Republican says sales tax hike for transportation puts state on the "wrong road"
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Republican says sales tax hike for transportation puts state on the "wrong road"

Date: March 14, 2013
By: Alexander Mallin
State Capitol Bureau
Links: SJR 16, HJR 23

Is fixing Missouri roads worth a one-cent sales tax hike? The Missouri Senate has passed a measure that could let you decide.
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Wrap: Republican Senator Mike Kehoe, who sponsored the proposal, says it would benefit all Missourians by making the state a national hub for the movement of goods. 

But Missouri voters haven't approved a tax hike in over 25 years. Just last November they voted down a tobacco tax that would have brought in more money for education.

Still, Kehoe says he's optimistic about his proposal. 

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Description: "I'm not trying to say that transportation is more important than education but each one of these issues has to stand on its own and I think this has a pretty good chance of standing on its own."
But several senators say that there should already be funds available in the state's budget for road repairs.
The measure now moves to the House. 

Reporting from the state capitol, I'm Alex Mallin.

The Senate has passed a measure that would put a sales tax hike for transportation in front of voters, but one Republican says it puts Missouri on the "wrong road."
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Wrap: If passed, it would put in front of voters a one cent sales tax to fund projects for road repairs across the state. The tax wouldn't hit groceries or medicine.

Republican Senator John Lamping says state lawmakers should focus on lowering taxes for Missourians.

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Description: "I think the bill put before us today, puts us on the wrong road. I think this bill proposes constructing a road that will lead to bigger government and $8 billion in higher taxes."

Supporters say improving the state's roads would help towards making Missouri a hub for the movement of goods across the country.

The bill now moves to the House.

Reporting from the state capitol, I'm Alex Mallin.

Senators in the state capitol have approved a measure that some members say will fix crumbling Missouri roads and bridges. But voters would have to raise the state sales tax to make it work.
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Wrap: Republican Senator Mike Kehoe is sponsoring the bill. He says it would help Missouri's economy by making it a national hub for the movement of goods.

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Description: "No matter where you are in the state, even if you don't own a car, you are earning benefits from the state's infrastructure system. If you're buying off the Internet and UPS truck is delivering to your front door that truck had to get there somewhere."

But Republican Senator Ed Emery, who voted against the proposal, says there should already be money in the state's $24 billion budget for road projects.

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Description: "The decision isn't whether we have crumbling roads or the tax the decision is how do we fund the infrastructure."

The measure is now headed to the House. If passed, it would go in front of a Missouri voter base that hasn't approved a tax increase since 1987.

Reporting from the state capitol, I'm Alex Mallin.

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