Missouri Senator Dominates First Day of Special Session
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Missouri Senator Dominates First Day of Special Session

Date: September 6, 2011
By: Jessi Turnure
State Capitol Bureau

Crowell wanted to end the session one minute into it.
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Wrap: During the first day of the 2011 special session, one aspect of the debate stands out the most: Senator Crowell's rhetoric.

Most estimate Crowell only a strong opponent of tax credit reform but he opposes the special session in general.

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Description: It's undemocratic to be here in this special session. It's an abortion to be here under these specific tightly noose-like parameters that only the governor wants.

The senator called the session a "rigged deal" and frequently used "repugnant" to describe his feelings toward Governor Jay Nixon's special session. 

Reporting from the State House I'm Jessi Turnure.


Republican Senator Crowell made it very clear during Tuesday's special session four hour debate that he had no problem ignoring Governor Nixon.
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Wrap: Crowell's animated antics sparked a historical special session debate the capitol has not seen in many years.

The senator expressed his adamant opposition of Governor Nixon's legislative maneuvering.   

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Description: "The governor's not my dad and I don't live under his rules. This is crazy! This is unbelievable! We have never had a governor try to tell on such a micro-level what the Senate can do on such a variety of topics."

Crowell stressed democracy cannot be micromanaged and it is repugnant to the state's very ideals to do so.

He was also worried the governor's actions might turn Missouri into a monarchy.   

Reporting from the State House I'm Jessi Turnure.

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