Missouri legislators consider hiring business recruiters to bring jobs in from other states
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Missouri legislators consider hiring business recruiters to bring jobs in from other states

Date: February 25, 2014
By: Xavier Crayton-Bradford
State Capitol Bureau
Links: HB 1056

JEFFERSON CITY-Missouri legislators are proposing the state use recruiters, akin to private bounty hunters, to bring jobs to Missouri.

The bill, known as the Missouri Business Recruiters Act, would create positions of state business recruiters. The recruiters would lure out-of-state businesses to Missouri and receive compensation for each business relocation equal to 2 percent of the withholding tax received from the relocated jobs.

The bill would require that the jobs have to be retained for one year before the recruiter can receive wages. Also, the recruited jobs must be full-time jobs at or above the national average in wages.  

Rep. Delus Johnson, R-Andrew County, the bill's sponsor, said many states already have recruiters to bring in jobs.

"I started noticing how other states were using full-time business recruiters," Johnson said. "States like New Hampshire, they had full-time business recruiters going into New York state, literally trying to pull companies into New Hampshire."

He said that under the bill a private contractor can create jobs and will only be paid after bringing jobs to Missouri, which is capped at $3 million.

Rep. Anne Zerr, R-St. Charles County, said the legislature is moving toward more performance based incentives.

"What the state has been going to, at least the legislature, is performance based stuff and this is really in line with that." Zerr said.

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