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A controversial bill is on its way to the governer's desk

April 18, 2001
By: Jenny Hoff
State Capital Bureau
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A bill that allots tobacco settlement money to help pay for the budget shortfall is on its way to the governer's desk. Jennifer Hoff has the story from Jefferson City:

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Despite a heated debate in the House, a bill that once sparked much controversy there, passed easily 24 to 6 in the Senate.

The bill, which will allocate tobacco settlement money for the budget found bipartisan support.

President Pro-Tem, Peter Kinder, says the controversy in the House was related to campaign promises.

Contents: Kinder says many representatives during their campaigns said they would only allow tobacco money to be used for health care and medical research.

Despite a rough start, the bill made it out of the House and through the Senate in just one day. From Jefferson City, this is Jenny Hoff..KMOX.

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