Mamtek Default Affect Some Legislators' Opinion, But Not All
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Mamtek Default Affect Some Legislators' Opinion, But Not All

Date: September 29, 2011
By: Tong Gao
State Capitol Bureau

Economic Development member says he hopes to pass the China hub bill despite of the Mamtek default
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Mamtek's bankruptcy is causing more doubts toward a China hub bill.

While some legislators call for consideration, Economic Development Committee member Craig Redmon says an individual case shouldn't affect the plan.

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Description: "Unfortunately there's people out there, that you just have to really deal with, with your wide eyes open."

Redmon also says the bill assures U.S. to pay out the tax credits after the products are shipped.

Reporting from the state Capitol, I'm Tong Gao.


An Economic Development committee member says a China hub plan is not risky.
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Mamtek's default raises doubts toward Chinese business partnership just as debate about a China hub bill is going on. 

However, Representative Craig Redmon says while some individuals could take advantages of international trades, the bill will pay money only after the products are shipped. 

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Description: "No upfront money can be lost in these tax credits, so you are not gambling people's money."

Redmon says he is hoping to pass the China hub bill to promote international businesses.

Reporting from the State Capitol, I'm Tong Gao.

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