Candidates for Missouri U.S. Senate
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Candidates for U.S. Senate

By: Kyle Deas and Joe Yerardi
State Capitol Bureau

  Robin Carnahan
Roy Blunt
Jonathan Dine
Jerry Beck
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Newspaper Profile
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Newspaper Profile
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Newspaper Profile
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Age: 49; August 4, 1961

60; January 10, 1950 32; September 17, 1979 71; July 2, 1939
Family: Spouse: Juan Carlos Antolinez

Brother: Russ Carnahan ( U.S. Congressman), Tom Carnahan

Father: Mel Carnahan (former Mo. governor, deceased)

Mother: Jean Carnahan (mother, former US Senator)

Spouses: Roseann Ray Blunt (divorced), Abigail Perlman Blunt (2003)

Children: Amy Blunt Mosby, Andrew Blunt, Matt Blunt, Alexander Charles Blunt

  Spouse: Single

Children: Ericm, Jason

Education: 1983: B.A. in Economics, William Jewell College

1986: J.D., University of Virginia School of Law

1970: B.A. in History, Southwest Baptist University

1972: M.A. in History Missouri State University

  Northeast Missouri State Teacher's College, no degree
Job History: 1986-1990: Associate, Thompson & Mitchell

1990-1993: Advisor and election observer, National Democratic Institute

1993-1996: Executive, Export - Import Bank of the United States

2005-present: Missouri Secretary of State

1973-1985-Greene County clerk

1985-1993-Missouri secretary of state

1993-1996-President of Southwest Baptist University

1997-present-congressman from the 7th district

Personal trainer, Snap Fitness General Contractor

Founder/President, Millennium Manufacturing

United States Marine Corps

Key Issues: Afghanistan: Committed to fighting terrorists and defeating them in Afghanistan and throughout the Middle East.  Wants to 'refocus' our efforts on defeating terrorism.  Committed to real, measurable benchmarks.

Offshore Drilling: Carnahan supports a halt to all drilling until the Gulf Coast oil spill has been contained.

Bailouts: Carnahan opposes any further bailouts of private companies.

Health Care: Carnahan supported the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act passed by Congress in 2010, although her statement mostly focused on holding insurance companies responsible.

Energy: Carnahan supports investments in clean-energy and reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

Corruption: Carnahan has made political corruption a broad tenet of her campaign including lobbying, campaign funding and special interest regulation.

Health Care: Supports rolling back much of the new federal health law, focusing instead on financial assistance and incentives for businesses and individuals to purchase private insurance.

Energy: Opposes a carbon tax, "cap-and-trade" to encourage companies to produce less carbon dioxide. He opposes the six-month moratorium on offshore drilling imposed after the Gulf oil spill.

Jobs: Opposed the 2009 economic stimulus bill. Argues balancing the budget and lowering taxes will create a business climate conducive to hiring in the private sector.

Economy: Supports putting the U.S. dollar on the gold standard. Opposes corporate subsidies and bailouts. Opposes using federal money to encourage hiring.

Healthcare: Supports enacting lawsuit restrictions on medical liability lawsuits against doctors. Opposes any personal mandate for health insurance.

Taxes: Repeal the 16th amendment to the consitution, eliminating the personal income tax.

Term Limits: Argues U.S. House members should be limited to four, two-year terms and senators to 2, six-year terms. Marijuana: Supports legalization of marijuana.

Budget: Beck has made fiscal responsibility a focus of his campaign, and believes that the government should be forced to balance its budget.

Contributions: Beck would seek to outlaw all campaign contributions or gifts to elected officials.

Regulations: Reduce government regulations in all areas of commerce.

Constitution: Return to a strict interpretation of the Constitution.

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