Cities would be prohibited from imposing plastic bag bans if measure passes
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Cities would be prohibited from imposing plastic bag bans if measure passes

Date: February 10, 2015
By: Steven Anthony
State Capitol Bureau

Shoppers who like plastic bags would be able to keep using them forever if one measure passes the Missouri legislature
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Wrap: Freshman lawmaker Dan Shaul of Jefferson County wants to prevent cities from imposing a plastic bag ban.

He says the proposed ban would ensure customers to go to the grocery store with a 20 dollar bill get 20 dollars worth of groceries by not having to pay a bag fee.

This drew the support from Missouri Retailers Association President David Overfelt.

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Description: "We do not need a patchwork of laws. We want a uniformity and that is the main reason why the retail industry supports this."

Shaul's bill is being heard at the same as the city of Columbia is discussing banning single-use plastic bags.

The committee took no action on the bill. 

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Steven Anthony.

As one Missouri city proposes banning plastic bags, one lawmaker's bill would prevent that
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Wrap: The Deputy State Director of one of the most influential conservative groups testified in front of a House committee Tuesday in favor of a bill that would prevent cities from banning or charging for plastic bags. 

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Description: "What is happening in Columbia is getting in between the choice of the consumer and the retailer and we just don't think that they should do that."

St. Louis Democrat Mike Colona asked Payton about the issue of local control and said Columbia should be able to make the choice for themselves.

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Description: "Why do we have to deal with it here? This is what we would call in the legal community speculative: 'well, this might happen, so because it might happen, we want to supplant local control and do it at the state level.'"

The committee took no action on the bill.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Steven Anthony.

Columbia is considering banning plastic bags, but one lawmaker wants to prevent cities that before it even happens.
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Wrap: Columbia resident Terry Ganey said his city should be able to decide for themselves on whether to ban plastic bags and said sometimes, aggressive government is necessary.

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Description: "I'm here to tell that without aggressive government, we may not have the recycling at teh curbside. Without aggressive government, we might still be burning our trash in barrels in our backyard. We have to take steps like this to deal with pollution problems and that's all Columbia is asking you to do."

Republican bill sponsor Representative Dan Shaul said his bill would allow consumers to walk into a grocery store with 20 dollars and get 20 dollars worth of groceries and not have a bag fee or ban imposed on them.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Steven Anthony.  

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