A Legislative Lion
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A Legislative Lion

Date: October 1, 2015
State Capitol Bureau

JEFFERSON CITY - The senator who help lead the efforts for concealed weapons and to restore higher speed limits on highways passed away on Oct. 1.

Former Sen. Harold Caskey, D-Bates County, died from complications of Parkinson's disease at the age of 77.

He was a conservative Democrat in Missouri's Senate.

In 2003, Caskey led the Senate effort for passage of the bill to legalize concealed weapons. He made the motion to shut off a filibuster by his fellow Democrats and later made the motion to override the Democratic governor's veto of the concealed weapons bill.

Earlier, in 1996, he was one of the leaders in legislation to re-establish the higher, 70mph speed limits on multi-lane highways.

He helped add a provision that prohibits driving license violation points from be assessed for speeding that is less than 5mph above the limit.

Ironically, Caskey could not take advantage of the two laws he helped pass. Legally blind, he was not able to have a concealed weapons permit nor a driving license.

Caskey also was a leader in legislative efforts for public school funding and college scholarships.

Caskey served 28 years in the Senate, beginning in 1977 until forced out by legislative term limits after the 2004 legislative session.

Previously he had served as the Bates County prosecutor.

Gov. Jay Nixon, who had served with Caskey in the Senate for six years, issued a statement that noted their service together.

"Harold's intelligence, sense of humor and dedication to public service inspired all of us," Nixon wrote.

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