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An impeached Secretary of the State is in the running for a House seat

February 26, 2002
By: Rebecca Gannon
State Capital Bureau

Impeached in '94, up for election in '02.

A former Secretary of State is making a comeback.

Rebecca Gannon has more from Jefferson City.

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Judi Moriarty was impeached in 1994 for criminal misconduct in the legislature.

Now the former Secretary of State is running for office in her district.

The woman from Pettis County says she's a people person, someone who can make a difference, and she wants to, all the way up the ranks to the Missouri House.

Actuality: Morart1
RunTime: 11
OutCue: ".. back to Jefferson City."
Contents: Moriarty describes herself, says she intends to go back to Jeff City.

Moriarty filed her name on Tuesday, the first day for putting your name on the ballot. She'll be in the Novemeber race.

Even though she was impeached in 1994, Judi Moriarty says she is a good State Representative.

And she's out to prove it.

Rebecca Gannon has more from Jefferson City.

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The former Secretary of State is trying to earn back her reputation in government.

Judi Moriarty filed her name for the November elections on Tuesday.

Moriarty was impeached back in 1994 following a criminal misconduct trial where she back dated her son's filing for an election race.

Moriarty says she has put her past behind her, and is more than ready to move on.

RunTime: 11
OutCue: "... getting back up."
Contents: Moriarty says politics can be nasty, but she's going to try.

Moriarty is from Pettis county. She'll be running for her district's House seat this November.

The former Secretary of the State is making a bid for her district's House seat.

The only problem is, she was was impeached in 1994.

Rebecca Gannon has the story in Jefferson City.

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It was eight years ago, but people still remember Judi Moriarty.

She was the mother who helped her son file for election after the deadline. She just so happened to be the Missouri State Secretary. That move got her impeached.

Now Moriarty is running for House Representative for the Pettis County district.

She says her impeachment in 1994 is in the past, and she's looking towards the future in the election of 2002.

RunTime: 7
OutCue: "... fresh start."
Contents: Moriarty is putting the past behind her.

Moriarty put her name on the ballot on Tuesday. She's in the running for the November election.

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