Mosque in Jefferson City looks to expand
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Mosque in Jefferson City looks to expand

Date: September 27, 2010
By: Rebecca May
State Capitol Bureau

While the nation responds to the building plans of a mosque in lower Manhattan, a mosque in rural conservative Missouri is quietly being expanded. Becky May has more from the state capitol.
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Wrap: A new cemetery is the first piece of expansion to a mosque in Jefferson City. 

Barry Faulkner has been the neighbor of the mosque for the last several years.  He says despite its hidden location in a rural area it has been a popular place for prayer.

Harry Kennedy who has lived in the small neighborhood of Moreau for the past 30 years also said he has no problem with this expansion and attended the open house held earlier this month.


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Description:  "Well of course they greeted you. They are very warm, open and friendly. They expressed, at least to me, a sentiment that they were glad you were there."

Kennedy says the owners of the mosque are planning on building a school in the near future as part of the growth of the Muslim community.

Reporting from the state capitol I'm Becky May.

While building a mosque in New York has sprung up debate, the expansion of one in a predominately conservative Jefferson City has neighbors saying they welcome the Muslim Community. Becky May has more from the state capitol.
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Wrap: Barry Faulkner has lived next to the Jefferson City mosque for the last couple of years.  He says no one in the neighborhood of Moreau has any problems with its location or the religion.

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Description: "They are pleasant I have no problem with them whatsoever and they seem to be doing fine out here. I do not know if they are going to expand. I do know that they recently put in a cemetery back there."

Harry Kennedy is another Moreau neighbor and says that expansion is in the plan. 

He says along with the cemetery that a school is probably the next step. 

From Jefferson City I'm Becky May.


The building plan of a mosque in New York brought up public debate, not for neighbors of a rural conservative area who say they welcome one in their backyard. Becky May has more from Jefferson City.
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Wrap: Neighbors of one of the top rural conservative areas in Missouri, say they accept the expansion of a mosque in their area, regardless what the media says.

Harry Kennedy has lived next to the Jefferson City mosque since it was relocated.  He says the media exaggerates tension between Muslims and non-Muslims after the controversial building plans of a mosque in lower Manhattan.

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Description: "It's always got to be a divisive issue. It's black against white, it's in this case Muslims against non-Muslims. It's against it's never here's the facts and you make up your own mind."

Kennedy says that he feels there is no negative feelings toward the expansion of the mosque in the area. 

Barry Faulkner, another neighbor of the mosque attended its open house earlier this month and says he walked away with a better understanding of the religion. 

From Jefferson City I'm Becky May.

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