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Xavier Crayton-Bradford's Blog in 2014
Missouri's Quest to Find Education Commissioner

Posted 10/23/2014: 

Missouri Board of Education wants to quickly name a new Education Commissioner. Many superintendents around the state want board to a more thorough search because of unique problems facing Missouri schools right now.

President of the Board Peter Herschend expressed that the board of education wants to pick a new Commissioner as soon as possible.

I am trying to get in contact with Herschend to get his reaction to the superintendents comments.

Medicaid and Missouri
Posted 09/29/2014:  I have been working on a story about Missouri's layoffs in the health care industry. Because Missouri did not expand Medicaid it caused a domino effect on the industry. I investigated the reason(s) this was happening. This story is gave me insight into the relationship between state and government.

Posted 09/09/2014:  I am reaching the end of my college career. Every day that goes by seems to get shorter.

I covered the Health Worker Committee meeting. I'm reaching Missouri's problems with passing medicaid and health worker crisis.

The Affordable Health Care Act may be the most polarizing document in the country's recent history.

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