Missouri Senate Democrats name minority leader
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Missouri Senate Democrats name minority leader

Date: November 6, 2014
By: Xavier Crayton-Bradford
State Capitol Bureau

With the election season done Democrats in Missouri's senate name a St. Louis City senator minority leader.
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Wrap: Democrats in Missouri's Senate elected Senator Joseph Keaveny minority leader. Keavney said Ferguson issues are among the top issues in the Senate. 

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Description: I'm expecting to have a very in-depth conversation not only about Ferguson. Ferguson happens to be the flash point. Those are some pretty entrenched issues we need to have a very frank discussion about. I hope to have it in the Senate.

Democrats and Republicans both said Ferguson is a big issue. Bills cannot be filed until December first.

From the State Capitol,I'm Xavier Crayton-Bradford. 

Legislative Session is weeks away as a St. Louis Democrat is named state senate minority leader.
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Wrap: St. Louis City Senator Joseph Keaveny became the minority leader in Missouri's State Senate. The state has failed to pass Medicaid expansion but Keavney said he's optimistic something could get done. 

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Description: I can't tell you today what that ultimate expansion will be. But again that's another conversation we need to have. I'm optimistic that we could pass something this year if we could get an opportunity.

Missouri is one of twenty-three states that has not expanded Medicaid.

From the State Capitol,I'm Xavier Crayton-Bradford. 

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