Garrett Bergquist
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Garrett Bergquist

Garrett Bergquist served as the state capitol correspondent for KOMU 8 News during the 2013 regular session. He holds a Master's degree in public affairs reporting and a Bachelor's degree in convergence journalism, both from the University of Missouri School of Journalism. He has reported for KOMU for more than two years as part of his journalism studies, concentrating on political issues.

In addition to his work for KOMU, he has served as a general assignment reporter for KBIA-FM. He has also interned at WGN-TV in Chicago and at the Associated Press Television News bureau in Brussels, Belgium.

Garrett has taken a keen interest in history and politics from a young age. When he isn't reporting, you can typically find him reading a history book or perusing a museum. He also enjoys travel and the outdoors, and is a lifelong motorsports fan.

Follow on Twitter: @garrettcfb

Garrett's Stories:

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