Senate Passes Budget Bills
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Senate Passes Budget Bills

Date: April 25, 2012
By: Sherman Fabes
State Capitol Bureau

After hours of debate starting on Tuesday and ending early Wednesday morning, the Missouri Senate has passed the budget.
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Wrap: The 24 billion dollar budget has been at a gridlock since Monday, but finally got moving late Tuesday night.

The Senate passed all 13 budget bills just past two-thirty in the morning.

And after it was all over, Senate Appropriations Chairman Kurt Schaefer was asked if he was pleased with how the process went...

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Description: "You know, it's about like I expected. This is pretty much how it goes every year...[Chuckles]"

The budget will now go to conference committee and must be sent to the governor's desk by May eleventh.

From the state Capitol, I'm Sherman Fabes. Newsradio 1120 KMOX.

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