With six weeks left in session, lawmakers push to pass more gun laws
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With six weeks left in session, lawmakers push to pass more gun laws

Date: April 9, 2013
By: Luke Lyddon
State Capitol Bureau
Links: SB 124 SB 352

A Republican in the state Capitol says gun exchanges in Missouri need to stop to help prevent future violence across the state.
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Wrap: Republican Senator Brad Lager of Northern Missouri says cities shouldn't be able to run gun buyback programs unless an ordinance is passed that allows guns to be sold to licensed firearms dealers.

Whitney O'Daniel with the NRA says doing that would prevent illegal or violent actions because all firearm dealers undergo background checks.

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Description: "Any transaction with any of those firearms will have a 4473 paperwork done on it and a NICS background check. It will not be an illegal transfer of any firearm at a gun show or anywhere else.

O'Daniel says this ordinance would help reduce gun violence across the state because of the mandatory background checks on all potential gun transactions.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Luke Lyddon.

Gun safety is still a hot topic in the state Capitol as one Democratic Missouri Senator says she wants to create laws that require parents to notify schools they own a firearm.
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Wrap: Democratic Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal of Saint Louis County says it should be a priority to keep firearms out of childrens hands by putting parents in charge.

Chappelle-Nadal says lawmakers need to work together to make parents become more aware of the increasing violence around them. 

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Description: "In the urban areas, we have an absolute crisis on our hands.Our colleagues in the senate have to find a way where we are not taking away the privileges of some, but allowing the deaths of so many."

But Republican Senator Brian Nieves says the bill would never pass because lawmakers cannot force parents to inspect their children's rooms.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Luke Lyddon.

While gun safety is still a hot topic in the state Capitol, one Missouri Senator does not think the burden should be on Missouri parents.
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Wrap: Democratic Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal of Saint Louis County is proposing a bill that makes it a crime if parents fail to notify schools or law enforcement their children own a firearm in violation of the law.

But Republican Senator Brian Nieves says there is no effective way to make parents take responsibility to do gun inspections of their childrens rooms.


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Description: "It still wouldn't work. Because the parent who is so uninvolved in their child's life that they would actually say to a police officer I'm not going in his room, that parent, is also, I think going to lie.

But Chappelle-Nadal says parents need to be aware of what their children are doing and take action to stop future gun violence.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Luke Lyddon.

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