Missouri Citizens' Commission had its first meeting Monday
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Missouri Citizens' Commission had its first meeting Monday

Date: November 10, 2014
By: Katie Hynes
State Capitol Bureau

The group with the power to raise salaries for elected officials in Missouri will not be raising judges pay.
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Wrap: In the past year judges salaries in Missouri were increased to be 73 percent of what a federal judge is paid.

Missouri Citizens' Commission member and former judge Booker Shaw says judges are happy with what they are making.

A suggestion from commission member Mike Ponder about increasing judges pay led laughter from the commission.

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Description: "I also want to say one thing here, as the only practicing attorney. If the judges want a raise I would be happy to hear anything they want. I wouldn't want to exclude the judges from this conversation."

The commissions decisions will take effect starting in July 2015 unless rejected by the legislature.  

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Katie Hynes.


A retired judge says Missouri judges do not want a pay raise.
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Wrap: Missouri Citizens' Commission member and retired judge Booker Shaw said the judges were not looking for a pay increase.

This commission has the power to make changes to elected officials salaries.  

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Description: "Well the only message I got from the judges when they heard about this meeting is that we weren't trying to reduce their salary, so they were happy."


The commission will focus on statewide officials and the members of the House and Senate.   

These officials have not received a pay raise since the 2009 fiscal year.

The commissions decisions will take effect in July 2015 unless rejected by the legislature.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Katie Hynes.  

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