Missouri Senate subpoenas Department of Revenue over new licensing process
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Missouri Senate subpoenas Department of Revenue over new licensing process

Date: March 26, 2013
By: Alexander Mallin
State Capitol Bureau

Lawmakers are back from Spring break and now they're keeping the heat on the Department of Revenue over a new program they say is harvesting Missourians' personal information.
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Wrap: Republican Senator Kurt Schaefer says the Department of Revenue has created a database that requires Missourians to disclose personal information in order to obtain an ID card. 

He says it could allow the federal government or private companies access to personal information, and potentially endanger thousands of peoples' identities.

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Description: "Prior to the creation of that database, with all your personal information, photo and everything else, that risk didn't exist. Yet revenue now with its change in procedure is creating that risk, and never told the public, or told us in the legislature or the appropriations process that they were doing it."

The Missouri Senate has issued a subpoena to the department demanding information on the program by next week.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Alex Mallin.

The State Senate is demanding answers from the Department of Revenue on a new licensing procedure that some lawmakers say puts Missouri identities in danger.
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Wrap: Republican Senator Kurt Schaefer says the procedure could allow the federal government and private companies access to the identities of thousands of Missourians. The Senate has issued a subpoena demanding information on the process due by next week.   

He says after three weeks of questioning the Department of Revenue, he has little trust in the group.

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Description: "When they're no longer candid with us about what they're doing with the public's money and we have to second guess, we're simply not going to give them the ability to spend the public's money until we are confident what they are doing with it."

Schaefer says the program bypassed the wishes of the state legislature and could be found in violation of state privacy laws.

The Department of Revenue didn't respond to a request for comment.

Reporting from the state capitol, I'm Alex Mallin.

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