Spence and Nixon clash at gubernatorial debate
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Spence and Nixon clash at gubernatorial debate

Date: September 21, 2012
By: Alexander Mallin
State Capitol Bureau

Businessman Dave Spence argued for reform in higher education spending at the first gubernatorial debate.
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Wrap: The candidates for Missouri governor debated in Columbia. Spence criticized Governor Jay Nixon's cuts in higher education spending, likening it to cutting a sales force when sales are down.

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Description: "I think it's a matter of priorities. It's a matter of looking at tax credits. Lift up every rock in this state and see how we do things. We take in 24 billion dollars and we can't fund our higher education, there is something wrong."

Nixon argued his position, saying the public should vote to decide whether a tax increase for funding higher education would be appropriate.

The Missouri Press Association sponsored the debate.

From the state capitol, I'm Alex Mallin.

Gubernatorial candidates were coy about whether or not Missouri should expand its Medicaid program in their first round of debates.
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Wrap: Both Governor Jay Nixon and his competitor businessman Dave Spence debated in Columbia on how the state would deal with the expansion mandated through the Affordable Care Act.

Nixon said he disagreed with the Affordable Care Act but emphasized the need for cooperation in dealing with policies pushed down by the federal government.

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Description: "Our goals are pretty clear. We want to make sure we are using taxpayer dollars well. We want to continue to engage the legislature to make these challenging decisions, but we also want to improve health care in our state."

Spence argued the need for reinforcing regulation to manage what he says is rampant fraud within the Medicaid program.

The Missouri Press Association sponsored the debates.

From the state capitol, I'm Alex Mallin.

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