Department of Public Safety says they oversee small part of drug task forces
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Department of Public Safety says they oversee small part of drug task forces

Date: January 28, 2015
By: Matt Kalish
State Capitol Bureau

The Department of Public Safety says they don't check up on the state's drug task forces less than a week after a complaint was filed against St. Louis County's Task Force.
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Wrap: Staff from Director of Public Safety Daniel Isom's office told a House committee on Wednesday they only check to see if the state's 25 drug task forces spend their money.

Not if they're actually following Missouri law.

This comes after a researcher for Show-Me Cannabis filed a complaint last week with Attorney General Chris Koster's office against the St. Louis County Drug Task force for allegedly violating the state's sunshine law

Aaron Malin filed the complaint last week and was at Wednesday's hearing.

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Description: The people who are in charge of the Department of Public Safety couldn't answer the question from Representative Lefaver as to who oversees these task forces. The answer appears to be nobody.

Malin also says the Attorney General's office is still investigating his complaint.

Reporting from the state capitol, Matt Kalish, NewsRadio 1120, KMOX.


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