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Missouri Government News for Week of Oct. 21, 1996

Taxes dominate last gubernatorial debate.

As it has in the past, the issue of taxes dominated the last debate of gubernatorial candidates.

Republican Margaret Kelly acussed the incumbent governor of violating his campaign promise four years ago to submit an education tax increase to the state voters.

Democrat Mel Carnahan charged Kelly with proposing a tax-cut package that was based on faulty math and that would force deep cuts in education.

Secretary of State candidates trade charges.

The GOP candidate for Secretary of State accused the Democratic incumbent of the same charges she's made against him.

John Hancock charged Secretary of State Bekki Cook has missed days at work and has gotten letters from the state Ethics Commission concerning contribution reports.

For more details, see our radio story with digital audio.

Labort Department predicts confusion of minimum wage passes.

State Labor Department officials say it's unclear what would happen with federal government workers if Missouri voters approve the minimum wage increase proposal.

The ballot proposal would boost the state minimum wage above the federal minimum wage.

The question is whether those federal workers would be covered by the state or the federal minimum wage.

See the radio story for details, along with digital audio.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch endorses GOP candidate for Secretary of State.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has endorsed John Hancock for Secretary of State.

The paper cited problems in administration of the office by the incumbent, Bekki Cook, who was appointed by the governor to fill out the term of Judi Moriarty who had been impeached in the middle of her term.

See our radio story, with digital audio, for details.

Minimum wage proposal price tag tossed off the ballot.

The Cole County Circuit Court has ordered removed from the November ballot a portion of the description of the proposal to raise the state's minimum wage.

The portion removed is the "fiscal note" which estimated that a higher minimum wage would cost state and local governments more than $100 million per year in higher wages.

That cost estimate has been a major argument used by opponents to attack the proposal.

The court's decision followed last week's State Supreme Court decision which held that the legislative committee which approves "fiscal notes" has not authority to put those estimates on the ballot.

You can read about more details, and hear digital audio, from our more complete radio story.

GOP gubernatorial candidate calls for ending auto inspections.

Margaret Kelly has called for eliminating the law which requires autos pass a safety inspection in order to get the license plate renewed.

The GOP gubernatorial candidate's suggestion came under immediate attack from state highway safety officials.

For more details, see our radio story.