Stan Musial bridge receives preliminary approval
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Stan Musial bridge receives preliminary approval

Date: February 20, 2013
By: Nick Thompson
State Capitol Bureau
Links: SB 176, SB 192

Although it evoked a turf tussle between St. Louis City and St. Louis County lawmakers on the floor, the new I-70 bridge and its pavement may be closer to receiving their official names.
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Wrap: Republican Senator Gary Romine threw a curveball at a bill to name the new I-70 bridge after "Stan the Man," but the Senate kept its eye on the ball and gave its final approval.  

The bridge would still be named after Musial, but the roadway would be named for Andy Gammon, a carpenter who died while working on the bridge.

St. Louis City Democrat Joseph Keaveny says supporters did not include or update North City Democrats whose districts include the roadway.  

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Description: "I guess we're setting a precedent here where Senators can pick and choose throughout the state what we want to name."

Romine issued an apology, won approval for his changes, and the Senate will soon take a final vote on the bill.

Reporting from the state capitol, I'm Nick Thompson.

A bridge, a roadway, and a name other than Stan Musial's all converged in the Missouri Senate, and now a bill to name a bridge awaits a final vote.
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Wrap: Republican Senator Gary Romine won approval for Andy Gammon to be remembered on the same bridge he died building.

Gammon was a carpenter and fell to his death last March while working on the new I-70 bridge, which some lawmakers have tried to name after Stan Musial since his death.

So Romine proposed a change, keeping the Cardinal great's name on the bridge, while naming the roadway across it after Gammon.

St. Louis County Democrat Gina Walsh felt a connection to Gammon's memory.

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Description: "I've been on jobs where folks have been killed. And there's never anything left to show."

The Senate adopted Romine's change and will soon take a final vote on the measure.

Reporting from the state capitol, I'm Nick Thompson.

The Missouri Senate has moved forward in naming the new I-70 bridge after not just "The Man" but two men.
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Wrap: The Missouri Senate gave preliminary approval to a bill to name the new I-70 bridge after Stan "The Man" Musial but it will also bear the name of Andy Gammon.

Gammon fell to his death last March while working on the bridge and Farmington Senator Gary Romine has changed the bill to name the roadway across the bridge after the former carpenter.

Democratic St. Louis County Senator Gina Walsh thanked Romine for bringing the change to the floor.

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Description: "This will be a monument to this young man and his family that will always be on that bridge."

Some St. Louis City Democrats say they were not consulted even though the project is in their district.

But Romine apologized and won approval for his change.

Reporting from the state capitol, I'm Nick Thompson.

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