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Partial birth abortion debate continues in the Senate

May 3, 1999
By: Princess Reyes
State Capital Bureau
Links: HB 427

The Missouri Senate failed to approve another attempt to include an exemption for the mother's health in the partial birth abortion bill today/Monday. Princess Reyes has more on this story as the debate continues in the state capitol:

Twenty three Senators voted against Columbia Senator Ken Jacob's proposal. He wants to allow doctors to perform a partial birth abortion if the mother's health is compromised. He says he doesn't understand how anyone could vote against his proposal.

Actuality:[156K WAV file - Jacob ]
RunTime: 15 sx
OutCue: " existence."
Contents: Jacob says he doesn't understand why people can trade a baby's life for a life that is already in existence.

If the bill passes without the health exemption the governor has said he will veto the bill...But there are enough votes in the Senate to override that veto.

Princess Reyes from Jefferson City.

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