Missouri Supreme Court denies survival benefits for same sex partner
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Missouri Supreme Court denies survival benefits for same sex partner

Date: October 29, 2013
By: Brendan Cullerton
State Capitol Bureau

The Missouri Supreme Court has ruled unmarried same-sex parters of government employees are not eligible for government benefits
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Wrap: In a 5-2 decision the state's high court denied the spouse of deceased highway patrolman Dennis Engelard survival benefits because he was not married to Englard.

Here's the catch -- Kelly Glossip had a same-sex relationship with Englard, so the two could not have legally married in Missouri.

Glossip's attorney Anthony Rothert says the case was more about Missouri not recognizing gay marriage than government employee spousal benefits.

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Description: "It has been about the promise of equality under our state constitution , and the state of Missouri's disgard of that promise when it comes to gay and lesbian couples."

The Court's decision noted Glossip could have had a whole new case if he had gotten married in another state.

From the state Capitol, Brendan Cullerton, newsradio 1120, KMOX.

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