Senators heavily discuss Missouri charter schools
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Senators heavily discuss Missouri charter schools

Date: April 11, 2012
By: Danielle Carter
State Capitol Bureau
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More schools may be opening in Missouri after a bill is passed in the Senate.
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Wrap: The bill would open up the sponsorship of charter schools to any university or school district as long as it was approved by the state.

The bill's sponsor, Senator Bill Stouffer, says the bill will help hold charter schools accountable for their actions.

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Description: "We expect charter schools to operate at least as well as public schools or better. There's no reason to have charter schools that operate worse than the public schools, we got too many bad schools now."

One senator says the charter schools should gain even more accountability for their actions before more schools join the ranks.

Despite her concerns, the bill passed through with a voice vote.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Danielle Carter.

The Senate passed a bill that would open up new schools in Missouri.
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Wrap: Senators gave first round approval to expand charter schools.

The bill would allow any university or school district to sponsor a charter school if it was approved by the state.

The bill is sponsored by Republican senator Bill Stouffer.

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Description: "I think it is a another option that allows us to better utilize the local revenues and resources to provide kids good education and prepare them for the workplace."

One senator does not want charter school expansion until they have more accountability for their actions.

Despite her efforts, the bill was passed with a voice vote and awaits one more vote in the Senate.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Danielle Carter. 

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