Lawmakers urged to prohibit regulation on wood burning heaters
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Lawmakers urged to prohibit regulation on wood burning heaters

Date: April 15, 2014
By: Xavier Crayton-Bradford
State Capitol Bureau
Links: HB 1302

JEFFERSON CITY - The Department of Natural Resources would be prohibited from regulating wood burning heaters and appliances under a proposed measure.

The Senate committee on Missouri Commerce, Consumer Protection, Energy and the Environment heard testimony in support of a bill Tuesday, April 15, that would  prohibit any new regulation to be applied to wood burning heaters or appliances after Aug. 28, 2014.  The measure has already gained approval in the House.

The bill's sponsor, Rep. Tim Remole R-Excello, said some Missourians can only heat their homes by burning wood.

"I've heard many heartfelt stories from all over our state, people telling me that this only way they have to heat their homes," he said.

Remole said some Missourians used wood appliances to heat homes because of high utility fees during the winter. 

According to the EPA, residential wood burning from fireplaces, wood stoves, and other devises used to heat homes could cause serious affects to health. The smoke from the burning wood contains fine particles that affect both the lungs and the heart.

No one testified in opposition at the hearing and the committee did not take any action on the bill.

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