Gov. Nixon discusses upcoming trip to Cuba, current legislative issues
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Gov. Nixon discusses upcoming trip to Cuba, current legislative issues

Date: February 24, 2015
By: Steven Anthony
State Capitol Bureau

Gov. Jay Nixon is set to become the first American governor in more than 50 years to go to Cuba on a trade mission. Tuesday, he talked about his trip to the Missouri Farm Bureau conference
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Wrap: Nixon talked about the role Missouri agriculture could play in helping Cuba rebound from years of being shut off to the rest of the world.

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Description: "There is no reason why we can't seize this opportunity to sell more Missouri products overseas and bring more dollars back to rural communities here. And it, quite frankly, shows one of the things we're best at: we work hard."

Nixon will be joined on the trade mission next week by Agriculture Department Director Richard Fordyce along with representatives from several Missouri agriculture groups.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Steven Anthony.  

Governor Jay Nixon again stressed the need for Missouri to step up and keep the St. Louis Rams in the state and not lose them to Los Angeles during a news conference Tuesday.
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Wrap: Nixon has repeatedly stressed the legislature needs to approve more bonds to build a new Rams stadium along the Mississippi River.

However, his request has been met with tough resistance from lawmakers, but this isn't deterring Nixon.

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Description: "We think there's the construct here for a much more effective deal for the taxpayers as well as freeing up way more time for that dome to be used for significant conventions."

Rams owner Stan Kroenke is preparing to build a stadium just north of Los Angeles and the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders have also expressed interest in moving to Los Angeles.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Steven Anthony.

The Senate has been debating a new school transfers bill over the last week and Governor Jay Nixon addressed one certain aspect of the bill in a news conference Tuesday.
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Wrap: This year's bill doesn't have the nonreligious private school option that Nixon objected to last year, but another provision that has Nixon's attention is the use of charter schools.

He says accountability is key, but is supportive of the overall idea.

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Description: "I've supported public charter schools in policy areas over the years and I think that providing a venue of opportunity, especially in challenged school districts, is an appropriate public policy movement."

Neither chamber has passed their version of a school transfers bill almost halfway through the legislative session.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Steven Anthony.  

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