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Baseball players appeal to lawmakers

April 23, 2001
By: Jenny Hoff
State Capital Bureau

Famous names like Mark McGwire and Tony LaRussa appealed to lawmakers in a last attempt to get funding for their new baseball stadium. Jenny Hoff has more from Jefferson City.

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With only weeks to go until the end of this legislative session, baseball owners are pulling out all the stops to get Governer Bob Holden's support for the new stadium.

Owners brought in their most famous player, Mark McGwire, along with other baseball stars to take pictures and chat with the lawmakers.

Even though the state budget has a shortfall of $300 million, Tony LaRussa says taxpayer's money should go toward the new stadium.

Contents: Larussa says they are not asking for more money but merely a redistribution of the taxpayers' dollars. He says the new stadium will bring in revenue that will help funding for other projects.

But the governer released a statement that says there probably isn't enough money or time to pass the plan this year. From the State Capitol, this is Jenny Hoff...KMOX.

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