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Week of March 7th

Posted 03/09/2016: 

I finally became comfortable with the MDN system that Phill Brooks designed, until about two minutes ago when I managed to delete all of my previous blog entries. So, here I am, blog-less but still hopeful that somehow I am improving each day at the Capitol.

This week I started working on a story about Chronic Wasting Disease in deer in Missouri. If there was ever a week that I have learned patience, it would have to be this one. Sources have been taking a longer time to return my phone calls than normal.

It's frustrating without a doubt, but when they finally do get around to calling me back, it's liberating.

I don't know if it's just me, but I feel as though there is so much suspension in waiting for a source to return your messages. Even when the story is not particularly exciting or front page news, it's still fun to hear a new voice for the first time because you get the smallest glance into a total stranger.

I've also never felt more like my Dad than in this week. There have been numerous times when I've called him, and he quickly says "Someone's calling, gotta go" and hangs up the phone. I never really understood why he felt as though he couldn't miss a phone call by two seconds. Now after having to deal first had with phone tag, I don't blame him for a second for instantly ending my conversation with him for work.

Lesson of the week- phone tag is draining.

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