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Cyril Victor Joseph's Blog in 2015
Tips for Future Clerics who might work at MDN

Posted 04/28/2015: 

Political reporting was a challenging one as I walked into the State Capital of Missouri. I have listened to or read lot of political news, but when it came to reporting it was not the same. I was so lost because my experience all along has been only some reporting in religion and the Church circles.

Take it from me that the more one errs, the reporting becomes sharper.

It would be helpful before even stepping into the state capital if one knows how the US federal government works and how the State of Missouri functions. Glancing through some of the political scenarios prepares one to toddle in the state capital.

Along with learning the political reporting style to be more accurate (follow the AP Style, as taught by Phill), it is important also to be very accurate when quoting the quotable quote. I learnt that very much here, to play it again and again, until I got it right.

Don’t plan anything for the evening when you come to the Jeff city; you never know when you are going back! (Especially when a filibuster happens)

In short, come with a different mind set into the State Capital of Missouri.

It’s fun, you are a success, if one or two of your news stories makes to the news websites. All the best!

A unique experience at the Missouri State Capitol
Posted 03/19/2015: 

It has been such a special experience to me this semester, first of all to be at the University of Missouri to be a visiting scholar at the J-school. Added to this I am previleged to be at the Missouri's State Capitol. The first time when I saw the capitol building, I was reminded of my own home town, where a similar building called "Vidhana Soudha", the legislature assembly of the state of Karnataka, India.

Everytime when I walked around the assembly hall, my eyes rolled on the words inscribed in grand letters. The One phrase that caught my attention, "Righteousness exhalts a Nation".  This phrase is from book of Proverbs 14:34 and it is so true that righteousness is expected from all. I recall the inscribed words on the Legislature Assembly, Vidhana soudha, "Government work is God's work", is always a reminder for the law makers in my state to consider their task as a sacred one. I have begun to observe the Government in Missouri works for the welfare of people.

I still remember that how I walked raising my head high and with much anxiety that what and how I would work at the MDN that is Missouri Digital News. I was accompanied by Prof. Phill Brooks for the official tour of the Capitol, which cannot be replicated by any other guide.Prof. Phill has been mentoring my skill to write the news and it's been a good lesson to learn. I am delighted to learn from him more and more. He shares fondly his experiences with the Indian democratic system and the journalism practices.

Along with other reporters I began to gear up with the recorder to make my first news story. It was a sturggle for me as to understand the political scenario, political jargons and above all the professionalism of news script. I am trying to learn and make more mistakes. I believe the learning never stops! So challenging the work of a journalist and a news reporter.

 I believe in the profession of Journalism!!!




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