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A new plan could say senior citizens money on prescription drugs

January 12, 2001
By: Jenny Hoff
State Capital Bureau

Republicans say they've got the cure for rising prescription drug costs. Jenny Hoff has more from Jefferson city.

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House Republican representatives unveiled a new plan that they say allows more senior citizens to qualify for rebates on prescription drugs.

A senior citizen would have to be over sixty-five years old and earn around twenty five thousand dollars a year to qualify for the new rebate.

Perryville Representative Patrick Naeger says this new plan won't cost the seniors, taxpayers or the state anything.

He says the pharmaceutical companies give the rebates in return for a non-restricted market.

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Contents: Naeger says they are playing by the pharmaceutical companies' game by giving them an open market to sell the drugs and in return getting rebates to give to more senior citizens.

Naeger says the rebate will save those senior citizens who qualify an average of seventeen percent on their prescription drugs. Several Democratic lawmakers have proposed to expand the current prescription drug tax credit. From the State Capitol, this is Jenny Hoff with KMOX.

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