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Hogs running wild in Missouri

February 5, 2001
By: Jenny Hoff
State Capital Bureau
Links: SB 315

Some Missouri pigs won't be able to hog the land anymore if one Missouri lawmaker gets his way. Jenny Hoff has more from the State Capitol.

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Southern Missouri Senator Doyle Childers says people are releasing pigs into the wild. These pigs then destroy crops and run wild on private land.

Childers says if the pigs aren't killed they could multiply and cause even more problems.

Contents: Childers says the problem is growing in other states and are already in several Missouri counties.

Childers' bill would also make it a misdemeanor to release the pigs into the wild. If he gets his way, you might want to keep all your pigs in the barn! From Jefferson City, this is Jenny Hoff.

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