Budget chair aims to prevent unmandated disaster relief spending
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Budget chair aims to prevent unmandated disaster relief spending

Date: September 6, 2011
By: Jenner Smith
State Capitol Bureau

The Missouri House Budget Committee Chair filed two bills preventing unmandated natural disaster relief spending Tuesday.
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Wrap: Kansas City Republican Representative Ryan Silvey says he filed the bills because he believes Governor Jay Nixon's withholding of natural disaster relief funds are unconstitutional.

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Description: “We’ve told him that, the auditor’s told him that, and yet he’s, so far, refused to seek any other avenues. So because he promised it initially, we just thought we’d help him out and make sure we went ahead and filed the bill.”

Representative Silvey says although the governor promised to address the appropriations in various speeches over the summer, he did not include legislation in the agenda for the special session.

Silvey also wants to establish a joint committee to address disaster funding in the future.  

The governor's office could not be reached for comment.

Reporting from the state capitol, I'm Jenner Smith.

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