Lincoln University hit by performance based funding
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Lincoln University hit by performance based funding

Date: January 31, 2013
By: Ke'yanna Johnson
State Capitol Bureau

Lincoln University is the biggest loser in the governor's call for performance based higher education funding.
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Wrap: Lincoln University could recieve the smallest percentage increase in state funding for higher education amoung other 4-year institutions based on their academic performance.

The university failed to meet two out of  five measures proposed by Governor Jay Nixon's performance based model.

 Traron Shivers, Student Representative of Lincoln University's Board of Curators says this hit could cause administrators to redirect their focus.

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Description: "I've heard the phrase harvard of th midwest thrown about Lincoln. I guess that was the case years ago, but I think it forces adminstration to put more focus into the students."

Lincoln University could recieve a 1.5 percent increase for meeting sixty-percent of the criteria.

Reporting from the Capitol, I'm Ke'yanna Johnson.



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