Shannon Shaver
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Shannon Shaver

Shannon Shaver is a junior at the University of Missouri majoring in Journalism with an emphasis in broadcast producing. She also plans to minor in business and work toward a master in broadcast management before her expected graduation in 2018.

Since leaving high school in 2013, Shannon has worked as an apprentice for the Detroit Free Press, a production assistant and digital producer at KOMU-TV in Columbia, a marketing assistant for the university's volleyball team, and now a reporter for Missouri Digital News. This is her first year working for MDN.

Shannon was born and raised in Canton, MI where her parents, 15-year-old brother, and adorable dogs Marvin and Frank live.

On the off-chance she has down time, you can find Shannon crafting or watching movies with close friends.

Stories by Shannon Shaver in 2016 include:
Stories by Shannon Shaver in 2015 include:
Shannon Shaver's Tweets @MDNnews in 2016

  • 01/20/2016: The House voted for voter identification legislation to be perfected and printed for a final reading
  • 01/20/2016: House Transportation Committee chair is disappointed MoDot is left out in budget increases
  • 01/25/2016: Gov. Jay Nixon's proposal for a mid-year welfare budget increase came under attack from a Senate committee.
  • 01/27/2016: Chief Justice focuses on Ferguson in State of Judiciary Address
  • 01/27/2016: Chief Justice Breckenridge talks changes to state's justice system after Ferguson during State of the Judiciary.
  • 01/27/2016: Senate committee hears sexual orientation non-discrimination bill
  • 01/27/2016: Senate Committee on Progress and Development hears arguments for and against non-discrimination bill
  • 02/01/2016: Legislators stall a vote on stadium bill, claim bill targets St. Louis.
  • 02/01/2016: Two St. Louis Senators stall vote on stadium bond bill
  • 02/08/2016: Death penalty bill sparks heated debate on Senate floor
  • 02/08/2016: A bill to end the death penalty in Missouri cause a debate that lasted more than two hours in the Senate.
  • 02/15/2016: House committee hears a bill to require coaches of youth athletic activities to undergo concussion training
  • 02/17/2016: Joint committee attacks MU administration, file complaint against Melissa Click
  • 02/22/2016: Republican Gubernatorial candidates echo party views during debate
  • 02/22/2016: Three of the four Republican Gubernatorial candidates attend debate and share similar views.
  • 02/29/2016: A candidate for state treasurer participated in a filibuster of an opponent's bill on intoxicating liquor.
  • 02/29/2016: Republican candidate for treasurer helps to filibuster opponent's bill
  • 03/02/2016: Booze bill gets first round approval after recent filibuster
  • 03/14/2016: Democrats stall Senate action after accusing Republicans of using a parliamentary trick last week
  • 03/14/2016: Democrats in the Senate delay taking up bills for debate, instead talk about last week's filibuster.
  • 04/13/2016: Senate Democrats stall vote on resolution to summon Planned Parenthood
  • 04/18/2016: House committee members concerned with diversity of possible MU review board
  • 04/18/2016: House committee expressed concerns with a resolution to create a MU review board
  • 05/04/2016: Missouri House votes to pass Senate's version of voter ID bill
  • 05/04/2016: The House passed the Senate's version of it's voter identification legislation.

Shannon Shaver's Tweets @MDNnews in 2015

  • 09/15/2015: A $40 million renovation project at the Capitol Building will address exterior deterioration.
  • 09/15/2015: The New Approach Missouri committee has hired consultant Jack Cardetti for their 2016 campaign.
  • 09/15/2015: The committee supporting the statewide marijuana initiative in 2016 has hired Jack Cardetti.
  • 09/15/2015: A $40 million renovation project to address the deterioration of the Capitol building is underway.
  • 09/18/2015: Governor Jay Nixon
  • 09/22/2015: High school students from across Missouri gathered in the Capitol to participate in mock legislative sessions.
  • 09/29/2015: Attorney General Koster speaks out against GOP attempts to prevent stem cell research in Missouri.
  • 10/07/2015: Gov. Nixon's Community Mental Health Liaisons program works to improve methods of reaching patients.
  • 10/09/2015: The Missouri Hospital Association finds Missouri has highest growth of hospitalization for opioid abuse.
  • 10/13/2015: Republican candidate welcomes Brunner to the 2016 race for governor
  • 10/20/2015: Bahr challenges the Education Department about federal funding
  • 11/17/2015: The Departments of Education and Public Safety have received no information regarding Syrian refugees

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