Missouri Department of Transportation doing drill test for winter storms
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Missouri Department of Transportation doing drill test for winter storms

Date: November 4, 2014
By: Xavier Crayton-Bradford
State Capitol Bureau

The Missouri Department of Transportation is revving it's engines for the upcoming snow season. The thing missing in the snow removal trial round...is the actual snow.
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Wrap:  MODOT will spend six hours next Wednesday running plows around the state to practice snow removal without a single flake on the ground, the department announced today.

Linda Wilson Horn with MoDOt says the trial run gives workers who haven't driven plows in a full year some practice before the real deal.

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Description: It's part of their..just their training exercise. It's help us to practice so when we do have the snow we are ready to go. They don't load up the truck but they do just ride their route.

The state wide drill will cost $80,000. MoDot covers 33,000 miles of road plowing snow a year.

From the state Capitol,I'm Xavier Crayton-Bradford.

Don't be surprised to see snow plows without any snow on the roads because according to information released by The Missouri Department of Transportation snow removal crews will practice for inclement weather with mock snow storm drill Wednesdays.
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Wrap: The drill will begin in the morning and continue for six hours as crews cover their winter routes. Linda Wilson Horn Customer Relations Coordinator says MoDOT spends 46 million dollars to treat Missouri roads during winter.


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Description: On average we spend about $46 million total to treat and clear roads through an entire winter snow season. 


MoDot has more than 3,500 workers during winter operations.

From the state Capitol,I'm Xavier Crayton-Bradford. 


On a close to warm day The Missouri Department of Transportation is doing it's annual state wide drill readying for inclement weather situations as workers will cover their winter routes.  
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Wrap:MoDOT wants to ensure it can get drivers back on the road in a safe and timely fashion with a drill in ensure it's readiness in the upcoming winter season.

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Description: It gives our drives the opportunity to drive their routes and get familiar...maybe a certain route might take longer than it did last winter for example. So they make minor adjustments in their route. But we still have 33,000 miles of road we have to plow no matter what.

This not the only preparation MoDOT is doing for winter. According to a MoDOT press release all maintenance employees complete  yearly winter skills training.

From the state Capitol,I'm Xavier Crayton-Bradford.  


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