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A proposed Senate bill may mean longer term limits

April 9, 2001
By: Jenny Hoff
State Capital Bureau
Links: SJR 1 & 4

Missouri's legislators may get a chance to stay in office longer. Jenny Hoff has more from the State Capitol.

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Legislators will get extended term limits under a proposed Senate bill.

Currently, legislators may stay in office for a maximum of 8 years if reelected.

Senator Schneider of St. Louis County wants to change that.

Schneider says its in the best interest of the people to increase legislators' term limits to 12 years.

Contents: Schneider says term limits is an attack on the people because it is taking away their right to choose their representatives.

Schneider says increased term limits would allow legislators to gain more experience and therefore better represent the people. From Jefferson City, this is Jenny Hoff...KMOX.

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