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Xavier Crayton-Bradford's Blog in 2013
Nobody Answers The Phone in October.

Posted 11/04/2013: 

Seems as if public officials really aren't in a mood to talk.I've made lots of calls and many have went unanswered, sometimes wonder if its me. I know I've done alot of calling because I'm first name basis with a lot of secretaries now. This unwillingness to talk has thrown off my stories for a while.

Then Cade's Law information, getting information on this bill has been slow, it detrailed my story and put it off for two weeks. I finally could complete the story this week, I hope.........Also getting in-contact with the Saint Louis School District superintendent is like looking for Jimmy Hoffa. Somebody knows where he is, but their not talking.

Any who Normandy School District at first refused to pay its transfer bill and now says it will, lots of indecisive moves from the district I'll see what I can find.  

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