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Outdated language brings the UM system under fire

April 2, 2001
By: Jenny Hoff
State Capital Bureau
Links: SB 25

A St. Louis court case is forcing lawmakers to change outdated language in a University of Missouri statute. Jenny Hoff has more from the State Capitol.

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In St. Louis, some residents are accusing the University of Missouri schools for unfairly charging Missouri residents tuition.

The accusation comes from wording in an 1871 UM statute that prohibits charging tutition for Missouri residents.

But MU Lobbyist Jim Snyder, says the definition of "tuition" has changed.

He is encouraging senators to give speedy approval of a bill that would technically give the Universities the permission to charge tuition.

Contents: The bill approval would provide evidence that Missouri never intended for the Universities not to charge tuition.

Snyder says the bill would only cleanup the statute's wording and would not effect the cost of tuition. From Jefferson City, this is Jenny Hoff..KMOX.

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