for lobbyist in Jefferson City if a Representative gets her way.
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Wrap: St. Louis County Representative Gina Mitten has filed a bill that would require registered lobbyists to complete Missouri Ethics Commission Training on sexual harassment within 90 days of their registration. 

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Description: "This building is full of registered lobbyist and liaisons that interact with all staff members and all of the general assembly as much as those who are directly employed by the general assembly, so why should those folks not be subject to the same training that we have to go through and understanding sexual harassment and what it means and how to avoid it and prevent it."


The House recently required their own members to complete the same harassment training.

The House action and Mitten's bill follow the resignation of a state senator after complaints by of sexual harassment and the resignation of the House speaker for sexually charged tweets with a college intern working for the legislature.

The next hearing for the bill has not yet been scheduled.

Reporting from Jefferson City, I'm Riley Newton.

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