Bill looks to increase money going toward state brain injury fund
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Bill looks to increase money going toward state brain injury fund

Date: March 19, 2012
By: Cole Karr
State Capitol Bureau

HB 1854

A Missouri House committee heard testimony on a bill to increase money flow to the state brain injury fund.
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Wrap: The bill would raise the fees on citiations issued outside city limits going toward the state Health Department's Brain Injury Fund.

Right now, fees are two dollars. The bill would increase the fees to 10 dollars.

The additional funds would go toward providing comprehensive brain injury rehabilitation as well as programs to support patients medical, educational and social transition back into the community.

Executive Director at the Center for Head Injury Services Donna Gunning says the move makes sense.

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Description: By investing in all this technology to keep people alive from injuries, it's the right thing to do to invest some money in getting them back to their lives.

No one spoke in opposition at the hearing.

Reporting from the state Capitol... I'm Cole Karr.

Get a traffic ticket and pay a little more to the Missouri Health and Senior Services' brain injury fund. That's the idea behind one bill heard by a House committee today.
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Wrap: The House Disability Services committee heard testimony on a bill that would increase fees paid on citations issued outside city limits from two to 10 dollars for the state brain injury fund.

If granted federal approval, some funds would be used by the MO-HealthNet medicaid program.

But, Rolla Republican Representative Keith Frederick says carelessness, like not wearing helmets, contributes to brain injuries.

He says the funds could go toward raising awareness.

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Description: There's this dare mentality out there. And, I think, perhaps, some measure of this going to some public service activity and educational.

No one spoke in opposition.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Cole Karr.

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