Missouri Highway and Waterway Fatalies Stay Consistent Over Labor Day Weekend
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Missouri Highway and Waterway Fatalies Stay Consistent Over Labor Day Weekend

Date: September 6, 2011
By: Stacey Kafka
State Capitol Bureau

Fourteen people died in roadway and waterway accidents during the Labor Day weekend.
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Wrap:  The Highway and water patrol divisions said the number of deaths equaled last year's labor day weekend.

Spokesperson for the water patrol, Gerard Callahan, said four people died on Missouri waterways alone.

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Description: "Four fatalities in a weekend, it's what we saw last labor day. It's not unusual, but it's higher than what we would like to see. We'd like to see a fatality-free weekend every holiday weekend."

Ten others died in car crashes.

Both the water patrol and highway patrol spokespeople say they felt increased visibility prevented some accidents during the holiday weekend.

From the state capitol, I'm Stacey Kafka.

Life jackets could have prevented four water related deaths during labor day weekend.
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Wrap: Spokesman for the the Water Patrol division of the Missouri Highway Patrol, Gerard Callahan, said four deaths this weekend could have been prevented with life jacket use. 

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Description: "In all instances none of the fatality victims were wearing life jackets, so in particular the gentleman swimming across the cove or the guy who fell in life jackets would've made a big difference even in the boating fatalities."

Callahan also said that life jacket use is extremely important, even when standing on a dock.

From the state capitol, I'm Stacey Kafka.

An alcohol related boat crash killed two and injured four during labor day weekend.
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Wrap: A Friday night crash on the Osage River involved three boats.

Two men were pronounced dead at the scene.

Spokesman for the Missouri Water Patrol, Gerard Callahan said these deaths could have been prevented.

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Description: "The boating fatality involved alcohol. Life jackets and designating a skipper might have made a difference in some of these instances."

None of the men involved in this crash were wearing life jackets.

From the state capitol, I'm Stacey Kafka.

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