Amid controversy, Texas Governor comes to Missouri and touts Texas' business-friendly policies
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Amid controversy, Texas Governor comes to Missouri and touts Texas' business-friendly policies

Date: August 29, 2013
By: Steven Anthony
State Capitol Bureau
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After media attention and criticism from Missouri elected officials, Texas Governor Rick Perry took a trip to Missouri to encourage lawmakers to override a veto of a tax cut bill.
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Wrap: Perry encouraged lawmakers to make the state more tax and business-friendly.

He said when Missouri becomes more business-friendly, it benefits the entire nation.

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Description: "We can make Missouri substantially stronger, and if Missouri is stronger, Kansas is stronger, Indiana is stronger, Texas is stronger, and this country is stronger."

Earlier in the same day, Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster released a letter saying the bill would allow Missourians to collect 3 years worth of overpaid taxes.

Perry also expressed disappointment in people deploying what he calls fear tactics to make Missouri lawmakers vote to not override Nixon's veto.

Reporting from Chesterfield, I'm Steven Anthony

Before Governor Rick Perry's controversial visit to Missouri, Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones bashed Governor Jay Nixon's viewpoints.
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Wrap: House Speaker Tim Jones fired up the crowd at a St. Louis area hotel with a passionate speech Thursday evening.

In the speech, Jones criticized Nixon and his policies.

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Description: "Jay Nixon, I can tell you, has fully rediscovered his liberal, left-wing, big government, tax and spend roots. But now we have the opportunity to hold his feet to the fire."

When asked if he has the votes to override the veto, Jones said it is an uphill battle and the governor's staff is pressuring his members to not override the veto.

Reporting from Chesterfield, I'm Steven Anthony

On the same day Texas Governor Rick Perry visited Missouri to support tax cutting legislation, Missouri's attorney general released a legal opinion agreeing with Missouri's governor on the bill's issues.
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Wrap: Koster sent the letter to House Speaker Tim Jones stating if Missouri lawmakers override the veto on a tax cut bill, Missourians can collect three years of overpaid taxes.

Speaker Jones said he wasn't happy with Koster's letter.

He said his response did nothing more than parrot Nixon's talking points.

In his speech in the St. Louis area, Jones criticized Koster--a potential candidate for governor in 20-16.

Jones said Koster refused to defend Missouri against ObamaCare, among other things.

Reporting from Chesterfield, I'm Steven Anthony.

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